Help Save A Woman’s Life

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An anthology for a cause. Author A.M. Freeman is taking over the blog today to talk to you about something far more important than I could state today, as a woman’s life is at stake. Please consider supporting. – Jon 

For over a decade, Bonnie Oliver has gone from doctor to doctor seeking answers to her worsening physical and neurological symptoms. It has been a long and wearisome road, and her family has had to watch as her health declined to the point where, at only 28 years of age, she can no longer leave her home unaided, and even then for only short periods of time.

Finally, in 2018, they discovered the culprit of her serious health issues: Complex Chiari Malformation, Craniocervical and Atlanto-axial Instability and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome type three.

If you think that’s a mouthful to say, imagine having to live with it. Her brainstem is being compressed by her C2 vertebrae, and she has instability at her c1 and c3 vertebrae. That puts her at risk for dislocations at any time. Not to mention the symptoms she endures because of this that make every day tasks an enormous challenge.

Both Chiari Malformation and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome have no cure, but there is a surgery that can help Bonnie. In order to prevent further nerve damage, and impending paralysis or death, the neurosurgeons will have to remove a portion of her skull and her top vertebrae), and permanently fuse her cervical spine from skull to C3, using titanium hardware and a metal plate attached to her skull.

This surgery will save her life, as well as give her back some of the quality of life she has lost. As Bonnie’s health declined, so did her ability to do the things she loves; working, creating, sewing, painting, hiking, exploring, and spending time with family and friends.

Bonnie is a very talented and giving woman, and it would be a blessing to see her get the chance to share her talents again. The doctors say there is a 50-60% chance that she will regain some of what she has lost (feeling in her legs, hands, better balance, better cognition, less nerve pain, less difficulty eating/swallowing, less weakness, less pain). And gain the chance to return to doing the things she loves.

The surgery is set for the end of March with a long and difficult recovery period afterward. The cost to Bonnie’s family after insurance is a tremendous $110,000, including significant amounts of travel to the specialists who can perform this surgery. Bonnie and her husband don’t have that kind of money sitting on hand.

But you can help make up the difference. And get a free book as a thank you!

With the help of Bonnie’s brother, a good friend of mine, we are putting together an anthology of hope inspiring stories to give to everyone who donates to Bonnie’s GoFundMe. We’ve got 8 great stories so far, but I’m gathering stories for this project. So if you’re interested in donating a story, please check out the official submission call post, ( or email me at

The anthology is titled Impossible Hope, and will have stories of just that — Hope.

For people like Bonnie, hope is a necessity to endure and prevail through the challenges that life puts us through. Indeed, hope is necessary for all of us. And so in honor of Bonnie, we want to offer some of that hope to others. No matter what you’re going through, big or small — or just something to brighten your day — we wish to offer you this anthology of inspiring stories of hope and courage as a thank you for supporting Bonnie.

As soon as the anthology is finished, we will be emailing a free copy of Impossible Hope to everyone who has donated. Then once Bonnie’s surgery is funded, we plan to publish the book and have the proceeds go to funding the Ehlers-Danlos Societyfor the benefit of those like Bonnie.

Bonnie needs our help, and Impossible Hope is our way of thanking everyone who offers their support. Whether you can only spare a few dollars, or have the resources to give more, any help is appreciated!

And of course, don’t forget sharing and spreading the word is free, and one of the biggest ways you can help us! The only way we can make this a success is to get as many people involved as possible. So tell your friends! share on social media! With your help we can make the hope of funding Bonnie’s surgery a reality!

Thank you for your time and consideration. And if you want to donate or learn more details about Bonnie’s surgery, it’s all on her  GoFundMe page.

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When You Can Predict How Enemies React (SOTU Analysis)

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When you easily can predict how opponents will react, you can set a persuasive agenda that is unparalleled. We watched this in action in the state of the union address last night where President Trump has pushed the Democrats to go full tilt. I love watching this strategy in play because it’s useful on a smaller scale for people who understand the basic concepts here.

Let’s talk about the framework in which President Trump is operating: the Democrats have pushed the narrative that he is LITERALLY HITLER for several years, forcing that comparison to be so commonplace within their ranks, it makes them have to disagree with LITERALLY EVERYTHING he says. After all, you can’t compromise with LITERALLY HITLER, cuz we all know what happens if you do.

It’s a powerful rhetorical grenade, not for the Democrats (as most people find such comparisons exhausting at best), but for President Trump to use.

