Jesus Is King Review – First Impressions #NewKanye

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I’ve listened through the new Kanye West album once, and of course fast content is king of media as much as Jesus is King of this reality, so I’ll post up real quick my thoughts:

this is absolutely brilliant.

People are flabbergasted online already as they couldn’t believe Kanye would make a real gospel album, but he did it. And it’s got deep thoughts, all over the map, not just your mom’s cheesy Christian music. It’s also filled with the great production you’d expect from a Kanye West Album.

Filled with great dark keyboards and his amazing chior, it’s really something beautiful and different like I’ve never heard before.

It opens up with a pure gospel choir over fancy piano in “Every Hour” before getting into deep thoughts with “Selah”.

“Follow God” feels the most like a traditional Kanye track with the most rapping he does on the album, and Lyrics that are very much in tune with the title.

“Closed On Sunday” is literally a song about Chik Fil A. Epic Kanye trolling mixed with some more praise verse.

“On God “and “Everything We Need” are solid Gospel songs. The second is a bit odd as it’s a bit out of Kanye’s vocal range and he struggles on it a bit, odd he went with this key but it mostly works. The song carries when his voice won’t.

“Hands On” features some vocoded vocals and is not my favorite track.

“Use The Gospel” features the rappers Clipse with KENNY G. And honestly, it’s the best song. I love it.

“Jesus is Lord” is a coda that’s only about 30 seconds.

Overall, it’s brilliant. I don’t know if I like it more than KIDS SEE GHOSTS last year, but it’s so fresh and different I’m happy to see the artistic development.

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