An Update On Marvel Writers And Political Blackballing

Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool did bring to my attention that there were more books than the ones I listed, and so I went for another week of “upcoming release” for Marvel to go through an additional crop of writers. Wow they have a lot of writers. Still, not one who has anything nice to say about the President or the USA which gives them their opportunities to create their content.

John Barber – Limited Political posting save for saying he’s not a trump supporter.

Max Bemis – many anti-trump tweets.

Ed Brisson – Anti Trump, Anti Christian Posts

Ta-Nehisi Coats – brand new to twitter, most of his posts anti-trump. Writes fake news articles for the Atlantic on “micro-aggressions”. 

Gerry Conway – Self described “passionate libtard” in profile. Constant anti-trump political posts.

Jason Latour – anti-trump tweets regularly, regularly makes fun of Christian culture

Jeff Lemire – Anti-Trump posts regularly. 

Brandon Montclare – has comic making fun of Trump, retweets social justice causes.

Matt Owens – Couldn’t find a twitter.

Nicole Perlman- Constant anti-trump tweets.

Matthew Rosenberg – Anti-Trump Posting, mocking Jesus & Christians posts.

Sean Ryan – Anti-American tweets, Women’s March tweets, ran podcast “horrifically misinformed” which championed left-wing causes.

Mariko Tamaki – not many posts, but encouraging fans who speak of him as “homophobic, misogynistic and racist”, social justice posts, anti fox-news posts.

18 of 18 before and now we have another 12 (with one I couldn’t find information on who has a very common name. If anyone has contact for Matt Owens, would be interested to do some research). So now we’re at 30/30. The odds of this being coincidental are drastically dropping. Many such cases for evidence of blackballing from the industry.

I’m also doing a follow up where I’m looking into Christianity and whether Christians are blackballed similarly. Will have more details on that for you all as soon as I can.

Retro Review: The Ginger Star by Leigh Brackett

I discovered Leigh Brackett, like many of the books I am reading recently, through Jeffro Johnson’s analysis of D&D’s Appendix N. While this book was not the one listed as an influence for the game, it was the only one my local used bookstore had. While figuring out what to read next, I picked this up, because of its short 186 pages, a bit longer than a novella by today’s standards.

However, it had the plot and action of a 500-600 page epic fantasy. Complete with a map in the front, a travel up a trail through barren wastelands and into frozen tundra, we get the full gambit of classic adventure here. The cool twist is that while this has a fantasy world, it’s one that’s dying where the powers that be are quite afraid of the pending revolution that will come due to an influx of new beings from the stars.

Hmm, sounds like a perfect metaphor for the #PulpRevolution.

At every turn, those powers, called “The Wandsmen” chase after our starfarer Eric John Stark, to try to stop him, as it is prophesied that he will bring down their world. Lots of action along the way, and also a nice little romance thrown in as well. Leigh Brackett’s writing is gripping and interesting and I can’t wait to read more, as there are two more installments of this world. I also learned that the character was from a past series as well, which I’ll happily visit in the future.

The only complaint I have is that there are some things glossed over in the name of expediency that I would have liked fleshed out a little bit more. The movements are pretty sudden,giving little sense of time or break between the dangers that the protagonist faces. For this, I have to say it’s a somewhat imperfect work, but still a really fun one and for the price and length, certainly worth reading. 4/5

Marvel’s REAL Diversity Problem

In yesterday’s post on Marvel, I talked about the global problems that have gone on for a long time that have consequently torpedoed the comic book industry over decades. Disney is either complacent in this or they are pushing this decline of this division, which can only be described as a complete business failure. It doesn’t make sense at all from a rational economic mindset. The only place it does make sense is in the bizarre emotions of social justice warriors. Like science fiction publishing, like the convention scene that decided I’m not welcome, the exact same issue plagues Marvel to where they can’t make rational decisions.

Marvel has a diversity problem.   Continue reading

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That Time I Wrote 40K Fan-Fic and Forgot I Did…

I just found this after years. I adapted someone’s short story for 40k into an audio drama for some people online as I was very interested in audio dramas at the time (still am!).  Tonight, Daddy Warpig sent over a link to some old Shadow radio dramas from the 30s, which I found awesome, so I started going back through my files.

I found this script. Totally forgot I wrote it. So I did a web search, and it got produced:

I had no idea it got made lol. If there’s any Jon Del Arroz completionists out there, this is for you!