And he did so to great avail last night with imagery of holocaust survivors, world war two veterans, victims of anti-semitic attacks, and heroes who took down anti-semitic killers, all who President Trump PRAISED and appeared to support President Trump. The imagery in the minds that sticks is “This guy is the Anti-Hitler.”

And you watched as Democrats reacted tepidly. They knew they weren’t supposed to applaud. They knew Trump is LITERALLY HITLER… so what was he doing? But they were forced to clap because if they didn’t, they would have a very, very bad look. You can see it in their body language and expressions that the cognitive dissonance they suffered was very difficult for them. It was absolutely beautiful to watch.

And the polls agreed. 76% according to the very hostile CBS News poll approved of the speech, which means the real number is even higher. No one could be opposed to what Trump was saying made America great. If you are opposed to it, well, you might actually be a Nazi.

It was brilliant visually as a display, of course, especially in contrast to Virginia Governor Northam, who was shown in a picture with a KKK hood. This made powerful visuals again in Trump’s favor as several of the Democrats chose to wear solid white together. The link is clear in many Americans’ minds, and it was a bad look for Trump’s opponents. Moreover, because of Northam’s insane defense of post-birth abortion (which we will call infanticide from here forward), Trump used the visuals of the white KKK Democrats and holocaust to hammer the point that late term abortions are Nazi-level murder. It went beautifully.

And it forced the Democrats to oppose his agenda despite this powerful imagery on his side, pushing them into more extreme positions. Let’s look at what he proposed:

  • Banning late-term abortions (unlike Nazi Germany who tried to “abort” quite a bit of the population)
  • USA is not a socialist country (unlike Nazi Germany the imagery reminded us)
  • No endless wars (unlike Nazi Germany)
  • Negotiating and peace (Unlike Nazi Germany)
  • Healthy respect for God (Unlike socialist soviet Russia)

The points are very simple things pretty much all Americans can get behind, and the Democrats already fell right into the trap.

The response was canned, not even listening to or anticipating the speech, nor making any adjustment. Abrams rambled about her own life personally, as if she were some sort of victim because she lost an election. It fell utterly flat and gave no real contrast other than saying Republicans are bad. But we just were filled with imagery that Republicans love the things that we all agree made our country great. The economy is good. It looked very bizarre, and she may have just been made a sacrificial lamb because no one else wanted the job.

Second, Kamala Harris, a presidential candidate for the Dems, immediately made a post about “politicians shouldn’t tell women what to do with their bodies” – but in conjunction with late term abortion. Polling shows that about 29% of the populace thinks abortion should be legal “no matter what”. If you look at polls, around 20-30% believe ANYTHING, but it means the vast majority of Americans want limits. Late-term is a sensible limit and a bad optic for the candidate, because she can get blasted with pictures of fully formed babies, and most people agree that killing fully formed babies is bad.

Trump forced her into this position by taking a very reasonable position, and got his opponent to react because LITERALLY HITLER. And that is expert persuasion at work. The question is, how far are the democrats going to go to keep up their rhetoric? I can’t wait to watch and see.

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Last Chance For Steam And Country 99 Cent Sale!

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The sale ends today and it’s been a tremendously successful week for the series as a whole. Thank you everyone for checking out and enjoying the books.

You can get For Steam And Country for 99 cents here, get into the series at pretty much no risk (they only get better as the series goes along too). I’ll be uploading a new version of the book with a fresh edit and new formatting very shortly as well, everyone who has the book through Amazon will be able to get this new version free and I’ll be posting instructions on how to do so.

Knight Training also got an audiobook last week. If you have a credit, good time to get in on that. Guard Training is being reviewed now on the audio front so it’ll be up soon to get the full series experience:

The new version also went out to Patreon subscribers last week, and a brand new James Gentry short story today. I post a LOT of content and my subscribers get it first, it definitely is worth your while to sign up and helps me to push a lot of cool creative stuff out I wouldn’t otherwise be able to spend time on. Please subscribe here!

Firing on all cylinders and getting stuff done. It’s gonna be a crazy slate for 2019 but we’re going to transform this industry!

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Tom Brady Won And The Internet Went Insane

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The best part about SJWs is they make everything into some sort of race war, even though both quarterbacks are white, both coaches are white, and both teams have a mix that’s working together. It’s completely absurd. But that doesn’t stop twitter from going off. Here’s a fun compilation for you to laugh at and mock.


And of course a blue check mark I’ve never heard of has to get in on the fun calling all Patriots fans…. anime nazis?

