Independent Journalist Jon Del Arroz Gets Perez Hilton Hit For Harassment, Grossly Sexual Posts

May 10, 2017

San Francisco, CA

For Immediate release:

BREAKING NEWS: This morning, independent journalist and one of the leading Hispanic voices in Science Fiction writing was informed by Twitter that Perez Hilton was found in violation of Twitter’s rules of decency and humanity by posting lewd fake photos of the classy and elegant First Daughter, Ivanka Trump. Jon Del Arroz reported this action several weeks ago and it took Twitter a lengthy amount of time to reply. Twitter has not responded to questions as to why fellow independent journalist Milo Yiannopolous was removed from twitter for posting a negative movie review when Perez’s account is still active after this atrocious act of harassment.


Gab Is Out Of Beta Testing – Open For All  

Gab no longer requires an invite to join. This is a social media site that allows complete free speech. No unknown algorithms hiding your posts. No banning because you say something that the overlords don’t approve of. It’s the best social network out there with new features all the time.If you’re not on there, you should be. It’s the future as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit fall under their own hubris.

Follow me:  @otomo

Here’s The Deal With The (Future) Cover Reveal

Alright. So I have some preliminary art for For Steam And Country. And it is HOT. I mean about the hottest piece of art I’ve ever seen. Which is good, cuz this is going to be the hottest book you’ve ever seen.

I really REALLY shouldn’t share it before I have all the lettering done and it’s a nice, neat, tidy cover.

But I’ve never been very good at doing what I should do. So I’m going to compromise with myself in order to share this with as much as my fam (which is you, dear reader!) as possible while still giving the outside world a little something to wait for in the completed cover.

I’m going to give a special sneak peak of the art to the most dedicated fan group. And here’s how we’re going to find out who that is:

I have my mailing list, and I have my facebook group for the Grand Rislandian Army. Both have grown pretty crazy since I created the FB group about a week ago. So here’s what I’m going to do: whichever gets 60 new users since the founding of the FB group on May 1 first gets the first cover reveal look. It’s pretty close to even so far, each has about 25 more to go. Let’s see if we can get there.

For best results, I’d recommend joining both 😉   the link to the mailing list  the link to the FB group.

You really want to see this gorgeous art. Go join and recruit your friends!

The Battle For The Areth Continent Is Fast Approaching

Have you done your duty and signed up for the Grand Rislandian Army? We’ll need every boot on the ground to make sure that the evil Wyranth Army doesn’t prevail over our forces, guided by King Malaky XVI.

Most of the action is on Facebook right now. Here’s the group if you’d like to join:

But, I’m also coordinating with fellow Rislandians on and through email. If you’re interested and haven’t joined up yet, leave a comment below.

(this is a promotion of For Steam And Country, the forthcoming fantasy book by Alliance Award nominated and top 10 bestselling Space Opera author Jon Del Arroz. There will be prizes for those who participate. Details soon!)

Congrats Mike Cernovich, White House Press Correspondent

Mike Cernovich is such an inspiration to independent journalists and commentators everywhere. I’ve been following him since I discovered him midway through last year, and he always brings a unique perspective to stories that the mainstream fake news media either lies about or glosses over. It’s propelled him to be featured on 60 Minutes, which was one of their highest rated episodes in years.

On top of that, he’s now been granted White House Press access! He’s going to be streaming live on his youtube channel at 2:45 PST today, in just a few minutes.

Really seeing his success is so uplifting, and it keeps me going. Anyone who rocks the boat like him or myself get our fair share of hate mail, comments and threats, and even though we’re high energy by nature, it’s easy to get down in the slog. Can’t allow that to happen, gotta keep going and appreciate the little victories — and the big ones like this. that’s what Gorilla MIndset is all about.


Winning, Mindset, and Habits

One of the most common questions i get asked these days is how I’m so productive with a job, family, kids, all my hobbies and whatnot. The truth is that the all my hobbies really don’t occupy much of my time. While I have a wide variety of passionate interests in sci-fi, baseball, gaming, science & technology, I spend most of my time working or hanging with the kids and only give cursory looks at the fun things these days. But I’ve got some tricks that keep me going even when I don’t feel like it. I’ll try to share some of those with you.

It’s All About Mindset

Making that change starts with mindset, and though I’m not super big on self-help books, one that did get me motivated mid-last year to push myself harder is Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich. When I wake up I do use his chapter on mental exercises to get me fresh so I can knock out a couple blog posts to hit over the course of the day. No matter when these are scheduled, most of my writing you see is my first morning thoughts. I do employ some of the tips in that book in my daily routine, which starts with mental exercises, stretching, drinking coffee and now my ginger/lemon shot (which I’m certain gives me energy).

Don’t Start Your Day With Nihilistic Brain Poison

I’ve also stopped reading my facebook feed first thing in the morning. This last step I think is very big. Most people you and I know on facebook just post negative things on repeat based on whatever fear mongering news is out there on the day. There’s very little value to it, it’s echo chamber type of posts and it’s poison for your brain to get yourself hyped up like that negatively first thing. I didn’t realize that for awhile, I’d stopped reading my feed completely for lent, and while I’ve read a little lately, I’m not doing nearly as much of it. It means I’m both happier and thinking positive things, and that I can write more. Win/win.

