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Jon Del Arroz is a #1 Amazon Bestselling author, “the leading Hispanic voice in science fiction” according to, and winner of the 2018 CLFA Book Of The Year Award. As a contributor to The Federalist, he is also recognized as a popular journalist and cultural commentator. Del Arroz writes science fiction, steampunk, and comic books, and can be found most weekends in section 127 of the Oakland Coliseum cheering on the A’s.

Twitter: @jondelarroz
Instagram: @jdelarroz
email: jdaguestposts (at) gmail (dot) com.


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12 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Nice interview on Megahaulin’ ! Will there be copies of Rescue Run available for sale at WWG Fair, or is best bet just to order on Amazon?

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  3. SIr,

    I read in one of your earlier blogs that BayCon was going to invite you to their 2018 convention. The 2017 convention was quite telling as to how politicized it had become. During more than one panel, the panelists descended into a contest as to who hates the President the most. One panelist declared that people should not visit Trump-voting family members for Thanksgiving! Another panelist, who is actively in the California Democratic Party (he attended the state convention that had the chant “@#&* Trump!”) assumed that everyone in the room were of like political alignment.

    This year at Baycon, the Christian BoF was down from 12 -15 people last year to 8 or 9 people, with 5 or 6 being clergy members, ranging from Catholic to Methodist to Baptist. The Veterans BoF, which declined to 5 – 7 people last year, was not held at all. This tells of the general trend towards more groups walking away, following the Animes, Gamers, Steampunks, and other groups. About 800 people attended.

    Gwennifer Held and Katie Scarlett, co-chairs for BayCon 2018, presented an ambitious plan to revive BayCon by using social media and other means to draw in hundreds of younger people. Their goal is to reach a ceiling of 1600 members.

    Would you be interested in starting up a “Basket of Deplorables BoF” at Baycon 2018? Would you be willing to be the moderator, and do you know of any other regular guests (you do not need to name names) who would also be willing to be panelists?

    The theme of this proposed BoF should not have a “woe is me, I am being discriminated against” format because that would bring us down to the SJW’s level. I think that discussion items could be things like how the election affected science fiction/fantasy and their fandoms in general, those in the Bay Area in particular, and the best ways Deplorables can respond to the challenges currently being faced both from inside and outside fandom.

    I would think that Saturday would be the best day, since Jewish Deplorables would be at Shabbat services on Friday evening at BayCon, Christian Deplorables would be at church (at the BayCon services or elsewhere) on Sunday, and Veteran Deplorables would be largely occupied with Memorial Day events on Monday,

    The convention is still six months away, but I figured now would be a good time to start this conversation.


    Jeffrey P. Zdinak
    a.k.a. Jephros (fan name)

  4. interesting bunch of crazies i have stumbled upon. i hope to get ” chatty, conversational, controversial’ emails from you , such things as warmed my heart in the old days , appearing in alien critic, trumpet, and other such fan rags.

  5. Sir,

    This year, at Baycon 2018, about 825 people attended. Gwennifer Held and Katie Scarlett, co-chairs for BayCon 2018, did their best as they had worked hard from convention to convention promoting BayCon, and they also used social media and other means to draw in hundreds of younger people, with the goal of reaching ceiling of 1600 members. There were more younger people than last year, but the main success of Gwennifer’s and Katie’s efforts was to halt the decline in membership. Another person will chair the BayCon 2019 convention.

    This year, the Christian BoF was not held. Neither was the Veterans BoF. Due to construction in renovating the front lobby, the eating area was moved to the 6th floor. The TV news was set to MSNBC (the winner of the Trumphobia contest among the TV networks) when I visited. There was a coffee lounge/bar set up on the third floor, in which Starbucks coffee was offered. So, it seems that the SJW politics, though not as bad as last year, continues.

    Jeffrey P. Zdinak
    a.k.a. Jephros (fan name)

  6. Why are you making the same symbol with your hands that the New Zealand mosque shooter did? You make the same symbol in your instagram profile pic too.

    Seems a bit strange. Surely the symbol’s association with terrorists and hate groups should make you stop using it? It’s akin to waving around an ISIS flag (a symbol that predates ISIS by over 1400 years) and then arguing that ‘akshually it’s just a harmless old religious symbol!’

    • Really? You don’t have anything substantive to REEE about so this is where you hang your Hemorrhoid Hat on to rail about? That has to be one of the most moronic cancel-culture arguments I have ever read.

      Sorry, but just because some hate monger co-opts a thing, or some conspiracy theorist comes along and lies about something’s use does NOT negate it’s original purpose.

      Do you have any idea how many people claim “hate symbol” about the cross or Star of David? They aren’t “symbols of hate” no matter how butt-hurt someone gets over them. I refuse to stop wearing either my cross or my star because they reflect the essence of my faith, NOT some bogus “hate” I carry in my heart for people with a different melanin content than myself.

      That is an “OK” sign… get over yourself and your god complex in which you think you can control a narrative by pushing some bogus woke BS about something mundane.

      Better yet tell me about yourself, your beliefs and ideals. Tell me the holidays you celebrate… I’m sure I can probably eviscerate every one of them (with either factual and/or popularly accepted fictitious) “pagan roots” of everything from your speech patterns to the purpose behind your dress tie or your goofy-looking shoes.

      JDA isn’t some secret kkk member, nor an illuminati shill. “Hispanic” doesn’t exactly fit a “white supremacist” profile. I’ve never seen him post any “La Raza” nonsense either so you can’t say he’s racist for that. In short you have no proof of his heart or intent so stop trying to drag and ruin people just so you can get your jollies and a free dopamine hit.

      It is shite like this that causes me to never take you SJW cancel culture nazis seriously. You types don’t want an “inoffensive public discourse”, you want fascistic control over the entire forum of public expression in order to push your own sick view of how society should be. Get over yourself… You’re not a “Hater of Terrorism”… you ARE “terrorism”.

      In looking at this it was posted last year but I don’t care. I’ve spent my time replying so I’m posting it anyway, ;p

  7. The hand symbol used by Jon and by President Trump has been used in Christian art (Byzantine and Medieval) and in Buddhist art as a sign of benediction, but has been perverted by that “National Bolshevik” (a racist who said that Communist China came closest to his ideal society) in New Zealand, just as the swastika was a revered symbol throughout Asia as a symbol of good fortune before the National Socialists perverted it.

    Jeffrey P. Zdinak
    a.k.a. Jephros (fan name)

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