Ringer Writer Ben Lindbergh Is An SJW Who Hates Conservatives

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Yesterday, I posted all of the crazy hate that I was receiving in ben’s Effectively Wild baseball group, where i posted my very well-received piece in the Federalist on how baseball fans should stand for the anthem. I wish I could say it stopped there. I expected I’d get a little shade from the group, but I thought it’d be more about the fact that I used a batting average to talk about Bruce Maxwell rather than a better metric like OPS or wOBA.  Instead, it turns out Ben Lindbergh has cultivated a crazed SJW hate mob, who flips and slanders anyone with an opinion a large majority of Americans share.

Ben had an opportunity to be a non-divisive figure like none other. This was my first professional article in sports journalism, but instead of a “I don’t agree but congratulations”, he warned me — a Hispanic who had been called “nazi” and “white supremacist” at least 200 times in the thread without personal attacking back — calling my article hateful and saying he’d delete any “more” that I posted. Shocking.

It became worse yesterday, when Ben’s fans saw I was not replying on the group anymore, so they came to my personal facebook page, where my family and friends were watching and started calling me these horrific things. One of Ben’s fans even said he wished I would die. On top of this, they attempted to hurt my writing business by leaving a fake Amazon review  on my completely a-political novel, For Steam And Country, also slandering me as a white supremacist (Amazon, unlike Ben, still has some objectivity and removed the awful fake review).

I tried to bring this to Ben’s attention — along with the fact that he shares a podcast with another Ringer writer who publicly implies the President is having incestual sex with his daughter. Sick and hateful by itself. He has completely ignored any calls for civility and by his silence after condemning me, ironically during his hateful fans’ actions, gives his tacit approval of their actions. It seems there’s a double standard for Ben. It’s okay by him to target “those people.” But it’s not okay to write an article saying it would be bad for the MLB to stand for the anthem (which left or right, it’s obvious they would certainly lose fans and sponsorships as the NFL is doing now).

It’s a shame as my reach is growing, the Federalist has a very large mainstream reach, but the signal is clear: the Ringer and its employees don’t want anyone in the center or right who love this country to listen to or read them. This falls under another example of someone I used to respect bigly deciding it’s better to hate me personally than have my support. Sad! Hate is an ugly thing, Ben. Stand up to it.

In my science fiction future, baseball is in a sad state, but Commissioner Hideki Ichiro wants to change that. How? By bringing baseball to the moon. Read what’s been called a “heart warming” story here.  

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Best Of The Hater Comments From My MLB Federalist Article

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This was my rather innocuous article that most Americans would agree with and isn’t inflammatory at all. It didn’t stop the SJWs from being crazy, however. This is a best of,  and about 3-5% of the amount of hate comments I received over my article. The pure level of toxicity of these groups is why I speak out to begin with. This kind of thing is destructive for our culture.

You might note the overwhelming amount of Anglo males calling a Hispanic writer “white supremacist”. It’s almost as if SJWs always project. In no particular order:

A call to censor me is also worth noting:


I think the scariest is the call to cyberbully me over disagreeing with my article:

It’s no wonder people are afraid to even mention anything political if they’re independent or conservative. The mobs are out there just waiting to tear anyone apart, even for writing something as non-offensive and mostly agreed upon as “one should stand for the national anthem.”

If you want to support some good baseball writing without an agenda beyond fun, check out my novella, Gravity Of The Game from Superversive Press. It’s even getting critical acclaim from people who don’t like baseball and is being talked about for many Hugo Award ballots. You can buy it here.  

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New Federalist Article: Saving Baseball From Toxic SJW Politics

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My article is able. I’m pretty proud to be able to do some sports journalism, which has always been a dream of mine. Hopefully I’ll be able to do more later. I know you guys don’t like to click on it so much but perhaps Federalist readers do 😉

And if you love baseball and want a glimpse into a more optimistic future, check out my novella Gravity Of The Game, available here.

