Monday Livestream: PJ Media’s Megan Fox On Fighting Big Tech and Fake News!

Journalist Megan Fox has had a lot of trouble ever since here work’s been prominently featured on Drudge Report or by Rush Limbaugh. She’s been suspended on twitter multiple times, had her youtube content demonetized, all because she’s a journalist with “wrongthink”. Big Tech is becoming an even bigger big censor, and so we’re going to brainstorm what needs to be done and have some fun along the way.

For those who don’t know Megan’s work, she’s the journalist who helped me break #Comicsgate. Probably the most important voice in the media right now.

The livestream will be Monday at 8:30 PST. You won’t want to miss this.


Update: She was just locked out AGAIN today over a completely innocuous and truthful tweet: 

Periscope – CB Cebulski

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Never Listen to Pop Science

Gizmodo shows there’s been unintended health consequences of light pollution due to the implementation of LED lights.

Indeed, as the new results show, the amount of outdoor lighting around the world has increased during the past several years. “As a result, the world has experienced widespread ‘loss of the night,’ with half of Europe and a quarter of North America experiencing substantially modified light-dark cycles,” write the researchers in the new study, which was published today in Scientific Advances.

And there’s likely a big correlation to people’s sleep habits becoming dangerous, if the way cell phone use has interrupted sleep cycles is any indication. And what does it do to the wildlife?

It’s far too soon to see how this could be a huge problem for the world, but it’s all because of “do good” intentions of the green lobbies. And this doesn’t even get into how toxic LEDs themselves are for the environment once they burn out and are thrown away, another crisis we’ll have 10-20 years from now.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for all of you, my readers. You’re the best and keep me going through the hard days and good ones. I also just got an interesting message from an unlikely source about my recent Gravity Of The Game novella which implies some folk over on the establishment side of the world are reading it, and loving it. We’ll see how that develops but what a start to a day so far!

God bless you and your families today and on all days!


Monday’s Culture Roundup

I talked about quite a bit on today’s Periscope which you can view here:

So I wanted to give a handy list of links to the things I mentioned.

Family friendly sci-fi tv, Extinct:

Mind MGMT comic by Matt Kindt

Q-Ball Comic Kickstarter:

Gunfighter’s Ball Miniature’s Game Kickstarter:

L. Jagi Lamplighter’s new release FB Party:

Her new book coming out tomorrow:

And Yakov Merkin’s Book:

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A Great Review From An Unlikely Source

A File 770 faithful actually left this on another blog about my short story, “Winning Is What We Do”

“Then you get the whole of a JdA story. It’s actually quite funny, some of it intentionally so. Basically Trump and slightly-older son Barron are viewing their latest super-weapon, an all-US-made suit of power armour when word comes through that the Wall (sigh) has been breached, and of course the only way to save the day is for Barron to get in the suit and go fight illegal alien zombies who turn out to be proper alien aliens controlled by a super sized Kim Jong Un. At the risk of saying non-negative things about JdA it’s actually not terrible, just silly trope deployment with tongue fixed firmly in cheek. Actually now that I think about it, it’s pretty much a Timothy story!”
The folk from that site are usually so vitriolic in personal attacks that it’s refreshing to see someone who actually is willing to try a story and read it at the very least. Note he has to say he is taking a risk by saying something non-negative about me, and honestly he is being brave in doing so. That’s how bad the social pressure is to simply attack, but he was honest, and he read it. And I appreciate it a lot!  I don’t know what a Timothy story is, but it’s clear that my writing was fun, just as I intend with all my stories. If someone whose first instinct is to be completely hostile to my work, I think it says a lot to get a positive review.
I think if he enjoyed this, he’ll like For Steam And Country even more. Everyone has enjoyed it so far according to Amazon.

The Anti-Male Discrimination Looks Worse For Sci-Fi Insiders

A reader did research and found some more staggering conclusions after reading my article on Anti-Male discrimination by publications. I was sent me the following by a source that has to remain anonymous for their own safety:

 After reading your piece, I decided to also take a look
at the identity of the of the editorial staff on the different publications
you mentioned. Have you done this yet? It’s quite interesting– you have the
basis for another article. It appears the more biased the publication is, the
more the staff is dominated by women and other individuals that identify
themselves as marginalized. For example, take a look at Strange Horizons,
which you singled out as one of the publications most biased against male
authors, and I think you’ll see the pattern:  Out of the 74 individuals listed on this
page, only 17 are males. Further, there are almost no males present on the
senior editorial staff. Based on the staff bios, a significant number of the
17 males are from under-represented groups, many of them self-identifying as

My point is that if you look at the composition of the editorial staff of all
the magazines you cited, you’ll almost undoubtedly see a direct correlation to
their statistical likelihood of accepting a story from a male author–
especially if that author is not from a marginalized or under-represented
group. Of course this wouldn’t be a surprise, but the actual numbers would
certainly speak volumes in support of claims that an “old boys club” (or is
that “old girls club”) is at work.

