The Best And Easiest Way To Maximize Your Indie Publishing Sales

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We’ve seen how over the last year, the biggest successes seem to have come from teams of authors co-writing, as they can get their projects out slightly faster than others, and create these shared universes where the plot just keeps coming. They both bring in their fanbases, there’s a lot to binge read, and boom, suddenly you have megasuccesses.

But we can’t all get co-writers who are on the same page as us and willing to push several books all that easily. There is one thing we can do, however, to mimic their strategy and maximize our own returns on our books we release.

People want series. It’s the name of the game. And often times, people won’t even check out a series until you have 3-4 books in it, so they can get through as much as they can. It’s part of the current psychology of the reader. The problem is, if you release book one, write book two, release that, and go on repeat, your sales for the first and second drop off and out of Amazon’s algorithm priority before the third gets anywhere near ready. This hurts that strategy.

Peter Grant tried something similar, experimenting with his own sales, with his new release, Cochrane’s Company. waited until he had a trilogy, got them all ready to go, and released them one month after another. The results were astounding. His books didn’t just take off in a linear way, the sales compounded exponentially. All of the books got boosts, and they all promoted each other because Amazon viewed them all as new releases in the window. It meant he wasn’t just making $4.99 every time someone clicked through, but $14.97!

The stacking releases works, even if you don’t have a co-writer. Hold your book, keep it a trilogy or more if you don’t have time to write a book a month. If you do — well you’re gonna be ahead of the game. But this works every single time I’ve seen it tried. This is how you build audience with the modern amazon. It’s pulp speed ahead out there and it’s a surefire way to maximize the sales of your books.

I’m doing the same this summer with my #SummerOfSteampunk. I’m putting out sequels to my award winning  For Steam And Country with “Knight Training” this month, The Blood Of Giants in August, and Fight For Rislandia in September. I’ll let you know how it goes on my end when I’ve already got a book 1 that’s been out for a long time. If you want to catch up on that you can check it out here.

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Last Night On YouTube

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Yesterday we did an impromptu reading of the beginning of “Knight Training” which will be the novella sequel to For Steam And Country out July 18th. Edwin did a great job reading. We followed up with a discussion of my books and the comic industry so worth the watch!

Make sure to grab For Steam And Country and get ready for the #SummerOfSteampunk if you haven’t already. You won’t want to be behind when Zaira and her crew become the epic fighting force needed to save Rislandia! Check it out here.  

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An Open Letter To Kevin Roche Of Worldcon

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Last night I had a dream, and it’s a dream that I want to see become reality. It’s one where divisiveness, hatefulness, and petty politics can be overcome by rationality, love, treating each other like humans.

I dreamt that I was at some house party where Kevin Roche, the chairman of WorldCon, was attending with several friends (though this is to you, Kevin, thousands of people are going to read this so I need to define who you are). Dream Kevin immediately panicked just from seeing my face, threatening to call the cops to get me removed, even though it wasn’t his place. But then something magical happened. I stepped forward, palms up, in peace. “Kevin,” I said, “Let’s stop all this. I’m here. Let’s talk.”

Dream Kevin looked me in the eyes, nodded, and called off his friends who were about to try to get me removed.

We had a conversation. I talked about how I’ve only been trying to ensure my own safety because of people on the internet actively trying to harm me, and how I’d never in any capacity threatened to violate any rules at the convention (just like real life). We had the conversation I’ve wanted to since November of last year when I sent this email to you:

A full two months before your epic banning proclamation, where you still haven’t told me the specifics of why I was banned from your perspective, only referencing vague “rules” which apply to no one else, you knew there was danger to conservative authors. You did not reply. I guess it would be admitting there’s a bias issue with the con.

What was my first reaction?

“Kevin, call me.” i attempted to talk. I didn’t do anything wrong. I still haven’t, and you, other than a statement libeling me as if this is some grand crusade for a mostly white Worldcon staff to remove a Hispanic in the name of “racism”, couldn’t be bothered to respond again. There was lots of bothering with removing comments from Facebook in my support so it looked like everyone agreed with this. If you had time for that, why not a call?