And that’s what leads you back to winning. The one thing I see very successful people do is they vocalize to themselves that they’re going to win, regardless of how silly it sounds. Eventually it has the effect of convincing you you’re going to win, which is great for mindset of getting things done — it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy in ways. Moreover, it convinces others around you you’re going to win. Why do you think so many agree with all the fake news on facebook? It’s because it’s posted on repeat. If what you hear is win on repeat, it’ll become just as true to you. Doesn’t that sound way better than getting outraged over posted headlines designed to mess with you psychologically? Stop reading that, start thinking in terms of winning and you’ll get there.

Replace Bad Habits With Something Positive

I once heard someone say there are two things in life: commitments and addictions. The first thing toward making a bad habit go away for good is replacing with a commitment that takes its time, and getting in the habit of that. I’m working on starting a new habit, which is to read a chapter of the Bible every morning instead. Today I started with Romans 1. If you want to see brilliant writing, follow me into Romans.  There is literally nothing more intelligent ever written in philosophy, and it’s also uplifting.

Charity Auctions For Cystic Fibrosis

I’ve mentioned the CF foundation before, and appreciate the generous contributions of friends and readers. My lovely and elegant wife is running some charity auctions featuring some cool jewelry, baseball tickets, even a backyard bbq! If you’re interested, please check this out here:

If you’re not familiar with CF, it’s a very nasty lung disease where patients develop mucus non-stop — think feeling congested like you’re sick to an extreme every day of your life. Now while it’s healthy in a normal person, it has negative effects as the thick mucus blocks air passages, and ends up scarring and collapsing the lung. Just a decade ago, average lifespans for CF were in the teens, but with modern developments due to the foundation’s work, they’ve extended that big league. The mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is to cure cystic fibrosis and to provide all people with the disease the opportunity to lead full, productive lives by funding research and drug development, promoting individualized treatment and ensuring access to high-quality, specialized care.

Every little bit helps. Thanks for taking the time to look. If you’d like to contribute directly, please do so here:

The Review You’ve Been Waiting For: Cirsova Magazine Issue 5

I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly Cirsova magazine delivered their product after their successful kickstarter a couple of months ago. Usually so much time goes by between kickstarted work that I’ve forgotten I’ve backed it before I received it. The paperback has a nice thick quality to it, big, a beautiful cover, great and professional aesthetic just on that front alone. It’s no wonder this magazine received a Hugo Award nomination.

Now to the stories!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always read short fiction magazines or anthologies in order, or even usually make it all the way through one without skipping a few stories. With Cirsova, I didn’t read in order — as I was extremely excited to read Schuyler Hernstrom’s novella after what I saw in Cirsova #2. His work “The First American” in this volume lived up to the hype I generated about Hernstrom’s work in my own mind (why aren’t more people talking about him?!).  I was thoroughly entertained the entire way through. I note that he very much likes the concept of having space tech having crashed on a fantasy world planet and implementing something from there, a fond reminder of his story in issue #2. That said, this work was wholly different and original, and well worth the read.

I was hesitant about this issue because I learned after I kickstarted that this was a themed work (unlike the other issues of Cirsova) revolving around a Lovecraftian world that Misha Burnett developed. My problem isn’t with Misha, who’s a fine writer, but with Lovecraft, as I’ve really never enjoyed much of his work or the Cthulhu mythos. I’m not much one for horror in general, only reading it very sparingly. Monsters in the dark don’t really appeal to me, as I like to read more positive things about humanity progressing to the stars.

Fortunately, my fears proved to be unnecessary. Misha actually created a very nice world and the authors, though using these Lovecraftian monsters as a backdrop, still told stories about heroes being heroes and good triumphing over evil. Misha’s own “In The Gloaming O My Darling” actually was the closest of the set to something of traditional Lovecraft horror, but the way it was presented with the characters was far more enjoyable than most of the other work I’ve read in that genre. He really told a classic short story very well with this one.

My other favorite was “The Queen Of Shadows” by Jay Barnson. This had a great heroic adventure to it that was extremely fun, with a Tarzan-esque main character performing rescue work in a city. I loved how this went. The pace was fantastic, villains challenging and it held my interest as one of the longer pieces in the magazine. I’ll be looking for more of his work later.

After the 6 tales of Eldtrich Earth, there were a couple of non-related stories. Adrian Cole’s “Killing in Karkesh” I believe is part of a serial he’s working on — I remember the star lance from issue #2, though I feel like it would have been better if I’d read all of the other stories leading up to it. At some point when I have time I will track down issues 3-4.  What surprised me was “The Bears of 1812” by Michael Tierney. I thought this was a silly title and I wouldn’t enjoy the historical fiction as much as the others — but it was really interesting. I like what he did with Sacagawea, and I haven’t researched  how accurate it is historically, but I did buy it as a short story, very satisfying.

Overall, I very much enjoyed. These were my favorites, but everything was solid as I’ve come to expect from Cirsova from reading issues 1-2. This magazine is well deserving of your Hugo consideration.