Observations in SF/F Authors – There’s No Debate

As much as people view me as some hyper-political figure, I rarely actually talk much about politics. I don’t spend my time talking issues or arguing about what this or that politician said on repeat on social media. Obviously in what’s gone on with my near-industry-wide blackballing at this point, I’ve had to state a couple of things, but for the most part I keep topics to books, comics, science fiction, or instances where oligopolies/monopolies in those fields or these big tech platforms abuse their power to hurt individual artists. Something pretty non-controversial that if taken out of the identarian political game and put into a vacuum of ideals, almost everyone would agree with.

The reason I don’t discuss these things on walls or the like is for a couple reasons. One, because I want to be open to all audience, not just those who agree or disagree with whatever platform I’m interested in on that day. And two because of the way social media works where it’s not something ever fruitful. This can be broken down into 2 parts which is:

  1. The whole concept of social media is to a. attack b. defend or c. promote. There’s nothing else to it at all unless we’re posting pictures of our ham sandwich for lunch that day. which most people then ignore.
  2. The Pile On Effect. No matter what the topic, it devolves into angry attacks where one or both’s friends/followers just start picking at things and so you can’t have a rational discussion.

It’s pretty simple. So I, like most, keep things at the identarian level. And my identity by itself offends the hell out of the SJW establishment that has a complete monopoly on the science fiction industry. It’s funny to think about that way, but it’s true. And, pointing that out and how ridiculous that is, is why I do it, and simultaneously why they find me so threatening that they have to relentlessly block, call me names and blackball.

In my observations on their identarian games, I’ve found that they’re always very quick to wax about their emotions on any particular hot topic of the day, in a condescending way that shows their perceived virtue. When they’re threatened, they’ll flip out and call upon their audience to hate someone, or simply block. It’s always a heavily emotional gambit, nothing rational (or they wouldn’t be discussing it on social media).  Vox Day has pointed this out on his blog via several commentaries on dialectic vs. rhetorical arguments. Once I saw the rhetorical game and viewed none of this as dialectic (because none is), it opened my eyes to how and why they act. Which, of course, made it easier for me to show up and get them to freak out at me for my identity, and thus grows my audience every time they do.

Now I’ve never seen one of these establishment figures in a formal debate about policy. Not once. If you look at their social medias, the whole idea that anyone could have any opposing opinion to whatever their selective outrage of the day is, they find incredibly offensive to the point they will tell you about it — and never stop telling you about it. So it’s not surprising. On the flip side, I’ve seen folk in my circles debate and debate each other over micro-issues that really aren’t all that relevant to a larger discourse.

I wanted to remedy this. So last night I challenged John Scalzi to debate Free Speech. He is, by all I see on his Twitter account, opposed to free speech, as are those that he follows in his industry (as they don’t allow any art produced that is outside their ideological bubble).  I want to know why, and if that has a net benefit to society in his mind. I think his audience would love it. I think my audience would love it. It’d be a great time, and we can show a path forward for creative society that we don’t have to block and echo chamber each other out, but can talk in appropriate forums. Think about what this kind of regular exercise would do for the community.

Naturally, this was very popular among my crowd. They would love to see this happen, as would I. I don’t think Mr. Scalzi is an unintelligent person or anything like that, so it would be rather fun. I myself was on debate team in college, so I’m a bit rusty, but I loved those formal rounds back in the day. It would be a good mental exercise at the very least. But of course, Mr. Scalzi has yet to respond.

If someone from that camp wants to show they’re not just a rhetorical freak-out game, and take me up on that, I[ll open this call to any Hugo winner. Let’s have some fun, show that this is intellectual and it’s not about “hating the other” as Mr. Scalzi so put it on his blog when he went off on the Dragon Awards. We are the intellects and creators of our time. It’s time to act like it.

Uprising Review Interview

Uprising Review is a website dedicated to putting out short fiction, free speech (they actually take blind submissions for their fiction to make sure it’s all about the story and no risk of being blackballed as an author, which is nice) and now doing regular author interviews. I sat down to talk to them a couple weeks ago and did an interview which was released last night:

Podcast Episode #14 with Jon Del Arroz

You can also read a couple of pieces  my flash fiction on their site free here:

The Battle Cry Of The Liliana

Project Scarecrow

Congratulations Gab!