Of course, then there was the Hugo Award nominating party on March 31st. I showed up. I was there. I caused no trouble at a Worldcon event. No one tried to bother me. The Worldcon committee (including you) KNEW I would cause no trouble at your event, which makes the defense of what was done to me before very flimsy. But still,  I came up to you, I broke the ice quickly. Why couldn’t you take 30 seconds just to talk with me and work out whatever your fears are?

I followed up on the message and received this response (at least you’re responding now!):

Another refusal to talk. Why are you so quick to make public proclamations libeling about “racist bullying” when you won’t stop to take a breath and see what happened? Isn’t liberalism about open mindedness, tolerance, love? That’s what I hear all the time, but it looks to me that the only people who don’t care about race, gender, sexual orientation, or creed seems to be conservatives or libertarians. LibertyCon this weekend had a wide group of diverse individuals and I never even saw the subject broached once. Everyone loved each other. Everyone came together in fandom and fun. This is what WorldCon could and should be.

But the track record’s been very clear: I’ve been to Worldcon, never caused an issue. I went to FogCon this year, where it was very hostile toward me, no issue. LibertyCon had me as a guest along with John Picacio — your worldcon partner and identarian — no issue.  Even at your event with the awards, no issue.  So you can’t defend even the possibility that you think I would cause an issue. There were issues to my safety that you refused to address by even conversing with me, however?

Let’s change all this. I know you’re in a tough position. You have several folk attending your con who are just hateful, angry people, and you’ve made this a very public mess that if you even talked to me, you’d be seen as a traitor to your political team. I get that. But why be a political team? It’s almost July 4th. We’re Americans. We should be on the same team. It starts with talking like human beings. Let’s see what we can accomplish, Kevin, rather than letting Worldcon continue on a path of hatred that’s telling half the country long term that they’re not invited. It’s a bad business strategy, and I can help. I’ve always only wanted to help.

You have my number, call me.



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LibertyCon Is The Undisputed Best Convention In The World

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I spent the weekend at LibertyCon in Chattanooga TN, and I’ll do my best to tell most of the story in pictures, because that’s a lot more fun, but this convention had so much going on from dawn until next dawn (they certainly don’t stop at dusk) that it was incredible. Programing had me running so ragged I barely was able to do much else other than what they had me listed as, and that’s not a bad thing. I’m far more comfortable WORKING than doing anything else, so when a convention fully utilizes me as a fairly charismatic speaker and event organizer, I actually feel far more appreciated than I would otherwise.

So kudos to the programming folk right off the bat.

I started off with a reading (which is on video), where I had the great author A.M. Freeman doing an interpretive dance to my rendition of “The Snake” by Al Wilson, followed by a sneak peak at The Adventures of Baron Von Monocle 2: The Blood of Giants (which will be out in August). Quincy Allen actually coaxed me into doing Zaira’s 16 year old female voice for the dialogue… I’m not sure I’ll do that again so if you want to laugh at me, you’ll want to watch that.

Then came the Superversive Panel, which was very special for me in particular as I was on a panel with Jody Lynn Nye, who was one of the first people to teach me how to write at Dragon*Con. I owe everything to Jody, her class did wonders for me, and she is the classiest, coolest professional in the field, so it was a pure honor for me. I introduced myself on this panel as President of the Jody Lynn Nye Fan Club.  It was a lot of fun.

Perhaps the most interesting part was the opening ceremonies, which were stormed by folk wearing Make Science Fiction Fun Again hats and Happy Frogs shirts.  Over the course of the convention of folk who wore or bought it, I tracked that more than 5% of people were wearing my apparel brand, so a big thank you to everyone who picked it up and ran with it! You guys are awesome. The guys over at CryptoFashion tell me that if folk missed out on the winning and want to get a good deal on next year, they’ll be running a sale this week on all of my apparel so winners who couldn’t make it can still get in on the winning.

