Why Would Anyone Pay For FAKE NEWS?

The answer is: less and less people will.

50% off their price is pretty desperate. But, desperate times when your Times can only get 28 retweets. I’m not a king of Twitter by any means, took me a long time to figure out what it was and how to use it, but I had a post get more retweets than that just the other day, and I don’t have a bagillion followers like a brand everyone knows, the New York Times.

The only reason anyone would pay for something like this anymore is the legacy brand name, which, thankfully such things are going down the toilet faster than the last time you ate a Chipotle burrito.  I get the argument to me all the time “well, they’re a respected name with sources…”

Let me give you a little clue about sources. I wrote about this all the way back in 2014, and the best part is I don’t even have to get political to talk about it. I’ll let you read the whole story if you’d like but here’s the gist:

The scary part is that all of these mainstream media websites jumped to the “scoop” based on one post on the internet from some guy who has a picture of a female superhero as his avatar.

I could have completely made it up, and it would have been all over the world within hours. How creepy is that?

So next time you read the news, look at the sources. I’ve seen people demonized and lives destroyed in the public arena based on allegations, and when the follow up stories are done later, they’re buried. I proved myself that it just takes a post on a forum somewhere to spark a media craze if the topic sounds legitimate enough. Definitely makes me wary of our current society.

It’s like I completely predicted how bad things would get in 2016-2017 with fake news. There aren’t better sources for these websites. Most aren’t better researched. Some are better connected and get fed information by people with ulterior motives, that’s about the only difference. I’ve done better journalism on this blog that doesn’t even have any ads than a lot of news sites could ever hope for. It’s not just the paid media, but it does beg the question that when you can get the exact same content unpaid, who would bother subscribing to the failed New York Times?

The Last Crusade: Christian Artists Who Don’t Suck

Whenever I talk about artist blackballing in the entertainment industry, almost invariably the first argument I come across is “well there aren’t any…” or “there are a low percentage of…” leading to believe that it’s just too hard to find good artists who aren’t insane and/or profess to be Christian. That is a lie that the mainstream big-entertainment corrupt corporate media propagates at every turn.

Of course, there aren’t any who work for those big companies that do the blackballing. Those companies may not have an outright policy against shunning Christians, but they do it, as they want to tell stories that are allegorically about how great secular society and hedonism is. I rail on Disney quite a bit for this, but the facts are the facts, and they — especially their comics division — are very much guilty of this. 

But we have an opportunity like generations in the past didn’t have. We have social media. We have the internet. We have the ability to connect and organize just as other groups have done for the past for their causes. Our cause is a righteous one, an eternal one, and if we all band together we will affect much greater change than our enemies could ever keep up with.

I’m not calling for a “boycott!” of any artist or anything like that. I know exactly how hard artists work, and, even if they’re not doing their work for a righteous cause, it’s still hard work and the goal is not to detract from their efforts. That boycott mentality is the kind of garbage that we are fighting against.

However, I am calling to take a look at Christian artists, artists who share our values. It’s important that we give a voice to those who are professing real truth and justice, and are willing to speak out on it. After all, if we don’t as artists, the culture won’t, and isn’t. At some point, even the rocks will cry out. It’d be much better if we could stave that off and start a revival in culture as those created in God’s image.

And so I present to you this list: Christian Artists Who Don’t Suck.  The title is jarring, as it’s supposed to be. A lot of Christians don’t like such crass language, but the reality is a lot of the Christian entertainment industry in recent decades was thrown into a certain segment of overt message-work that wasn’t subtle, and isn’t the highest quality. The reason most Christian work ended up there is because of the cultural blackballing and segmenting that’s done on the secular side — after all, the greatest art in the world was done in the name of Jesus Christ. Look at Michelangelo. That stands the test of time, and part of the reason is its content. In the age of the internet, we can create great content that doesn’t have to be the kind that, in the 80s-90s, gave cause for mocking, but should be celebrated as good works in God’s name. These artists have inspired me in that vein:


John C. Wright is the original purveyor of The Last Crusade blogs, of which i’ve jumped on the bandwagon. His biog is something i open up to read every morning, joined on there by his wonderful wife L. Jagi Lamplighter-Wright who is a wonderful writer in her own right. John is a true grand master of science fiction, with incredible imagination and beautiful prose. My favorite is Count To A Trillion.

Brian Niemeier is an independent author of the Dragon Award Winning Soul Cycle. He blends genres with space opera and horror in that series, with a wild, fast paced ride that everyone cheers for. Brian’s a great guy, and outspoken Christian as well. He’s on the forefront of indie publishing and does a lot for the culture war. 