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World Series Predictions And Other Baseball Matters

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Earlier this morning I received a call from the Oakland A’s front office, folk a little higher up in the org than your standard fare. They called and said they were happy to hear me out and they were hoping that I might reconsider my season tickets for next year. I told them I had to hold firm until their players #StandForTheAnthem. I learned over the course of the call that the management knows they’re in a bit of a bind on this, and that they’re hoping it works itself out. I take this to mean that the MLB will take action and make rules in the off-season. Either way, we’re winning. What’s happening to the NFL is scaring these organizations in other leagues, and soon we’ll get politics off the field. Keep pushing and hold strong, and moreover keep calling and emailing the teams! They hear their customers, they’re not like congress.

But I also made a video talking about the world series game 1 tonight, and what I think’ll happen over this game and the course of the series. It’s now on youtube here:

Don’t forget to subscribe!

I’m also checking out wrongthink.net, a new social media site that’s a facebook killer for free speech. We’ll see how it goes. My profile’s here if you want to connect: https://wrongthink.net/jondelarroz

As you can see, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to baseball. Which means my future prediction of the game can only be that good. Check out my hit novella, Gravity Of The Game, here:  

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Still Not Tired Part 2: FREE Novella Giveaway!

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Despite a concerted high school-style effort to get people to shun me by the Mean Girls club, I hit 1,500 followers of Twitter today. I like round numbers, so I’m going to celebrate by giving away a free advance copy of my forthcoming novella, Gravity Of The Game!


Leave a comment on Twitter here, and I hope you’ll follow and share with your friends to help spread the word of this very touching sci-fi story. If you love America, love baseball, or just like to see how culture shapes the world around us, this’ll be a great book. Totally PG and a little in it for everyone.

Since I like to hit all platforms, and I really like round numbers, I’ll do a similar giveaway for http://gab.ai/otomo  where if I hit 1500 there

Or facebook if I can hit 1500 friends there.

Or my Grand Rislandian Army facebook group (book discussion and promotion only – politics free!) if it hits 100 members: https://www.facebook.com/groups/519333975122120/

And youtube if I get to 100 subscribers: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrGNYo4n2qT9z52qtevon4Q

I’ve got an instagram…but I’m still trying to figure out how to use it effectively. jdelarroz there 🙂 Gimme a couple weeks on this one!

Whew! A lot of social media, and a lot of chances for a free book. I want to get this in as many hands as possible, because my advance readers think it’ll be a great candidate for the Hugo award for best novella next year!

Thanks everyone for your tremendous support. It’s been super encouraging and great so far. I can’t wait to share all these fun books with you as I get everything edited and polished for you.

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Letter Cancelling A’s Season Tickets – #StandForTheAnthem

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With all of the athletes and entertainers out there signalling their hate for America, for the flag, utterly disrespecting and paying no care to the soldiers or police who protect us, I decided to take action. I don’t just say #DumpTheNFL, but I put my money where my mouth is, even when it’s painful for me to give up something I cherish.

Baseball is a lot harder for me than football, as it’s one of my main passions in life. I’ve written a novella, out next week, which is basically my love letter to baseball and to the Oakland A’s in particular. I’ve been a huge fan since I can remember. It pains me so much to have to take action based on a player’s bad behavior, and an organization condoning it, to ensure that my family stays safe from this toxic identity politics culture in entertainment. My letter which i sent to the ticket office and to A’s team president, Dave Kaval, is below:

I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this for a few days, as I love the A’s so much and love baseball. It’s upsetting and painful to have to make a decision that’s best for my family to remove us from a situation where it creates a hostile environment toward us and toward the country as a whole. This is why we will not be renewing season tickets for 2018.

I’ve been a season ticket holder since 2012, premium for the first time this year, and my parents were season ticket holders through my whole childhood. My fondest memory  is being on my dad’s shoulders in the one game of the 1988 world series where the A’s won, celebrating and hoping for a comeback in the series. I hope the A’s will be able to come back to senses similarly so I can share that kind of joy with my kids now.  

