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  1. Hello Jon.

    I am an aspiring science-fiction / fantasy writer, working on my first book.

    I’ve come across your name and blog by a number of ways, one of them being two stories which mentioned you in PJmedia.

    I consider myself conservative (or at least, Classical Liberal) and my fantasy writing will have serious religious overtones (especially as it originates and continues from, Eden).

    I’ve been following the SJW idiocy for some time and have concerns about what *might* occur when I finally get to publishing…… in that regard, I am considering self-publishing the first book (at least).

    In the 80s and 90s I was an avid convention-goer. I have always dreamed of returning to the cons as a published writer. Seeing your experience…..

    I am now following your blog and plan to read up all the entries I can as I have time (writing should come first, no? 😛 )

    We live in interesting times- though I’d rather the interest be A) in the likes of you and me, and B) POSITIVE.

    Gary Gudalefsky

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