Nadine Brandes actually labels herself a Christian fiction author, working with Enclave Publishing, the leading publisher in Christian SF/F.  Her Out of Time series is in the very popular YA Dystopian subgenre, but actually does reference the Bible and give Christian concepts. It’s not as dark as a lot of the other work out there as a consequence, but has really cool concepts. Nadine blogs a lot about writing and faith as well, and is worth checking out.

Comic Artists

What’s interesting is I’ve struggled to find many big name comic writers who profess Christianity. There’s a couple, but I’m not entirely comfortable endorsing them. With the help of Mike Abuan, a great artist himself, I’ve found a couple of Christian comic artists to look out for.

Mike Miller has worked for Marvel and DC in the past, but it’s been a few years since he’s been on some projects. He has been pretty outspoken about his faith, and there’s speculation that’s led to him being blackballed and the typical angry nerd crowd has tried to boycott him at times. The cultural elites try to tear down anyone of of faith, especially in the comic industry, so he is someone to go out and support.

Lee Weeks has done work across the board from Marvel to DC. and beyond. You’ve seen him on Spider-Man, Daredevil, Batman, Superman, and according to his instagram, it looks like he’s got some work from DC forthcoming.

Jethro Morales is an artist who’s worked for Dynamite doing Green Hornet and Dejah Thoris of Mars. That should appeal to many of my #PulpRevolution friends themselves. He’s a wonderful person, and I’ve chatted with him over the years. He’s done a lot of independent work as well, and draws very relatable characters. Jethro is impressive in his posts praising God and professing his faith, and is someone to support.


Crowder. – Crowder is on the cutting edge of Christian music. He’s labeled as “techno-folk” and it’s kind of an interesting way to look at it. His most recent album is phenomenal, and after seeing him and his group of musicians live, there are very few out there who can reach his professional prowess either in Christian music or in the secular realm. He makes straight forward Christian music with lyrics like you would expect, but has transcended the genre with amazing artistic ability. 

Mae – I loved this band in the mid 2000s when they hit the scene with Destination Beautiful, which contains one of my favorite songs of all time, “Skyline Drive”. They were excellent and only continued to get more artistic. Their next release, The Everglow is a concept album, all revolving around a singular story, and while the songs on that one because of the theming blend together a lot more than the first, it’s still completely solid. Then they went and decided to do a series of EPs that each had a theme. There’s a lot of experimentation in this, and not as much pop sensibility, but it shows Dave Elkins’ artistic growth al the same. After that, they ended what they were doing and I hadn’t heard from them in years — but this morning I discovered they released a new single on soundcloud. It’s got both pop and artistry involved in it, a beatles-esque build which I hope marks a big return. Keep them on your radar.

Dashboard Confessional isn’t known as a “Christian singer” but was very popular in the early 2000s, redefining the emo punk scene into something completely different, something acoustic and beautiful. His concerts had a youth group atmosphere to it, and I’d always thought that was interesting. When A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar came out, he actually toured with a giant banner behind the stage of a crusader on a horse that said “Fight The Good Fight”. I thought that was very cool, and in 2017 could you imagine someone doing that? Very brave.  His last release Alter The Ending was a few years ago now, but it’s marked with the song, “Get Me Right” which while he mostly sings about girls, this song actually has to do with one’s pride and failing in that, which the bridge has some of my favorite lyrics of all time:

Jesus I’ve fallen I don’t mind the rain

If I meet my maker, I meet my maker clean

Jesus the truth is, I’ve struggled so hard to believe

I need my maker to cure my of my doubting blood

And drain me of the sins I love

And take from me my disbelief

I know it should come easily

But it remains inside of me

It battles and devours me

It cuddles up inside of me

And whispers it convinces me I’m right.

Beautiful and powerful stuff right there. Very honest, and something we can all relate to. He’s done a country/folk project Twin Forks since then, which has some good old school honest music you can sing along to as well. He’s really developed as an artist since those early days and is someone worth listening to.


I’ve given 3 examples in different fields to check out, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. I also acknowledge that I have a lot of friends who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and have wonderful art. For the sake of brevity, I posted three examples in different fields, but this is an open call to action and here’s what you can do: if you’re an artist of any sort, and you are a Christian, post in the comments below. Over time, this can become a great list and resource for people to check out Christian works.  Goes for anyone who knows of great Christian artists as well. We can make a difference in the community and culture by banding together and supporting the great artists above and in the comments. Let’s do it. Deus vult!

A Reading From The Book of Jonah

Pastor Tyler Scott at Community Presbyterian Church had such a great message yesterday, I thought I would share this morning. The context is a reading of the book of Jonah, chapter two, of which we get this beautiful passage:

1 [a]From inside the fish Jonah prayed to the Lord his God. 2 He said:

“In my distress I called to the Lord,

    and he answered me.

From deep in the realm of the dead I called for help,

    and you listened to my cry.