Unfortunately, with Bruce Maxwell’s recent actions, the A’s have signaled they’re going to bring baseball into politics. I’ve of course seen all the interviews and coverage, along with the excuses made, but at the end of the day the symbol of disrespect to America, the soldiers, and  the police are there, no matter how it’s framed. Bruce has always been an outspoken political advocate — which I don’t fault him for. If he wants to do that on twitter or in his own actions, that’s his right. Sean Doolittle used to do similarly and I’m sure they’re both fine individuals. However, when I come to a game, it’s my time to relax and have fun, to show my family a good time, and especially to give my kids a dream. Disrespecting the flag and America in that context is harmful to the sport and enjoyment for two major reasons.

First, when the dream is injected with politics, it becomes impossible to enjoy. The magic is gone. We were at fireworks night not thinking about what a beautiful night it was and how good it is to be at a baseball game, but thinking that the A’s catcher is disrespecting America on the field in front of us, and our presence there condones that.

Second, I teach my kids to stand for the anthem, to do the pledge of allegiance. I can’t go to a game where they are looking starry eyed at their heroes who refuse to do as they are taught. Kids are the most important part of baseball, and they don’t need to be subjected to identity politics. It’s toxic, and it will ruin childhoods if they have to worry about the world in that manner. The only recourse I have when they ask questions, would be to explain to them that their heroes are behaving badly, and what does that do to a child’s psyche? I don’t want to inject that kind of nihilistic thoughts about there being no real heroes into their heads. They don’t need to be thinking about identity politics or race at three or five or eight. That is perhaps the most important reason why the A’s have to put a stop to this immediately.  

Again, I love the A’s and I love baseball so much, but I love it for baseball, for the game, and not to have politics injected into everything 100% of the time. Our lives are already so stressful with the frantic pace in which we live these days, and the talk of “raising awareness” is laughable when you can’t escape from it. No one’s being made aware of anything, no one’s talking about whatever it is Bruce wants done, they’re just talking about the flag and the country. If Bruce has a message beyond that, he’s failed at it drastically, as have the other athletes.

It needs to stop. I don’t want Bruce fired , but I can’t in good conscience come to games where it’s going to open with toxic political preaching to me for the reasons above. Please, I implore you put an end to this before it destroys the sport of baseball. I have to choose America first if I’m forced with the choice at every game.

I wish you guys the best. The staff has been so phenomenal this year, down to the ushers. I really appreciate their hard work. I hope to be able to return to an A’s baseball game in the future, and it is with a heavy heart that I have to write this, and not return to the stadium for the coming year.


Jon Del Arroz

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#ESPNIsOverParty: More Convergence At Disney Subsidiaries

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I won’t lie, I stopped watching ESPN more than a decade ago. This train wreck was coming for a long time, but I didn’t think the nail in the coffin would be due to virtue signalling politics overriding its core mission as a company. The reason I stopped is because of the extreme east coast bias and the complete disregard for baseball and hockey. Since my two favorite sports took a back seat to sports that ESPN had more broadcast rights for, I never found it that compelling to watch. Compound that with the fact that they would talk about NY and Boston teams on a 5:1 ratio or more of anyone else… it was worthless. I didn’t need yet another commentator to tell me how Eli Manning is the greatest quarterback of all time, because he’s not.

But over the last year we saw something more insidious develop with ESPN. They followed the same path as their sister Mega-Corporate Disney-owned Marvel Comics, in that they hired a bunch of social justice warriors, and started rambling about politics. This of course coincided with Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American sit-in of national anthem at game, of which ESPN was all too gleeful about. Fans, being normal Americans, found it insulting and hated it. Like the readers of Marvel Comics who didn’t want to read “Occupy Avengers”, ESPN viewers tuned out.

But ESPN didn’t just stop there, because as we know, social justice warriors always double down in these situations. Their First Take became a political rant fest. They gave awards to Bruce Jenner for his “bravery”. All sorts of non-sports related nonsense that made their viewership drop even more. They covered the anti-Trump marches and praised them on twitter… I mean, seriously? What happened to sports?