Bizarre to say the least. Like always, they overreact, overplay their hand, and just go completely off the rails.

America hates this. People hate this. I always see authors and the like in the business getting worried about perception or trying to bend to these mobs — you never can. If they’re after you, it just means you’re doing something right, you’re WINNING, and you should just keep your head down and continue to win.

That’s what Tom Brady does. He doesn’t spend time on the bullshit, doesn’t spend hours mocking an anti-patriot NFL fan on live streams, but instead improving himself and working hard to win. He’s just getting the job done. It’s a lesson for all of us as we get more fame and as this culture war goes on.

The sale on For Steam And Country went really well, staying in the top 5 for 3 full days, which I appreciate. Thanks everyone for checking out my book and here’s to winning even more sales and positive reviews from readers. The sale is still going for one more day so make sure to grab it while you can if you haven’t already.

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Flying Sparks Cover Art Live – Plus A Livestream

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Gary Shipman is inking the cover for Flying Sparks Volume 2: Mob Ties live. it’s been really fun to watch. He’s doing a BEAUTIFUL job and I’m very excited to see this cover come to life. So far it’s taken a couple of videos:

Do subscribe to Gary’s channel as he’s about 24 people from the sweet 1,000 which is monetization for YouTube. It’s important and only takes a click. He’s a great artist and wonderful person.

I’m also going to be on the Critical Blast show today talking writing in about 15 minutes. Here’s the link for that channel (the stream itself is not up as of this writing):

I also mentioned i redid For Steam And Country with a fresh edit and new formatting. It provides for a MUCH better reading experience and I’m excited to have it up to the standards of the other books in the series. The version 2.0 will be going out to Patreon subscribers first and will be up for the general public next week (along with a new print edition). Subscribe to my Patreon and support my content production on all fronts!

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Lunch Stream Emergency Broadcast

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Had a very nice chat with Vox Day and Moira Greyland about the craziness in the book publishing industry covering the YA Drama with Amelie Zhao and Amazon’s insane censorship of Castalia House by bringing down their entire catalog.

Definitely worth watching. Also, be sure to subscribe to the channel. We’re sneaking up in the numbers, almost to 600!

And if you subscribe to my Patreon, you’ll be getting a nice surprise in a few minutes. Please do go there and back! All books go to my subscribers early and often you’ll get short stories that don’t hit the market.

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The SJW Book Mob Came For An Innocent Asian Girl

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First they came for Vox Day… and I said nothing.

Then they came for Larry Correia… I said nothing.

Then they came for Jon Del Arroz… I said nothing.

But those were just political people right? Oh, wait.

Then they came for a YA author who never delves into politics, Laurie Forest… I said nothing.

Then they came for another YA author, Laura Moriarty… I said nothing.

Then they came for Keira Drake…. I said nothing.

But those were just white women. I mean cultural appropriation, right?

Not anymore.

When is the industry going to stand up to these hateful mobs who seek nothing other than to destroy innocent people’s lives?

Last night, Asian immigrant author Amelie Zhao posted this screen shot to her twitter account:

a faux-outrage mob hitting because her book had slavery in it. As insennnnnsitive. Even though slavery is portrayed as bad, even though it appears from the Amazon blurb that the book is about liberating from slavery, even though active slavery is a condition in the world where millions of people are affected (more than any time in history), the nutjobs in the book community literally can’t even a topic being spoke of.

We are living 1984. People are such sheltered triggered little snowflakes that it’s unbelievable.

But you’ve seen this all before. I’m not raising awareness anymore for this topic. Like all the names above, this has happened time and time again and it’s batshit insane.

The problem here isn’t the crazies, which we know exist. The problem is GIVING IN.

When you do this, your career is toast. You are over. Amelie’s associations will forever paint her as “the slavery girl” and they’ll never want to touch her brand again. She probably got a 6-figure advance, quit her job, decided to go full bore into writing, thinking she was gonna have a cozy career and would be uplifted as a token immigrant Asian to show how diverse New York Publishing is.

Not even that ID is safe anymore from the mob.

Now she’s stuck. Her book is pulled. It may get published, but if it does, the publisher isn’t going to push it. it’s going to be buried. She’ll sell far less than someone like me does, and her career will die and she’ll be out of the game. It’s happened dozens of times in YA now, and it’s always the same pattern. I wish it wasn’t the case, but I’m here to tell you the honest truth.

So here’s what Amelie should have done, and here’s what you should do if you ever come under SJW attack like this: fight back.