3 You hurled me into the depths,

    into the very heart of the seas,

    and the currents swirled about me;

all your waves and breakers

    swept over me.

4 I said, ‘I have been banished

    from your sight;

yet I will look again

    toward your holy temple.’

5 The engulfing waters threatened me,[b]

    the deep surrounded me;

    seaweed was wrapped around my head.

6 To the roots of the mountains I sank down;

    the earth beneath barred me in forever.

But you, Lord my God,

    brought my life up from the pit.

7 “When my life was ebbing away,

    I remembered you, Lord,

and my prayer rose to you,

    to your holy temple.

8 “Those who cling to worthless idols

    turn away from God’s love for them.

9 But I, with shouts of grateful praise,

    will sacrifice to you.

What I have vowed I will make good.

    I will say, ‘Salvation comes from the Lord.’”

10 And the Lord commanded the fish, and it vomited Jonah onto dry land.

Jonah acknowledges his now failures and turns to God, praising Him for not only the good things that have come about in his life, but also for God’s discipline which he’s instilled. God is not only gracious and generous, but also steady in discipline, which Pastor Scott likened to good parenting. When we go astray, He comes to open our eyes. It may look harsh, it may not be what we want, but the fact that we have a God willing to do that to make sure we are on the right path is very beautiful. Sometimes, it takes a hard moment for us to be jolted and understand what God’s will is, and it’s a reminder that in those moments we should praise Him, not curse Him.  Food for thought on a Monday morning. 

Cernovich on FAKE NEWS 60 Minutes Tonight

I for one am very excited. We know how this goes. News media acts like they take an idea (like my very verifiable story about Marvel comics), selectively edits and then completely twists what’s being said in order to attempt to destroy and discredit the person. They ignore the real story, but the thing is — the readers and viewers don’t. We are picking off a few here and few there every time. Reasonable, sane people who aren’t all for their cause see “there’s something wrong here” and read what we say in earnest, and over time, support us, because we’re honest.

Author Jon Mollison noted on social media about me: “he’s like the social media Hulk. That only makes him stronger!” – this applies to Cernovich 100-fold, as he’s far more adroit than I am at this game, and been at it longer than I am.

They’ll blast Cernovich with all sorts of lies or misrepresentations of what he says tonight, just As Bleeding Cool and File 770 did to me. Every time they do it though, they discredit themselves and give us more of a voice. I can’t wait to watch, as Cernovich calls it, their “selectively edited interview.”  Tune in.

The Triumph /pol/ Special Forces: Pepe Team 6

There is an unbelievable amount of Kekistaniphobia out there, believe me. It’s some of the worst hate and bigotry anyone could imagine. Kek is strong, and its power intensifies every time. It doesn’t stop the hate, however. It got so bad that a prominent political campaign tried to defame this entire group of people, and they lost as they concentrated all of their efforts on that nutty stuff instead of, you know, real stuff like jobs. Green frogs are people too, okay?  #DiversityMakesUsStronger or something.

We are still in the midst of fallout from the Great Meme War of 2016, where /pol/ forces liberated the United States and Great Britain from evil masterminds set on global domination. After a Shock and Awe operation, it takes time to secure the peace and turn many of these hateful insurgents back into normal people again.

This all began when Shia LaBeouf put up a totally Kekistani discriminatory exhibit called “He Will not Divide Us” where losers could come on youtube and cry 24-7. This was infiltrated by /pol/ agents, taking over the screen with MAGA hats and happy people who enjoy life and aren’t total losers. Naturally, the stream was taken down to avoid further embarrassment to the #resist crowd, who have seemed to impact literally nothing except to provide me lawlz.

What happened next was the Shia put a HWNDU flag up top a flagpole somewhere, and 4Chan used their CIA-level skills to track that flag down, and replace it with a Pepe shirt and MAGA Hat.  

The third action of /pol/ to secure the peace was a on a different front. Some “art” exhibit went up of a little girl staring down the Wall St. Bull… as if to make some sort of communist messaging out of that as well. I’m not sure what the obsession of these #resist types are of little children (PIZZAGATE!) but it seems to be consistent, even in their art. Naturally, that was MAGA-hatted several times as well.

And then, in yet another act of terrorism against the people of Kekistan, Shia put up the HWNDU flag in yet another undisclosed location. Would this time work? Would he finally triumph in striking fear into the poor, war ravaged (from the great meme war) Kekistani people?

Shia certainly got bold with such a proclamation. He remained defiant, despite the great losses that his native land of Cuckistan has taken in this war. But he forgot one important thing: the forces of Kek are all powerful. They have the power to bend reality, change it, alter timelines.  /pol/ worked hard, and sent their best special forces team ever: Pepe Team 6, to end this terrible tragedy once and for all.  The terrorist flag location was found, and a strike was ordered.