That’s what happens when an organization converges. It only takes a couple of social justice warriors in different positions to shake things up, and completely ignore the real focus of the organization, which quickly transforms it into something that no one can even recognize. The end result is always the same, especially in entertainment media: the customers and viewers disappear.

We’ve see it in science fiction publishing, in Marvel Comics, in the NFL’s lack of viewership early last year, and now ESPN. We want entertainment to be fun. We want sports to be intense competitions between elite athletes. We don’t want a finger-wagging political messages. We get enough of that from idiots reposting clickbait on our facebook feeds.

And yesterday, the result of that hit ESPN as they laid off more than 100 of their journalists. They took the wrong message for what’s wrong with their network and made cuts primarily to baseball and hockey reporters. I wish I could say I’m surprised. I have yet to see a statement from ESPN or Disney about how they realize they erred in focusing on politics, so I expect the situation will get worse. We see that Marvel had taken the wrong lesson as well, thinking a “reboot” of characters to “iconic forms”will help them, ignoring their blackballing practices and the fact that their writing staff hates half of America. These half-measures do little good to rescue an organization from the pits they’ve become. I saw a post on twitter yesterday stating that ESPN is going to become to sports what MTV is to music — and I think that’s the spiral we’re going to see. What Disney group is next?

Independent Journalist Mike Cernovich has called for average people to stop watching ESPN completely,stating: “If you watch ESPN, you are paying the enemy. If you can’t give up ESPN to win a culture war, that’s on you.” At this point, if you want to see a change back to real sports, this is exactly what needs to be done.

Susan Slusser, sports writer for the San Francisco Chronicle has stated “Someone could start a really excellent sports network focused on real news, information and insight with these layoffs. Please do so.” And I agree. I would love to run something like this if I had the proper financial backing. It’s what Americans want out of sports and right now is an ample opportunity to provide what Fox News did to CNN more than a decade ago — provide real news as a counter to the nonsense. The ratings follow suit, as we’ve seen for so long. I think there was a movie, about an unrelated topic that said “If you build it, they will come.” Who can we turn to for a new sports platform?


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In Which I Take Back My Naysaying About Jharel Cotton From Last Week’s Blog

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Such is baseball. He shut out the Royals on the road today, and though the Royals this year aren’t the Royals of a couple years ago, it’s still an impressive feat. A few of the hits last week were some fluke hits, so I should not have downplayed his abilities based on his September 2016 stat line, and I recant my first week knee-jerk reaction.

Forgive me, Jharel!

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I’m Going To Talk About Baseball

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I’ve mentioned before the traffic differentials depending on what I talk about, and how smart marketing people would focus on what their audience wants, hone that, and keep it going as to not get them to tune out.

But it’s Opening Week and y’all are going to have to deal with baseball talk from me.

A few weeks ago I was on the Baseball by Dummies podcast talking about the A’s season. I was more optimistic than most about our hometown heroes in Oakland, citing that the pitching depth might just carry their blaze offense and terrible defense through to a mediocre season. Fangraphs writer and Effectively Wild podcaster, Jeff Sullivan, has said similar a few times, going so far as to say that the A’s might be a contender for the wild card.

So far, Sonny Gray’s been hurt, the bullpen has continued its trend from the last couple years and blown a game, and Jharel Cotton, A’s #4 starter turned #3 starter, delivered a less than stellar outing. Now, to be fair to Cotton, his pitches looked pretty solid (especially dat change up!) for the most part, and we’re talking about a few mistakes and a few bloop hits that were out of his control being the big differential, and he received zero, and I mean ZERO, run support, which is never good for a pitcher. But I’m already seeing articles “he doesn’t look like the pitcher we saw last September.”

The problem is the expectation of September. In September, you bring up minor league players to play also against minor league players. Many of these players shouldn’t be in the MLB, and Cotton is now facing a lineup of real competition for the first time. It’s to be expected. That his actual mechanics seem to be good for the most part. His fastball comes in hard, he just needs to gain that full control through a start that is tough to do when you have to face the Mike Trouts of the world. Incidentally, Trout didn’t fare all that great against Cotton last evening. A bonus for the A’s young pitcher.