The indoctrination starts young and, apparently, even holds young boys– not
just grown men– as “problematic.” Take a look at the document I’ve attached,
which is a sample issue of the leading (as well as one of the only) YA
magazines–Cicada. Note that the issue can be downloaded from the magazine’s
web site. Cicada claims it is interested in science fiction story submissions
from both adult and teenage authors. However,it is very clear that both men
and boys need not apply– just take a look at the sample issue. First, out of
15 authors in this issue, only one is male, and that individual is a “person
of color” (Vietnamese). Second, all nine of the editors are women. Third, all
the stories exclusively feature characters that are girls or women– none are
male. Forth, the only interview in the issue is with a woman, who also happens
to be a person of color as well as a professor of gender studies. Fifth, a
search on the word “boys” yields only two hits (“boys” appears twice in the
same poem, which is written by a girl); the word “girls” yields 11 hits,
appearing in almost every story. Sixth, searching for “men” yielded zero hits
while “women” yielded five hits. Seventh, even all the cartoons exclusively
feature girls, unless you want to count the one which features a snowman at
the end. Incidentally, he gets melted.

It’s like I said yesterday. Boys are told in a way not to read because they can’t identify with their authors or characters. This cuts a lot deeper into the science fiction and fantasy publishing industry than I imagined. That said, I’m not surprised by these statistics at all, especially when it comes to YA. The whole YA  genre is built only around a female outreach for readership and I can only name a handful of male YA authors.

The message is clear, men aren’t allowed to have anything and aren’t wanted in the industry. Of course, we’re definitely told by these companies doing things like Artemis Rising when these stats are so bad that we’re not wanted as readers or listeners on the flip side. It’s past time to go find alternatives who aren’t going off waving how diverse they are, when they’re anything but. Diversity is now code for anti-male and anti-white.

You have no path to a career in the arts if you’re male. Independent is your only option now.

If you like a really diverse book, my novella Gravity Of The Game has characters of all different stripes from around the world. Including pinstripes.  It’s being talked about for a Hugo nomination. Check it out!

Leave Taylor Swift Alone

Marie Claire digs into Taylor Swift for her extreme–  not saying anything about politics? Is this seriously what we’ve come to?

The modern witch hunts by the extreme SJWs are so crazy that now they go after you if you simply don’t jump on the outrage train and shriek with everyone else. Or maybe a musician just wants to sell albums to everyone in America and not just one political side, you know, like most artists used to.

Best comment I’ve seen on it so far:

But this is why we need pop culture that goes beyond silent on it, but actually speaks out to let others know there is another side. The entertainment industry is so monolithic, this is why they’ve gone this far. When they learn that most people don’t think like them, we may be able to get back to normalcy. For now, go read MAGA 2020 and Beyond! 

MAGA 2020 Makes PJ Media!

Ace Reporter Megan Fox is the ONLY conservative media commentator to cover the anthology, some of the only pop culture out there going counter-culture to the anti-trump mainstream. She’s brave for covering it, we’re brave for making it. Makes a great combo.

For years we conservatives have complained impotently about the derailing culture and lack of entertainment choices, and yet, which one of us stepped up to fill the void? We watched literature join the dumpster fire that is modern culture and cried tears of helplessness. But no more. 

Pretty much my whole goal in making books and producing content. There’s lots of complaining, very little action. And I’ve certainly gotten some big POO POO from the people who won’t take action when attacked by a writer from the National Review yesterday. Glad someone in the media is picking up on the work and being bold about it. Read her full article here.  

And if you’d like to check out the very hot MAGA 2020 anthology, you should. I signed a few copies this weekend for some fans.

In Praise Of Jeffro Johnson

I’ve been writing for a little more than a decade, and seriously since about 2012-2013, but it wasn’t until I started reading Jeffro’s posts on the Hugo nominated Castalia House blog and his Appednix N book that something clicked in me.

It’s because of him I shifted my reading habits from the modern sci-fi political drivel to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Poul Anderson and Leigh Brackett. I would have never discovered this past full of wonder, where these authors reached for the stars and dreamed rather than dug their heels into the earth and tried to make a grittier, hellish  version of now.

He showed me what science fiction and fantasy can be.

Now you might think I’m overstating it, but it’s really incredible just how much the genre has transformed in the last three decades or so, and not for the better. I highly recommend searching his Castalia House posts at the very least and I also recommend every writer read Appendix N, his literary criticism of Dungeons and Dragons. It’s really brilliant and opened my eyes.

My writing changed because of it, and not just in a way where I consciously decided to draft things a different way. Old fiction was all about fun and wonder, and so when a writer approaches a book like that, it becomes more fun to write — it’s made me more productive in my habits just cuz I’m enjoying the process more. I don’t worry about realism now, I’ve realized that’s a dumb thing to strive for in science fiction,  I only worry about creating an exciting vision. It helps me cut down on slow points in the process, these revelations have done wonders for me personally.  And I know I’m not the only one.

Today I learned Jeffro will be stepping down from the Castalia House blog, a blog which has become daily reading for me because of him and the other great authors there. It makes me sad because this is the end of an era. I really hope he’ll continue to at least write occasionally so we get his insights. I’m going to miss him a lot in this capacity and I know others will as well.

I trust that Morgan Holmes will do an excellent job, and will also keep Jeffro’s vision in mind. But I wanted to dedicate this blog to Jeffro’s hard work over the last couple of years all the same. Thank you again, Jeffro. I hope you won’t be a stranger around these parts!

If you love Appendix N, the first story I wrote since discovering it was published this summer. You can find it here and see a marked difference in how I come at fiction.