A rare photo of Pepe Team 6 member, hard at work for the nation of Kekistan:

And thus, Pepe Team 6 was triumphant. For Kekistan, for /pol/ for all of us. You can rest safely, knowing that in this great and dangerous war, /pol/ remains undefeated in capture the flag.

thank you diligent journalists @pizzapartyben and @polnewsnetwork1 for providing some of this information.


So, I Watched The Dave Chappelle Netflix Special Last Night…

…It was absolutely hilarious. I saw Mr. Chappelle at a really small venue in 2008 in San Francisco, one of the few times I’ve ever made an effort to actually go out to a comedy show. I wasn’t disappointed. His gift for comedy is unsurpassed, and he literally took questions from the audience and made up the material on the spot. His wit is incredible.

Just another example that SJWs can’t even have a second of fun in their lives without going off the rails. Eat your own for not being “pure” enough, see how many of you are left afterward. Bad look when you literally can’t take a joke.

An Update On Marvel Writers And Political Blackballing

Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool did bring to my attention that there were more books than the ones I listed, and so I went for another week of “upcoming release” for Marvel to go through an additional crop of writers. Wow they have a lot of writers. Still, not one who has anything nice to say about the President or the USA which gives them their opportunities to create their content.

John Barber – Limited Political posting save for saying he’s not a trump supporter.

Max Bemis – many anti-trump tweets.

Ed Brisson – Anti Trump, Anti Christian Posts

Ta-Nehisi Coats – brand new to twitter, most of his posts anti-trump. Writes fake news articles for the Atlantic on “micro-aggressions”. 

Gerry Conway – Self described “passionate libtard” in profile. Constant anti-trump political posts.

Jason Latour – anti-trump tweets regularly, regularly makes fun of Christian culture

Jeff Lemire – Anti-Trump posts regularly. 

Brandon Montclare – has comic making fun of Trump, retweets social justice causes.

Matt Owens – Couldn’t find a twitter.

Nicole Perlman- Constant anti-trump tweets.

Matthew Rosenberg – Anti-Trump Posting, mocking Jesus & Christians posts.

Sean Ryan – Anti-American tweets, Women’s March tweets, ran podcast “horrifically misinformed” which championed left-wing causes.

Mariko Tamaki – not many posts, but encouraging fans who speak of him as “homophobic, misogynistic and racist”, social justice posts, anti fox-news posts.

18 of 18 before and now we have another 12 (with one I couldn’t find information on who has a very common name. If anyone has contact for Matt Owens, would be interested to do some research). So now we’re at 30/30. The odds of this being coincidental are drastically dropping. Many such cases for evidence of blackballing from the industry.

I’m also doing a follow up where I’m looking into Christianity and whether Christians are blackballed similarly. Will have more details on that for you all as soon as I can.

Retro Review: The Ginger Star by Leigh Brackett

I discovered Leigh Brackett, like many of the books I am reading recently, through Jeffro Johnson’s analysis of D&D’s Appendix N. While this book was not the one listed as an influence for the game, it was the only one my local used bookstore had. While figuring out what to read next, I picked this up, because of its short 186 pages, a bit longer than a novella by today’s standards.

However, it had the plot and action of a 500-600 page epic fantasy. Complete with a map in the front, a travel up a trail through barren wastelands and into frozen tundra, we get the full gambit of classic adventure here. The cool twist is that while this has a fantasy world, it’s one that’s dying where the powers that be are quite afraid of the pending revolution that will come due to an influx of new beings from the stars.

Hmm, sounds like a perfect metaphor for the #PulpRevolution.

At every turn, those powers, called “The Wandsmen” chase after our starfarer Eric John Stark, to try to stop him, as it is prophesied that he will bring down their world. Lots of action along the way, and also a nice little romance thrown in as well. Leigh Brackett’s writing is gripping and interesting and I can’t wait to read more, as there are two more installments of this world. I also learned that the character was from a past series as well, which I’ll happily visit in the future.

The only complaint I have is that there are some things glossed over in the name of expediency that I would have liked fleshed out a little bit more. The movements are pretty sudden,giving little sense of time or break between the dangers that the protagonist faces. For this, I have to say it’s a somewhat imperfect work, but still a really fun one and for the price and length, certainly worth reading. 4/5

Marvel’s REAL Diversity Problem

In yesterday’s post on Marvel, I talked about the global problems that have gone on for a long time that have consequently torpedoed the comic book industry over decades. Disney is either complacent in this or they are pushing this decline of this division, which can only be described as a complete business failure. It doesn’t make sense at all from a rational economic mindset. The only place it does make sense is in the bizarre emotions of social justice warriors. Like science fiction publishing, like the convention scene that decided I’m not welcome, the exact same issue plagues Marvel to where they can’t make rational decisions.

Marvel has a diversity problem.   Continue reading