Michael Savage Assaulted While Out To Dinner

Edit: In retrospect, I should have titled this: “Literal Nazi Left: SJW Assaults Elderly Jewish Man”.  Oh well, next time. Cuz it will happen again.

Even formerly nice places like Tiburon aren’t safe. This is why my wife tells me I’m not allowed to wear my Make America Great Again hat out, even to go to Starbucks in Danville, which should be as safe as it gets. Read that again. I cannot wear a hat in public without fear of assault. That fear is not irrational, as I was assaulted twice myself last year. The left is insane, they have no morals, will harass and get violent at every turn. This is not isolated. They are not apologetic. This is the new normal because of an overly-permissive culture that allowed these cretins to fester.

And of course, California doesn’t allow us to arm ourselves to defend ourselves from stuff like this. I may have to move out of here sooner rather than later. Sick, bigoted people here.

Update: Further degeneracy: The culture is promoting this violence. It needs to stop.

New Projects Round Up

Made a lot of progress in the last couple of days. Here’s the skinny of it while I’m hard at work:

  1. Edits of For Steam and Country coming back today. I’ll have to dive in and make my own follow up corrections to the work and work on the next clean up pass before copy editing.
  2. Last evening, Reach For The Stars became the 4th novel I’ve written, clocking in at 91,000 words. It is set in the same universe as the first novel I wrote. It’s meant to be a standalone series that can be read in tandem with my main space opera line, but it very much launches a distinct and separate story. You’ll see soon enough. I’m very happy with how it turned out. I used 4 different perspective stories that call converge together and it’s awesome how it does.  As this is a first draft, this will take some time before it gets to your hands. It’s a blend of a general science fiction book and space opera and I’m excited about it.
  3. You’re thinking “first book?” and then scrolling through my amazon page to only find Star Realms, which is the third book I wrote. Yes, first book. I don’t even have a tentative title I like for this one. It’s my main space opera line that I’ve been conceiving for more than a decade in my head, but I wasn’t pleased with the draft and went on to work on other projects for the last few years.That experience made me figure out what was missing, how to fix it, and I’ll be hitting a rewrite of this hard over the summer. I’m excited for it as I intend to use this world for many books and a long time. It’s possible Reach For The Stars will be published first even though I utilize the same universe. My blog readers will know there’s a very rich world behind it
  4. Started work on one short story for an anthology I was invited to (about halfway done) and thinking about another. Hope to knock these out quickly while I’m editing For Steam and Country this week.
  5. I’ll be editing a short story science fiction anthology later this year. Preliminarily thinking about how that’s going to shape up. Will have more details later.
  6. I realized I have a LOT of short stories sitting on my hard drive. Part of me wants to put out a collection of short stories. Does anyone buy those?
  7. On the back burner (i’ll get to these when I can, and am thinking about them): A pulpy sci-fi serial which will involve clones and magic. The space princess novel I promised JimFear138.  Sequels to all my books. The baseball in space novella i was touting for awhile, as I don’t think that one’s quite where I want it yet.

And that’s all for now. Hopefully it’ll be enough to keep you guys reading 🙂

What’s It Take To Be An Author?

Yesterday I was asked, as I have been a few times before “I’m trying to write but what’s it take to be an author?” The simple answer is to write and keep writing. It takes hundreds of hours to complete a book, and you need to have several books if you really want to make a go at it. But I don’t believe people ask that question for that simple response. I take the question to mean: how do you get published (or publish yourself) and generate a following?

I don’t have a great answer on that level, as I’m pretty new to the game myself. My work that’s out there and the people that believe in me liked my ideas. I don’t have a magic formula there. But I did have to present them. Why have some big name authors pushed me, given me blurbs, let me be on their blogs, blogged about me, etc? Well, because I asked. For every one you see, ten have told me no over the years. Part of the game is just getting used to rejection and not really caring when it happens.

By the same token I noticed that there’s been a distinct change in my attitude toward my works as well as the way I produce them. It’s something that I couldn’t have done four or five years ago when I was still figuring out my voice, figuring out the basics of the craft, and I by no means am recommending just putting up first drafts of your first works and calling it a day — that will end poorly for you (and would for me as well… you should see how bad my first draft of my first book is. You won’t see it, and nor did anyone else for that matter. Star Realms: Rescue Run is my third novel, and that went through an intensive outline, 3 major drafts and then some before getting to you, dear reader).

