Expanding Worlds

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I suffer from serial worldbuilding expansion.

If you’re a reader, you probably like this, because I know as a reader I’d want as much tertiary content as possible for my worlds.

I’ve done it for Rislandia as well as for my Flying Sparks universe.

I just cant help it.

There’s only so much worldbuilding that can be done in main stories themselves. One has to stick with the plot, has to stick with the character’s perspectives, and in doing so, a lot of notes, a lot of detail can’t make the final product of the stories by necessity.

Flying Sparks is definitely one of those things where I have a huge world developed around it. I have live action dramas written, old timey radio plays written, extra info in character bios, several different side comics at least built in idea form, all to build out the world that can’t get shown in the struggle of Johnny and Chloe to maintain their relationship through their secret lives.

It’s fun to reveal these when I get a chance, but of course some ideas are harder to produce than others. It’s why with Rislandia, I’ve chosen to just do what I can in that regard via short stories set in the universe rather than try to get ambitious with multimedia.

I hope at some point the reader base gets to the point where I can explore these other media in earnest, as that’s always been the goal to try to produce some absolutely crazy art through different experiences.

But it will come in time. I’m just impatient to get a loot of my work out there.

In the meantime, do tell your friends that there’s a lot going on in these worlds, that I’ve developed depth and am holding a lot in reserve for both the Flying Sparks world and the Rislandia properties. Getting the word out will allow this stuff to develop more and that’s what’s needed right now.

Flying Sparks is available on Kickstarter now, as you’re probably aware if you read this blog. It’s got a lot of cool stuff to develop at the higher tiers and it needs the exposure. Let folk know about it.

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