The Ever-Changing Narrative And Double Standards Show They’re Disingenuous

The reactions seem to be a law with these keyboard warriors out for vigilante social justice. 1. Someone flies in the face of their Narrative 2. They lose their collective minds and won’t stop droning on and on, parroting each other in an attempt to prove their virtue 3. When it doesn’t seem to be effective, they change the Narrative.

This is what’s been happening to me with the sci-fi establishment. These writers can’t seem to spend their time writing fiction like is their jobs (in theory) but they make  post after post and blog after blog trying to defame me, as if it’s going to stop me from writing great books that everyone reads.

The original Narrative was a defamatory statement calling me a “racist bully” and claiming I was “planning on engendering a hostile environment” – that’s quite a mouthful of lack of meaning. When it was clear that didn’t make any sense, and in terms of double standards, it could apply to almost everyone attacking me, they did what they always do, they changed the Narrative.

It took some time for the “he’s planning to record!” Narrative to surface. They were coached on it by a couple of my usual trolls before it came about, and I don’t believe it was ever part of the original Narrative plan, which was left vague and unprovable on purpose. This change in Narrative fast proved a mistake, because the double standards were even worse here. A quick YouTube search shows dozens of people who record at WorldCon regularly, and other conventions. It’s a normal occurrence with these events being open to the public and being in essence media events. Normal people saw this rightly as a violation of my civil rights and free speech as a journalist, and it wasn’t an effective strategy to be blasting me on this. The most damning part of this Narrative for the haters trying to criticize me on it was it said right on their website “Recording is permitted.” So it wasn’t about that.

In the past couple days, with that Narrative being such bad publicity for the convention because of the double standard they applied over political affiliation, it’s shifted to “he’s mean on the internet!”  NYT Bestsellers have been swearing about me on their twitter, lower-selling midlist authors are cheering and congratulating each other over spreading rumors and gossip like this is a high school clique rather than professionals. This strategy is going to backfire as well, because first, being mean on the internet is not a crime. No one has been banned from conventions over being mean on the internet before. And it applies to these folk in a massive double standard way. I don’t go around being nearly as mean or cruel as they are. I’m generally pretty nice and only even respond after someone’s been unusually cruel in the first place, which is well-documented. Anyone researching their “examples” of my “meanness” will find in every instance, those people attacked me hard first.  It’s another desperate effort to preserve an ever-shrinking clique, and it’s really sad to watch the lengths they’ll go to for their Narrative. If the standard for banning is being mean, all of these people who are attacking me now should be banned. But they won’t be, because of the double standard of their political affiliations.

And none of that has anything to do with conventions. As one of the commenters on a recent hate thread noted, someone who attacks me regularly even admits: “he really is open and friendly and personable in person at cons.” The Narrative doesn’t make any sense in this context.

It’ll be interesting to see what they’ll do when this backfires again because of the double standards and disingenuousness. We’ve seen them do this a dozen times to right-leaning authors in Sci-Fi over the last several years. You’d think they’d learn. But at the end of the day, these folks are scared of their diminishing power structures because of self-publishing and small press. They can’t stop my books from coming out, they can’t stop them from being well-received by readers despite their desperate attempts to destroy me personally.

Their motives are clear: ban first because of his identity, then we’ll come up with a reason later. If that reason doesn’t work, we’ll try a new one. Will they ever get tired of being dishonest?

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Twitter Censorship Exposed

We knew about the active concerted effort to ban conservative voices, but there’s more to it. Many people are also getting shadowbanned, their posts not appearing on feeds. I know a lot of people that no matter what they write their words are hidden in “offensive content” filters. This is how they try to silence us in a much scarier way, as it’s harder to trace. They just force our platforms to die.

An email from this morning:

Olinda Hassan is a Policy Manager for Twitter’s Trust and Safety Team. Her team is responsible for the enforcement of Twitter’s rules and regulation, deciding who and what is allowed to be on the platform. Project Veritas caught her on camera saying this:

PV Journalist: “But how do you keep, like, my timeline… how do you keep certain things off my timeline? People will like retweet people.

Olinda: “We’re trying to down rank it, but you also need to have control of your timeline.”

PV Journalist: I’ve tried to, like block people like Cernovich and stuff like that and mute and stuff like that, but they still show up, like all the time.

Olinda: Yeah. That’s something we’re working on. It’s something we’re working on. We’re trying to get the shitty people to not show up. It’s a product thing we’re working on.”

Facebook does the same. Reddit has done it to me personally (no one can see my posts on there and it’s been that way for a year). This isn’t a twitter exclusive problem, but a free speech issue for the platforms all across the internet.

This ties right into why places like Worldcon want to ban me. They don’t want my ideas circulating because they’re scared of the influence I am already having on reshaping the science fiction publishing industry, just one year into my being on the scene.

Of course, when what I present is a viable, fun, alternative that 87 reviewers on Amazon all love, regardless of their politics, they realize I am a very real threat to the power structures in publishing. You should read the work they’re afraid of here.