It’s still a learning curve phase for him. He needs a good 3-4 more real major league starts, not in September, for us to be able to make conclusions about whether he can hang here, and whether he is the pitcher we saw in late 2016 against sub-part talent. I’m still holding out hope, but I don’t see the A’s as a wild card team, and I’m not even sure my close to 75 win prediction will hold. After all, we’re 1-2, not looking that sharp, and have only faced the hapless Angels (and Mike Trout) so far.

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The Spring Training Experience

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Over the weekend I did my first ever Spring Training trip with my father, father in-law and my oldest son. We went to the Cactus League in Phoenix, AZ to see the Oakland A’s for three games: KC Royals (Away), TX Rangers and Chicago Cubs. It was about the perfect weekend trip timing wise, taking off early on Friday and leaving late Sunday to allow us to catch 3 games with a two night stay. The flight isn’t too long to Phoenix, about an hour and forty five,  making Spring Training the perfect weekend getaway.

We arrived with what we thought was plenty of time to get to the Royals stadium after checking in at our Phoenix Doubletree hotel. What we didn’t expect was California-level traffic out to Surprise, AZ where they are located. You could say we were…  shocked. It took us an hour and a half and we didn’t get there until the second inning.

Set up at a table for charity were A’s superstars Rollie Fingers and John “Blue Moon” Odom, heroes from the 1972-1974 championship team. It was cool meeting them, taking a picture, getting their autographs. Nice of them to spend each day of Spring Training at the stadium for charity like that.

Friday night didn’t see much of the A’s starting lineup for 2017. We got a team of mostly minor leaguers going up against a Royals team I didn’t know too much about. Still, the stadium there was nice, had a hometown minor league atmosphere with someone grilling hot dogs right behind the stands, smoke blowing out onto the field. The weather was great for an evening in AZ, for a perfect time all around. The A’s continued their crazy amount of run scoring through training with an 11-7 victory. Home Runs were poppin’ out of that park in Surprise left and right. I did get to see Jharel Cotton pitch, who came up last year and will be part of the rotation this year. He shut down KC pretty well in his outing, which was impressive. Someone to watch.

The DoubleTree Hotel was probably my least favorite part of the experience. A bit noisy, outdoor rooms that felt one step above a motel. Wasn’t too clean either, saw a few stray hairs in the bathroom upon arrival which irks the germaphobe in me. I stayed there because they had a Spring Training deal, knew we’d be out most of the time and was told that several of the A’s were staying there, in hopes my kid might run into them—we didn’t run into anyone. I would probably stay in Mesa or over that direction or at a nicer hotel next time.

Onto day two! We arrived about an hour early, after batting practice but with a lot of players still on the field. One thing I’ll mention here is my 8 year old son is a ball and autograph hound. He managed to get three balls thrown to him from the stands on Friday evening, and already had two before the game started on Saturday. One of those he used to get autographs from A’s players, which by the end of the game he had the ball completely filled. I have no idea who signed which brings me to another cool part of spring training: this above anything else is a nice family atmosphere. I felt completely comfortable letting my 8-year old run around the stadium autograph hunting without my direct supervision. It doesn’t feel that way back in Oakland, I’m sorry to say.

The Mesa stadium is nice, but It think I liked that open back area Surprise version a bit better. It had a nice grassy area in center field, whereas Mesa has this monstrous wall there blocking a snack shack from home run balls. Hurts the ambiance just a little bit, but it is a nice stadium overall. The concessions are down a long tunnel which reminds me of walking through the Coliseum, but if you’re on the home side of the stadium it’s a bit of a trek to go back and forth between everything. A minor complaint as sitting close to the field and really getting up close more than made up for it. The overall atmosphere is pretty nice, and the food options need to be imported to the MLB park – SO much better. Dave Kaval, if you read this, I want the soba noodle group in Oakland!