The opening ceremony itself was so packed it went into overflow with people unable to get in. And for good reason. This was the best opening ceremony I’ve ever seen at a con. Gray Rinehart SLAYED a song he created for the event, which made everyone laugh and put everyone in a great mood. And then Chuck Gannon delivered the most entertaining convention speech I’ve ever seen in my life. The con made it clear: THIS CONVENTION IS ALL ABOUT FUN.  And they delivered.

I won’t detail all my other panels, which were fantastic and fun down the line, but the weekend continued much like that, and we also had a great time doing a Star Realms tournament on Saturday night. The parties were great, met some of the most wonderful people in the world or saw them again (shout out to Arlan Andrews, Julie Frost, Jason Cordova, John Van Stry, Mark Wandrey, Chris Kennedy and I’m sorry to probably the 200+ other folk I spoke with over the weekend I love you too but this blog would get long!).

Bottom line was the convention stuck to science fiction/fantasy, they stuck to fun, everyone was a joy to be around, there was no drama, no politics, no identity bullshit, and this is what people come for when they come for fandom. If you’re a convention, this should be your model. Fun first. Put everything else aside. Your mission is to grow science fiction, and the way to do that is to welcome everyone and have a good time, just like LibertyCon accomplished. I know certain organizers from certain places are reading this – and I most certainly am talking to you!

I also made an announcement on the Steampunk panel that I’ll be doing the #SummerOfSteampunk. If you have steampunk works coming out, join in on the hashtag, have some fun. My release schedule will look like this:

Von Monocle 1.5: James Gentry’s story “Knight Training” – July 18th.

Von Monocle 2:  The Blood Of Giants – August

Von Monocle 3: Fight For Rislandia! – September

Truly a steampunk filled summer. If you haven’t caught up on my bestselling and award winning novel For Steam And Country yet, now’s the time. It’s on amazon, free on kindle unlimited, and there’s even an audio version! Check it out here.

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One America News – Tonight 5:25 EST + Captain Frugal Tonight 8:30 EST

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When it rains it pours. I was invited to One America News tonight to be on Liz Wheeler’s program, Tipping Point. Make sure to tune in if your cable provider carriers the network, if not, they have a youtube channel here. 

And after that, I’ll be on Captain Frugal’s comic book related channel livestreaming and talking about my upcoming Flying Sparks crowdfund. You won’t want to miss it!


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Worldcon Protest Update: Standing Against Pedophilia In Sci-Fi

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There’s been an epidemic within sci-fi over the last several decades. Walter Breen. Marion Zimmer Bradley. Samuel Delany. These and others were known to abuse children. In the light of Sony Pictures Actor Peter Fonda calling for the rape of an 11 year old boy on his social media, it’s clear the culture has gotten so far out of control that something needs to be done. Why did this happen?

Because organizations like Worldcon and SFWA, who are supposed to merely be professional writer advocacy groups, have intentionally driven out people with good family values, banning someone like me, and yet have advocated for and given awards to people listed above who were and are openly pro-pedophilia.

This has to stop. Children are getting hurt. Their lives are getting ruined because of the tolerance these organizations has toward pedophilia.

Our rally outside worldcon will have an anti-pedophilia focus. We will be reading from Moira Grelyand’s tell all, “The Last Closet” which gives the horrible truth about what happens at conventions like Worldcon and is covered up by the people involved while they’re hard at work trying to purge all conservatives from being allowed inside.

This is the end result of this kind of politics. We will stand up and exercise our rights to speak against it. Will you join us Saturday August 18th at 1 PM outside of Worldcon and take your stand against pedophilia? The children need you.

Join our facebook event page here:

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Friend Friday: Ben Wheeler On His Pulp Influences

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Ben Wheeler stopped by the blog today to talk about his pulp influences in his new novel, Sheikh Of Mars.

This is a unique piece of literature, unpretentious and very awesome. A jewel I have offered to the crown of the literary West. My muse whispered the finest and highest secrets of heaven into my ear. I couched myself in the traditions of the dead and the masters such that it was not I who raised my pen to write, but their ghosts.