Happy Frogs Ribbit Awards Nominees Announcement

The second most prestigious awards in Science Fiction (Dragon  Awards #1) will have the most dangerous voice in science fiction, Jon Del Arroz, announcing their nominees this morning. You’ll want to tune in and see who received such amazing honors from the board of trustees.

This  will be live on my periscope here. 

Replayed on youtube on my channel here:

And there will be an official list on the OFFICIAL Happy Frogs site.

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Full Text Of Damore’s Class Action Lawsuit Against Google

I’ve been reading through this and it’s fascinating. California may be applause-worthy for once in protecting political classes, affiliations, associations and speech. I’m pretty proud of my state and I hope this leads to a stop in the overreach from the establishment elites in openly discriminating against conservative voices.

You can read the suit here.

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Official Statement On Stan Lee Allegations

Many readers have sent me messages about the very serious allegations made against Marvel creator, Stan Lee. As one of the creators involved in Atl-Hero, I would like to further clarify as Vox Day implied, that I have had no contact with the nurses caring for Mr. Lee, nor have I any hand in propagating this story. To my knowledge, neither has anyone else connected with the Alt-Hero project.

However, with a serious charge like harassment, we MUST believe the victims. As such, in my official capacity at Alt-Hero, I disavow Mr. Lee and the alleged behavior.

Unfortunately, such allegations tarnish the work of Mr. Lee and his legacy at Marvel Comics. We recommend supporting alternatives, such as Alt-Hero, created by men who treat women with the utmost respect and care they deserve. Alt-Hero features strong female leads like Rebel and Dynamique, who provide the diverse characters and stories that readers crave.

Thank you.

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Want To Read “Compassion?” You Can…

I submitted my short story “Compassion” to the very respectable Clarkesworld Magazine. I knew this would be rejected going in, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway. Unfortunately I am far too dangerous of an author to ever be published at a magazine like them (and I don’t mean that to insult them, they have to maintain their credibility – I support them on patreon for their efforts in publishing good fiction). Moreover, “Compassion” is far too dangerous of a story for them ever to publish. Its ideas are… well, you’ll have to see for yourselves.

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Sci-Fi Author Speaks Out On How I Act At Conventions

A review of my personality by Dorothy Grant, who posted on the Mad Genius Club article about me, author of the really fantastic book, Scaling The Rim. 

I’ve met Jon Del Arroz in the flesh, at LibertyCon. At the time, I was exhausted, in serious pain despite painkillers (they help with the knee, but not migraines), and being forced to be social when I was completely peopled out – and doing my best to be pleasant and polite because I was out in public, interacting with readers and fans of Peter and JL Curtis, and that’s what professionals do. Given I was not exactly in top shape, you’ll understand how impressive it was that I didn’t find him annoying, upsetting, or abrasive at all.

Jon was cheerful, enthusiastic, and just generally thrilled to be there, meeting authors and fans alike. He had the same “My people! I found my people!” attitude on Day…3? That most of us feel on anticipation of going, or in the first 4 hours of getting to our home con. While abrasive online, he’s very polite in person. (Not an unusual combination.)

I can say with absolute certainty, based on in-flesh and online interactions, that if WorldCon didn’t want a problem, all they had to do was be polite to Jon. He’d be polite first, and polite in return. However, that requires taking the high road and acting civilized. When you’re dealing with a bunch of people who pride themselves on social ranking by claiming more victim status points, and praise tantrum-throwing, greed, envy, and lust as virtues – that may not be possible.

That doesn’t mean the fault lies on Jon’s end. Much as it pains those who find him overly abrasive, he basically got banned for potentially being the adult in the room.

I’ve never been a threat to anyone, at any convention. I’ve only been exactly like this. I am known for smiling, laughing, buying drinks for everyone, and creating a great time. This goes for every convention I’ve attended.

Even t he people who run Baycon, who started this hate fest against me because of the way I voted last year, can tell you I was only incredibly fun and generous at their convention. I’ve attended tons:


Rustycon Seattle Washington

Orycon, Portland Oregon

Dragoncon Atlanta GA

Gencon Indianapolis IN

Convolution, San Francisco, CA

Fogcon, Walnut Creek, CA

San Diego Comic Con, San Diego, CA

And  even WORLDCON itself I’ve attended once.

Among dozens of other smaller comic cons. If there ever was a problem, how come no one noticed until now, after I’m a prominent political figure on the vocal side of Conservatism and Christianity in science fiction?

We know why. IT’s bigotry. And it’s not okay. This is a civil rights issue and we’re at the forefront of this happening all over since the election in 2016.

In the meantime, do keep supporting my book. The people and readers have spoken on this matter, bringing For Steam And Country  to #4 in Steampunk, the highest since it’s incredibly successful launch day. Everyone’s reading and loving it — there’s not even a negative review despite the amount of hate I get. Check it out and support the cause, because we have a lot more work to do!