Social Justice Destroys Churches

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It’s amazing to me how ridiculous the major churches have gotten, and I see the Devil’s work at play here very clearly. “Church” often when it comes to megachurches has become about feeling good, hanging out, engaging in culture just like everyone else does.

I had to leave a church over this shift to try to please the world rather than please God, and most Christians feel similarly. Why? Because you cannot serve two masters.

The most recent craziness comes from the Hillsong Pastor in New York, who refused to answer the question as to whether abortion is a sin. He danced around the question as you can watch here:

It’s not a difficult question. He didn’t want to answer because he didn’t want the largely secular audience to boo him. He wanted claps. He was afraid.

There is no fear when you are working in God, and that’s how one can tell when something is not of God.

But it goes further. “People have to live in their own convictions” is the antithesis of God’s message. That is hedonism. It’s of Satan. We certainly should not live of our own convictions as Christians, and we should not in positions of leadership implore others to do so.

We are flawed, sinful creatures. Our convictions are failures by definition.

This comes from an overall culture where Christians have become afraid to be firm with what God says. Sins exist. They are real, they are easy to identify.

Killing babies because you want to be able to get sexual pleasure without consequence IS A SIN.  

There’s a temptation to act like this pastor from Hillsong because when you please the world, make some shiny fun music, people come in and raise their hands and get emotional in the moment and you can see some short term, localized growth because of that. But on the whole, it kills Christianity, because there’s no difference between living a secular life and living a Christian one. It’s Diet-Hedonism with less calories than the full kind. The people who join and refuse to actually change are not actually joining God’s Kingdom, they are joining an earthly mockery. It might look good for your seats, but looking good for the world has never been the object. Faith without works is dead.

This is an extremely disturbing trend, and I implore parishioners of churches to stand up and demand pastors preach the Word, not “your own convictions.” This “why don’t we do it in the road” mentality that comes from 1960s sexual degeneracy needs to end, or there won’t be a church left in America.

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