But which ghosts inspired me and then haunted me? Which ghosts were particularly vindictive towards the exorcists and pastors I brought forth to expel them from my home? Scheherazade, C.S. Lewis, Edgar Rice Burroughs and John C Wright from 100 years in the future. The time traveling ghost surprised me too but after he explained that he really was a dead cyborg simulacra from the Mandarins of the Forbidden Library. I asked him to stop because it’s ALMOST too much for me and I was OK with the time traveling ghost after a minute to adjust.

So, at some point of time around the turn of the century, adventure stories were associated with Penny Dreadfuls, Pulps and the low-brow masses. Yet, these stories were full of life, surprises and awesomeness as cannot be described in mere sentences and many paragraphs. Yet, literary overlords attempted to destroy Sci-fi adventure over time, by making boring, philosophically untenable and sexually indecent books the norm. I.e. Asimov at anything less than his best, Arthur C. Clark in Childhood’s End and Robert A. Heinlein by Stranger in a Strange Land. Conan and Tarzan were put down while a medley of unrememberable and unique only if you haven’t read ANY of their other works were promoted. Pulp became a bad word. Only now do we understand how much has nearly been buried and burnt. Yet, I cherish the works of the dead almost as much as I cherish the living. Let me talk about them.

Scheherazade sashays and is their progenitor. In 1001 Nights the west was introduced to Muslim story telling, certain word and thoughts, and the drama and emotion of the Middle East and the further Asiatic lands. Cleverly keeping her neck, she told story after story of fighting, strange happenings and Djinn. I read this in the fifth grade. I sighed in wonder at the beautiful illustrations in both book and word. I drank in the fights, the clever words and the strange deeds these foreigners from a millennia ago. Those stories have never left me. How can they? When you visit Baghdad, the city of Peace, and sail and shipwreck with Sinbad the Sailor, you cannot go back without a sense of their language, beats and wordplay. Even now, a decade and a half later I have thought patterns and vocal cues from those wondrous stories. I would be a far different writer without her. I would like to think she, not Calliope, is my real muse.

C.S. Lewis holds her arm. Of the Chronicles of Narnia series, my favorite is the Magician’s Nephew, but I love A Horse and His Boy nearly as fiercely. Set in the same sort of world, a fantasy Arabia far from Narnia, with all the cruelty, murder and plotting one would expect, A Horse and His Boy is drenched in consequence, luxury and blood. The Calormenes slave and plot the capture of Susan Pevensie. Radagast rides with a small army to invade Arkenland. Aslan wounds a girl for having her maidservant nearly whipped to death and it is called good, and is so. Yet, all of it flows within the tale as smooth as silk and as rich as cream. Ah! That I could fold meaning and depth into my own tales as C. S. Lewis! A story without deeper meaning is a story only of its time. The best may be remembered, only, but that which lies beneath its surface grants immortality.

Edgar Rice Burroughs brings pleasant memories. My father gave me his old, battered copy of Tarzan when I was a teenager. There, I learned how write adventure and the battle of wills. This is one of the secret techniques of the best pulp tales. The real challenge in Tarzan is not the physical differences between Tarzan and his savage jungle, but his will and cleverness. Even as he is scarred by fights with a gorilla and leopards, it is cleverness that wins him the fights, and his will to live and succeed that keeps him going. I learned that fighting is not merely the flourishing of swords, but the eye-to-eye and the will-to-will. Righteousness is a great cause, but if the man you fight is as dedicated, as skilled, as clever, then prepare yourself! In Sheik of Mars, I write many fight scenes, but more important is the protagonist powering through despair, death and the machinations of fate. Haroun’s will cannot falter, no matter what madness or confidence his enemies depend on!