You gain nothing by bending to the mob. They don’t function in a space where it’s earnest. No matter what, you’re a racist bigot to them, even if you’re a minority like me or Amelie. Get over it. Don’t care what they think. They are not your readers. They’re not going to buy your book regardless. They’re going to leave you hate reviews. Embrace that you’re bullied, be a champion of anti-bullying. It will drive them MAD– and it will be free advertising for your book.

Only in that environment will your book flourish, will you be able to overcome this and keep a career going. Only by showing them their tactics WILL NOT FAZE YOU will you be able to get them to eventually give up. Every author needs to do this, for if they see one caving to their mob, they will continue on and on and do it to everyone until we can’t create art about topics important to us because some idiot with a keyboard might be triggered.

For the sake of art existing, we have to rise up and write what the hell we want and not give a flying fuck what these people think.

It’s that or let your career die — and not only that — but let the careers of the next 20, 30, 50 poor authors targeted by that die because no one would fight the mob.

Tell them no, you will not change your work. Tell them freedom of speech is what makes art great. Tell them you will not be bullied. Tell them your art and your work are worth it and you will never back down because it’s your life.

I choose to fight. How about you?

Speaking of fighting, Zaira von Monocle comes from a life where she never expected she’d have to go fight a war. But she steps up to the job and does what no one else can by leading her kingdom’s only airship on a very important mission. It’s on sale this week for only 99 cents. Get it while it’s hot and dive into my Steampunk world — and trust me, SJW mobs do NOT want you reading my books!

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A Meta-Man Review That Gets It

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It’s very rare to find a review that really captures everything I was trying to do with the story. Professor Geek really drills into pretty much every intentional storytelling move I was making while doing this:

  • Intentional “cheesy” (I prefer campy) 1960s silver age melodrama feel in some of the dialogue because of the setting time period
  • the transition from that to the sorta dark ending which passes the torch to the more modern times book
  • fast paced action, of course a hallmark of mine
  • And seeing how it ties into the main book (some folk missed this cuz I didn’t spell-spell it out)

You can watch the full review here. Regardless, Professor Geek is clearly a critical reader who understands books. It’s a treasure and rare.

And of course, don’t take his or my word for it, pick up Meta-Man Special for yourself!

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Is Anime Falling Into A #MeToo Trap?

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It seems nothing is safe anymore. Geek culture is out for blood, generally directed at men, right wingers, and Christians. It appears even Anime voice actors are getting thrown under the bus with “seek and destroy” mob tactics on social media.

Last night, YouTuber Yellow Flash posted a video about Vic Mignogna, an actor who did some of the voice work on the extremely successful Dragonball Super Broly. As the film became popular, accusations about the actor started to come out. There’s so many and it’s such a litany that it looks like a concerted effort to destroy him rather than having much basis in reality. Yes they leveled charges:

  • Anti-Semitic
  • Homophobe
  • Harasses Women

It seems the tactic now is just to throw the kitchen sink at someone who “must be destroyed” by SJW culture mobs. As it’s gotten so intense now, it appears as if this group is getting very frightened at the advances Christians and conservatives have made in culture.

Yellow Flash didn’t make any concrete statements as he is investigating this as well, just pointed out what was being said to let his viewers decide. But at this point in our culture war, one has to be suspect of accusations without evidence. I definitely recommend watching his video on the situation as he’s done some good diligence so far. Most of what I’ve been able to uncover in my research of Vic appears like he’s just a friendly guy who, like many actors, is used to hugging, kisses on the cheek and the like at conventions from and to fans alike, and then situations were twisted in order to vilify him.

The first instance I came across of similar last year was with the Fan X Con, where a writer who’s been a big bestseller was shamed and defamed because another writer claimed he kissed her on the cheek after a panel. The author in question says he lived in Italy and, culturally, that’s what Europeans do to greet each other. The convention originally dismissed the issue, but when it was pressed by feminists and celebrities, they threw the author under the bus.

With Vic Mignogna, as a vocal Christian, it appears like he’s getting the same treatment where the mob is trying to stir up nonsense about him in order to destroy him and his career. I will be monitoring the situation closely to see if anything concrete comes out, but for right now, it appears to be more an anonymous alt-left troll mob than anything else. Unfortunately, the media is all too gleeful to play along because they don’t want good Christian role models to exist in culture.

We need to uplift and stand with our cultural brethren who are unfairly under attack and push back against these internet outrage mobs. It’s only going to get worse from here on out as we are actually making a dent in culture.

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