It’s been really fun to watch Gab.ai, the social network for free speech, grow since its inception. Beginning when Twitter banned journalist Milo Yiannopolous, it was great to see someone taking action and standing up to the silicon valley elite, banning people from platforms for political speech — even talking about movies is apparently a bannable offense if it’s the wrong movie!

Over the course of the last year, I’ve watched Gab grow from a handful of people, to more than 200,000 of all races, religions, creeds and even countries.

It’s been fabulous for me. I’ve made so many great friends who have been super supportive, including people on the Gab team themselves, of which I treasure to this day. It’s been a great service.

Now here’s what’s happened: Gab put out a call for investments and they raised more than a million dollars from the people out there — not from big venture capital, but from people on the internet who just want free speech to grow. In the wake of Big Tech going crazy and trying to shut people out of having a voice, raising money, anything, this is a huge deal. It shows there’s a market for freedom, and that people want the ability to speak.

You can invest here still, I believe. Might want to get some shares before there are none:  https://www.startengine.com/startup/gab

Otherwise, head onto http://gab.ai and start gabbing with the rest of us!

Star Realms: Rescue Run For The Dragon Awards!

Well, what an honor it’s been. Today had a reader call my work some of the best science fiction out there, and Author Russell Newquist came out with his Dragon Award ballot recommendations:

2017 Dragon Awards Final Vote Recommendations

Sure enough, he recommends Star Realms: Rescue Run for the Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy category. Please my readers — and my haters — sign up to vote here. If you follow the blog, this is a great way to help me out and get me some additional exposure. Much appreciated! http://application.dragoncon.org/dc_fan_awards_signup.php

Ballots get mailed twice a week, it’s not instantaneous so please look for your email from Dragon Con when you receive the ballot.

Other great authors have done the same:

2017 Dragon Award Nominations

The 2017 Dragon Award Ballot Is In!

Between SocJus and PulpRev at the Dragon Awards

Thank you so much for the tremendous reception this book has received!






New Books Worth Checking Out

It’s been a crazy week, and all of this stuff below I wanted to get to individually, but given the way I’ve been relentlessly attacked by John Scalzi, and then something I haven’t publicized much in that I’ve been defamed in a writers group called The Codex Writers by some pretty big people in the industry actively attempting to cause material harm to my career with slander, I haven’t been able to get to the stuff I’d really like to talk about, which is books. I love books, especially good books. And there’s nothing I love more than promoting worthy things in the field, especially work by friends. I’ve got three for you that I recommend you check out if it tickles your fancy:

  1.                                                                           CJ Carella’s new MIlitary SF, Havoc Of War, the Warp Marine Corps Book 5. This is my next series I’m going through via audiobook, and I”m stoked that there’s a new book out. I was joking earlier this week that I call hijinx on the Dragon Awards, because he is a much better Military SF writer than I am, and yet he does not have a nomination. Obviously I appreciate the support, but I do also mean he’s much better at this subgenre than I. Check it out:
  2. A really cool kickstarter  project, Last Cities Of Earth, by Dragon AND Hugo nominated Editor, Jeniffer Brozek. What was her Dragon nomination you ask? Why, the hit Military Science Fiction novel, Star Realms: Rescue Run, which most of you have probably heard of.  She’s a phenomenal editor, and puts together anthologies like no one else in the business.  The concept of this one is artwork by Jeff Sturgeon, a phenomenal artist, with stories set to individual pieces. Frankly I’m jealous of hte authors who got to set stories to these amazing pieces of art, but not too much so as I have many friends and people I admire in the anthology, and can’t wait to see their work, including: Jody Lynn Nye, Kevin J Anderson, Peter Wacks and Cat Rambo. I backed this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1899900962/jeff-sturgeons-last-cities-of-earth-the-illustrate
  3.   .                                                                           First Job, a pulp novella by Lucas Flint. This is an awesome guy i met at libertycon who made a sweet superhero book, a story that’s actually from the sidekick’s perspective instead of the main hero (I wish I would have thought of that, I love the “everyman” concept behind it): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074ML53XM



First Post-Dragons Interview With Your Favorite Multiple Award Nominated Author!