A man must wrestle the ape and gather more of that human soul than the ape can gather animalistic fury. These lessons apply to real life, after all. So Tarzan is the gentleman barbarian of the jungle, and John Carter the Warlord of Mars, so too must I gather my will and aim to be nothing less than the Sci-fi grandmaster of the Millennial generation. With these heights to fight for, how can I fail? I have prepared every clever word and turn of phrase. I am a prince of the Baptists and trained from a child to know good art from bad art, and to know why things are good or bad. As Tarzan’s noble blood and hard jungle living gave him that vital force to overcome Kerchak, my own mind, training and life must seek God’s will and wrestle the demons until they are cast out of their literary fastnesses. This is an easy lesson for me, but a hard lesson for others and it costs more dear than any dream. For, when you admit the spiritual war exists, and you are a soldier on God’s side of it, where can you retreat but the self-reflective throne-room of God Most High? You can see yourself within the sea of glass…

John C. Wright is the most recent of the inspirations. The man is a treasure, and I’ll be damned before his torch fades, sputters and falls without someone to inherit it. For, each torch we carry is not just our own soulfire, but the fire of those who came before. The Iron Chamber of Memory is a great work, and inspired immense spiritual revival in me. I wept at passages. I understood the loneliness and despair within its characters at times. What am I, but a poor fellow soldier like the characters within? Burdened by knowledge and ideas I cannot communicate through voice as I can with writing and dedicated to the eradication of evil, in self and beyond? My soul grew bright and hot at the reading of that book, and I can only hope I put a bit of that spiritual fire into Sheik of Mars. I can only pray that those who pick up that book are similarly inspired to not give in and fight on, just a little more.

My inspirations may seem esoteric to you, beloved reader. Indeed, I was asked about pulp but I only barely mentioned them. Sheik of Mars is in the spirit of Pulp Revival, but I say that I am more a child of the Western Tradition, and that my life has been guided by God’s invisible hand to write what I do, think as I do and dream as I do. I endured madness, loneliness and hate, reading more and more. Even at times I wished God would just let me die, and I sought anything but God’s love, I was still being guided and trained to be able to write Sheik of Mars, and every book after that, from Seven Siblings (I SWEAR I’ll find another name for it) to Jasper Silver: Escape from Earth to Cybergothic to everything beyond. I have a thousand stories to tell, and I will tell them.

Sheik of Mars is not just a part of a Pulp Revival and Superversive, it is my blowing of the horn and declaring to the literary overlords that I defy them, their works and their master. Ah! Lord knows I am weak and can be sifted like wheat, yet I will stand Sheik of Mars against anything by Scalzi, Jemison and the perverted pedophile masters from whom they took their torches. I will stand Sheik of Mars as part of the revival of the Western Literary Tradition. This is a book to read if you love good books!

Sheik of Mars is a story of faith, fighting and fate. Sheik of Mars is a story of inventive characters, dramatic surprises and deadly circumstances. Sheik of Mars has deeper meaning like the old stories. Sheik of Mars has awesome fights like the best pulps of old. Sheik of Mars does not shy away from blood, death or evil. For, it must be defied so that goodness, love and faith win in the end. God wills it.

Check out Sheik of Mars. Rebuke me where I am wrong, or lavish it with praise. Wrestle with me in the arena of words. I am not a coward or thin skinned, and can tell good criticism from bad. Come, read it, grow inspired. Become my rival. Ask me for advice, if you can find me. But check it out. It is not enough we read for pleasure (and Sheik of Mars is a pleasurable read!) but also to gain that Vital Force that once was so powerful it defined the Pulp era and took the Enemy 60 or more years to bring so low as in our generation. For 3.99 and, in some states, tax, you can read it for yourselves and support me as I write another book, with different characters, settings and goals, but still the same spirit of adventure, swashbuckling and righteousness!

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Writers Beware: Wiscon Has Gone Full Crazy

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Over the weekend, WisCon held its 42nd annual conference, They are a conference known for causing trouble for individuals and generating group hate outrage, with several past incidents, including the targeted doxing of an author who disagreed with them politically, as well as the target and destruction of an editor’s career because he made an off color joke at a party. This time, they targeted one of their own: a woman, Lisa Freitag who was invited to speak at the con (and has spoken there and been a part of the community for 20 years according to one eye witness).