The game on Saturday actually came down to a walk-off with Oakland besting Texas 8-7.  I think notable was Ryon Healy going 3-3, looked like a stud out there and I’m excited to see him this year in Oakland. Hope he gets a lot of playing time.

Saturday night we hung out with some friends who live in the area, walked around at night, had a good time all around.

Sunday morning we got out early, checked out of the DoubleTree and went early to the Mesa Commemorative Air Force Museum. I saw an ad for this at the ballpark and since we had some time to kill before the game and it was close by, figured we should check something out. I was expecting a little room with some models and some facts but wow was I in for a surprise. They had full on motors on display, more than a dozen planes including a B-17 Flying Fortress, restored to original condition. You could walk through, see all the turrets and cockpit, walk through the bomb bay, it was fricking awesome. This museum was almost worth the trip by itself. If you really plan in advance and save up $500, you can take a flight on the B-17 I learned as well. I might have to do that sometime in the future because how many times in your life will you get to fly on a real WW2 plane?  Apparently there are 7 left in flying operable condition in existence.

The Sunday game vs. the Cubs was crazy. The first two games were half full, very relaxed, people running around. This day was PACKED with Cubs fans. I planned all this far in advance and actually got tickets above the cubs dugout, 2nd row, surrounded by a sea of blue. The Cubs fan base was very nice overall, had some good conversations. Watching the Cubs come out, I have to admit, they look like a far more imposing athletic baseball team than the A’s do, everything you expect out of seeing a baseball team. It was cool to get to see them play. Kris Bryant signed my kid’s glove and Ben Zobrist threw him a ball. Jake Arrietta pitched and he was lights out, scary. He tossed a no-hitter for the three innings he was in.  This was a cool game as a lot of people left because the Cubs went up so much, but the A’s minor league team later on scrapped it out about as well as I’ve seen anyone play. These guys were out there to compete which was nice to see. They came back and topped the Cubs 9-8.

Overall, super fun time. Even though it’s practice and doesn’t mean anything, it’s almost better than watching regular major league games. Highly recommend making the spring training trip.

On the A’s season, I’m not sure how much I can glean here. They’re scoring tons of runs, mostly behind their minor league farm. They’re giving up a lot as well—but again, mostly with their minor league farm. I was happy to see how well Ryon Healy was playing, as he’s probably who I’m rooting for most on the major league club right now position player wise. Jharel Cotton was a treat as well, who is probably my favorite pitcher on the club. Matt Chapman looked solid in at bats, and I expect him to be up later this year. Franklin Barreto was a beast on Sunday – he really is inspiring for the future of the team. Was happy to see Renato Nunes get some hits and if this is any indication I think Chris Parmelee might be a sleeper Major Leaguer who isn’t on anyone’s radar.

Pitching wise: Santiago Casilla looked terrible, zero control. It was his first outing, however, so it may just be warming up. I really hope so. Raul Alcantara is in the mix for starter/long man for the club, and he had a solid outing, despite giving up a couple of runs. Bobby Wahl came in and closed against the Cubs and looked phenomenal – I hope to see him up with the club soon. Ryan Dull pitched Friday (another favorite of mine I forgot to mention) and delivered a pretty great inning. The pitching staff is actually very promising, they just need a little more experience.

Everyone’s been complaining about this A’s rebuild like crazy the last couple years, and I’ve watched them make moves which are intelligent and yet they don’t get credit for it. Josh Donaldson, while I pine for him, wouldn’t have been the difference of 2015-2017 making the A’s contend. Barreto may be that difference in the future, and Kendal Graveman is no slouch either. Yes, the Cespedes trade was a whiff, but that’s behind us now by many years, and he wouldn’t be with us anyway. Look at this though: the A’s went from last in farm system in 2014, to #12 prior to training this season according to Bleacher Report – I think they’re underrated even with that with the way the prospects are up showing off their stuff this week. The A’s have a solid core coming up and they could fluke into a good 2017 season, but for 2018-2019 they’re looking like real contenders. I trust in this plan and like what I’m seeing for the future.


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