There’s a few presses that I buy every single book they come out with in order to support them. The first, obviously, is Castalia House. My second in that category is Enclave Publishing. They bring beautiful sci-fi and fantasy to a Christian market, with authors who are good people worth supporting.

So I was thrilled when Realm Award winner Morgan Busse reached out to me for an interview for the publisher’s site. You can read the interview here.

And don’t forget to sign up and vote Star Realms: Rescue Run for best Military Science Fiction for the Dragon Awards! Every vote counts!

Three Big Breaking Stories That You Won’t See In The Media

In Corporate Discriminitory News:

  1. Someone tweeted in support of the president, who then RTd it. Twitter immediately went through and suspended the account. Apparently, from the blue check mark stalkers who were all over this in an attempt to spin this nonsense, the person attempted to sell the account in a tweet (it had a lot of followers) and so Twitter nabbed it on the ToS violation once Trump brought it to prominence. This only happens to one side. Twitter is an evil, discriminatory company, as we are aware.  Gab.ai is an alternative that my readers would appreciate, committed to free speech.

Entertainment shame:

2. The Marvel Comics editor who generated fthe phony #MakeMineMilkshake outrage to try to pump up Marvel Comics on the PR end, that the media jumped all over to “defend”, apparently hates the property she works on:

It’s no wonder most fans made comments about the diversity hires in the industry causing problems for Marvel. I’ts really reached critical mass. Marvel has to produce good stories agian, but I’ll doubt we’ll see the entertainment news picking this up. They shill for their giant corporate brotherhood.

and finally:

3. Tor.com as a self professed Science Fiction and Fantasy website doesn’t want to bother with the Dragon Awards. Is this becsause their parent company doesn’t want to promote several independent titles that conflict with their political ideology? It seems like the case as the site never fails to publish the Hugo nominees. Dragon*Con is one of the biggest SF/F cons in the entire world, much bigger than the relatively small WorldCon convention. The bizarre part is that Tor has a pretty prominent nominee in one of their flagship authors, John Scalzi. Gotta break a few eggs to make their SJW omelette, I suppose? I’ve, as usual, reached out to publisher Irene Gallo, but she has not as of this writing commented.

Star Realms: Rescue Run Nominated For Dragon Award!

Last night I found out that my debut novel, Star Realms: Rescue Run was nominated for the most prestigious award in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Not only that, but every novel on my slate of recommendations got nominations as well. I’m super floored by all the support that you, my readers, have given me since the book came out and how that continues to grow to this day. With voting, this is 100% due to you. You’re the ones who accomplished this and so thank you!

There were some great folk who worked on this book as well: Darwin Kastle, who created Star Realms, was a tremendous help toward getting this project going of course. Antonis Papantonio, who made the beautiful cover art — no one would click on this book without him! Katie Cord from Evil Girlfriend Media believed in the book from the get go. Hugo and now Dragon Award nominated editor Jennifer Brozek who helped me hone and fix crucial areas to the book that made it into the fine piece of fiction it is.  Sarah Craft for her copyedit work and publicity — she got the initial ball rolling here.

Fan groups: Star Realms Fan Created Community is huge. The CLFA of course because I probably would sell 0 books without you awesome people. The #PulpRev for support and blowing my mind about what fiction could and should be. AltFurry cuz you guys have stood by me and very much didn’t have to! My GabFam — also owe my sales and votes to you, you’re the best! Superversive SF for continuing my career and driving votes and my new Realm Makers fam as so many of you have checked it out recently, which is appreciated. If I missed anyone, sorry! I love you too!

This is just the nomination. I’m in a very impacted category of awesome fiction by some great people. I have and have read many of the books in the category and they’re all phenomenal. But please remember to go check your email if you nominated, and vote for Star Realms: Rescue Run for the final vote!

If you haven’t registered, you still can. Enter here: http://application.dragoncon.org/dc_fan_awards_signup.php  and they’ll send you an email ballot.