This woman’s crime? She was on a panel called “Killable Bodies” of which the description of the topic is here:

In SFF with an action element there’s a desire for cool giant battle scenes, heroes who spin, twirl, slice off heads, and general melee violence. This is an old background trope: the killable mook, guard, or minion whose life can be taken in a cool or funny way is familiar from traditional action films. But many SFF stories take this trope further with a killable race or non-sentient army: the Orcs in Lord of the Rings, the Chitauri in Avengers, and the many robot armies that we see represented solely so that heroes can create cool violent carnage without having to answer difficult moral questions. What happens when SFF comes to rely on this trope? If we’re going to have violent action in SFF, is this better than the alternative? Is it ever not just super racist?

The woman in question appears to have pointed out that in modern traditional fiction, the only “acceptable” villains are confederates and Nazis. If one of those two or allegorical versions are not used, this crowd freaks out and cries racist, making it nearly impossible to have any other villain archetype. But in the discussion of them as killable bodies, it also appears that she pointed out these groups beyond any other are used as cardboard cartoon cutout mustache twirling concepts, and almost never presented as actual human beings with feelings.

In this political climate, this was enough to send WisCon into outright panic. It’s an innocuous topic about villains in fiction, and yet the irresistible desire to make it into CURRENT YEAR POLITICS happened. And it triggered the snowflakes. WIsxcon’s statement:

During the Killable Bodies In SFF panel at WisCon this morning (Sunday), a panelist engaged in Nazi and Confederate apologia and also appeared to posit that disabled or injured people sometimes “have to be sacrificed.”

They continued this behavior even after the audience and other panel members expressed the harm this was causing them.

WisCon rejects these ideas. They are in conflict with our Code of Conduct. The panelist in question will be banned and asked to immediately leave convention spaces.

The relevant passage from the Code of Conduct is here:

Harassment includes: Verbal or written comments or displayed images that harmfully reinforce structures of oppression (related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion, geographic origin, or class); deliberate intimidation; stalking; body policing (including gender policing in all bathrooms); unwelcome photography or recording; sustained disruption of talks or other events; inappropriate physical contact; and unwelcome sexual attention. 

Please read the full Code of Conduct here. 

If you or anyone you know are in need of any support following this experience, please contact us. We will be working to find folks who can provide emotional support to you.

ETA: This particular individual has been banned for WisCon 42. The decision as to whether this ban will be extended in the future will be determined by our Anti Abuse Team post-con. Should you have information to contribute, you are welcome to email

Banned for discussing a topic on topic in a panel because the suggestion that authors should recognize FICTIONAL Nazi or confederate trope-types, and work a little harder on their villains to give them motivations, feelings, etc. like any other human character if they want their work to be good.

One of the other panelists chimed in on their blog:

Lisa repeatedly made statements that expressed a desire to sympathize with both individual Nazis (in this context we would be talking about, I believe, Third Reich-era Nazis), and later also individual Confederate soldiers. That this happened once was confusing, surprising, and alarming. That this happened multiple times as the panel went on was flabbergasting, frightening, and finally just damaging.

A lot of people have checked in on me since the panel, making sure I was doing okay, and I appreciate all of you so much.

“Are you okay?” because someone presented that villains should be thought of as individuals in the making of good fiction? That’s not confusing, nor surprising, at least the topic isn’t. But the confusing and surprising part is that aspiring writers and professionals flipped out and are worried whether someone’s “okay” because ideas were discussed. If an author can’t handle that simple exercise, they need to be committed rather than trying to make sure other authors’ ideas are shunned.  The whole concept of this is so ridiculous and so on the side of censorship that it’s bizarre.

Another blogger who attended the panel admitted there was nothing even remotely strange about what she was saying:

  • The discussion was focused on Nazis in Third Reich.
  • X did not express support for Nazi or Confederate ideology.