However, once you have the basics down, it really is like most other things in life. Confidence is king. Naturally it helps to gain confidence when you’ve got nearly 50 reviews on Amazon and all but a couple are glowing, but you can generate confidence internally. Confidence both helps you project that you’re professional to others, giving them interest in you and your work, and it helps you to take risks in writing that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

For a long time, I was trapped in sci-fi in trying hard for realism, thinking that unless it felt real, readers would shun me. What tripped me up there was what I mentioned on Declan Finn’s Catholic Geek Radio podcast last weekend. I was in a talk with the publisher of Baen books (in a writing lesson at Jody Lynn Nye’s Dragon*Con class — which I highly recommend for novice/apprentice level writers), and she fielded a question on aliens that stressed a sort of hard science fiction take on aliens — that they have to be realistic that there has to be some evolutionary science behind walking, talking humanoid aliens that interact in books, otherwise publishers wouldn’t be interested. This scared the crap out of me. My work at the time almost exclusively featured such aliens (and the stuff I’m still working on still does). I needed hard science backgrounds to figure them out and quickly… and I saw that my work really didn’t have room for that. That made my potential space opera books unpublishable by Baen standards.

I’m not saying that Toni’s advice at the time is necessarily wrong. It is right for a lot of books, but in having studied space opera in depth — you really don’t need as much as to fret about your book’s content like that as long as you have a well developed idea of their culture, and you make them distinct from humans. What’s important is the gripping moments that make people turn the page. It’s about creating a strange new world that’s fun to explore. All sorts of writers have had aliens with varying level of detail in their space operas — Poul Anderson (as I’m on a kick reading him as of late), Anne McCaffrey, more recently Sharon Lee, they all have walking, talking humanoids to their works, and depending on the book, can be very loose in their descriptions of back history and origins. Look at Star Trek and Star Wars — they have tons of that as well, and we accept the species because they’re fun and drive conflict. What fits one story doesn’t necessarily fit another. Striving for absolute realism in science fiction doesn’t work because once you have humans meeting aliens in space to begin with as it violates the laws of physics.

Once I freed myself of the fear of rejection there, I could write about my worlds and my aliens without caring how others would critique it. I wrote and write to entertain myself first and foremost. I like science fiction a lot, and so if it entertains me, it probably will entertain science fiction readers as a whole. It comes back to confidence, and having the confidence to write whatever sounds good in the moment, whatever evokes feeling– as that’s what readers will want at the end of the day. If they’re having fun, they won’t be judging you negatively by the million year backstory evolution of your alien species, or the lack thereof.

Work hard, develop things to where it feels good to you, add a little twist to it after the first draft through and you’ll have a good work on your hands. Do it again. Then do it again. It never ends, content production, in any form. If you stagnate, that’s when you die. As far as my aliens, if all goes well, you’ll be seeing the alien race that I’ve been fretting about since around 2010 later this year or early next. I am satisfied where they’re at and think they’re awesome. More details soon.

So what’s the difference between someone who’s “trying to write” and an “author? It’s confidence, as stated before. Stay confident in your writing, in your editing, and in the way you project yourself to others. You’ll have people who think your book is great, you’ll have a couple who won’t like it. Such is life. There’s even people out there who call Tolkien boring and trash, proving that there is no way to please everyone. If you stay confident, however, you’ll find your following and they will enjoy what you produce.

God Bless 4Chan

CIA, FBI, NSA, all of them have access to your tvs, your phones, your cars. They can hear or see anything you say or do at all times, yet they can’t catch leakers within their own organization and terrorists still slip through the cracks. And these are well paid, highly trained professionals with the resources of the US Government. Why is it so difficult and why do they gotta make it so hard for the rest of us?

Enter 4Chan, the real intelligence agency comprised of some dudes on the internet messing around for the lawlz of it. They can track down anything, at any time, all for a worthy cause.


Praise kek indeed.

Baseball By Dummies Podcast Feat. Me!

I am on yet another podcast today, the Baseball By Dummies podcast, one of my favorite podcasts on the sport, probably second only to Effectively Wild which I consider to be the grandaddy of them all.  They interviewed me about the Oakland A’s season this year and what I thought of it (as I am somewhat of an expert on my #RootedInOakland ball). Here’s the itunes link, I subscribe and listen even when I’m not on the podcast: 

They also interview my new twitter buddy @davidwiers

Go A’s!  #HellaSpring