If it was on topic, and the panelist didn’t advocate for any ideology, what is the concern about?

We live in an age where we have actual fascists in control of science fiction fandom and especially the convention scene. Remember, fascism is defined as: “characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce”.

People like WisCon don’t even want “triggering” identities mentioned as HUMAN, even though both Confederates and Nazis were by all accounts, humans. The soldiers had families, they did have feelings, and when writing fiction allegorizing or about these groups, it’s good to remember that if you want good fiction. There’s nothing controversial about that statement in the least, and the fact that WisCon targeted and actively attempted to destroy a woman over talking about that is far more troubling — it’s a sign of what’s going on in these times with censorship of authors. If ideas can’t be presented realistically, then why are we in this game? Why even write if you can’t think for yourself as an individual and must go with the group panic at all times?

Will Shetterly, a self-professed communist writer, was not impressed:

No one’s ever made a clear distinction between fiction and literature, but a traditional one is that literature deals with nuance: in a literary work, there may be good guys and bad guys, but they exist on a spectrum and their motivations come from complex histories. A pulp fiction writer doesn’t need subtlety or a knowledge of history or sympathy for people who come from different circumstances: Nazis and Confederates are bad people who may be killed without a second thought as the plot demands. There’s no need to ask why fascism is popular in times of economic desperation or to note that many Confederates were conscripts or deserters. In pulp fiction, Crusader logic applies: kill them all and let God sort them out.

Ah, well. Whether WisCon was ever truly a literary convention is debatable. That it is not one now is not.

Scathing comments and well deserved. If WisCon is going to teach a whole generation of aspiring writers to not care about their villains and not bother to work out their loves, fears, motivations, passions, then we’re going to see some of the worst writing ever come out of Traditional Publishing. Since those publishers nod their heads and agree with WisCon, we can expect this to happen. At least there’s those of us on the indie side who are willing to write without fear and without censorship. And we will stand with Lisa Freitag and her very rational, intelligent ideas that good writers recognize villains as people.

Patreon was banning ideas, so I switched over to Freestartr. I’m delivering short fiction that isn’t censored, is very fun, and with real, in depth characters. Check it out and sign up, especially if you’re a blog reader who supports my reporting and commentary, It’s the only way I monetize and I need your help to keep expanding this community. There’ll be a new Von Monocle story out this month. You won’t want to miss it.

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Announcement: Rally For Freedom And Anti-Discrimination Demonstration At Worldcon 76 San Jose

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Civil rights activist Erin Sith, trans for Trump, and I talked about this briefly on our livestream last Thursday. As we are both minorities on the right, we’ve both had a lot of shared similar experiences where those of privilege on the left have treated us inhumanly because we left the proverbial slave plantation they set up for us. 2018 is the year we will let our message be heard, in unity, in love, and for tolerance and diversity.

We are planning a gathering outside Worldcon 76 in San Jose, on Saturday, August 18th, 2018. I’ve talked with the city of San Jose and the convention center and we are cleared to go on their end. We cannot allow these institutions to willfully discriminate and spew hatred just because someone is an outspoken political personality. With Worldcon’s actions emboldening ConCarolinas and Origins to similarly attempt to harm and discredit other popular conservative authors because of politics, enough is enough.

We will make our voices heard.

The lawsuit is still in process, but with Worldcon continually showing an unwillingness to talk or treat conservatives as if they are humans, it appears as if their strategy is going to be to “just delay until after the convention.” This doesn’t invalidate the civil rights suit as those involved are personally liable. But because of that, it makes it crucial to have a demonstration on site, so they see patriots who love America and science fiction, hear our message clearly that we will not be silenced or deplatformed over their hatred.

If you’re interested in joining the demonstration — either attending, being a speaker, helping us organize, covering costs, let us know. Contact me at jdaguestposts (at) gmail (dot) com. We will make culture a safe place for conservatives again.

If you like my civil rights work or anything i do, support my Patreon. All this work is necessary and it’s on top of all the great content I produce for subscribers. Check it out.

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