Someone’s Feeling Threatened

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A couple of weeks ago, I just blocked the remaining ComicsGate yahoos of “pros” who turned a right wing rebellion against leftism in comics into their personal brand, after finding out that they were ushering in artists who were pulling the same crap that creators like Dan Slott or Mark Waid do regarding fans who voted for Donald Trump.

It’s like anything, once SJWs get in, they change the purpose of an organization until it’s meaningless and worthless, and that’s what happened here.

But unfortunately, the biggest YouTube celeb of them all can’t just leave me alone to make comics:

This is on the troll site Kiwi Farms, which why he posts there at all I have no idea, but even moreso, why is he shitting on Flying Sparks, a book he spent days promoting it just 12 months ago? If it was good then, why isn’t it good now?

It’s pretty obvious when you look at it from the lens of how a gamma male thinks. It’s a lot like the way John Scalzi poo-poo’d my Dragon Award nomination for my space opera novel.

The gamma thinks he’s so great, so talented, and everyone must see it on every level, and moreover he should be KING of his craft. Only his approved books are the ones that matter.

When I came on the scene having a novel that was 1. unapproved by gatekeepers 2. hated by the publishing establishment and yet 3. selling thousands and winning awards, Scalzi couldn’t handle it. He worked DECADES to get where he’s at. How dare this newcomer enter his turf and be applauded?

It’s the same thing here but on a bigger scale in the gamma male’s mind, because Ethan has a different comparison with my book and his on a few levels:

  1. I’ve entered comics and come out with and delivered 3 graphic novels in a one year span, while he hasn’t been able to draw an 88 page (of which I believe some are just pin ups and the like) book in 18 months.
  2. I’m a professional writer, award-winning, known for deep characterization and great work while he’s not had much experience writing at all, and so the depth of plot, the characterizations, the skill in my writing craft will be something which he feels inadequate about given his silly concept of a robot frog, and hopes readers won’t notice.
  3. He knows his book is not a million dollar book, even though it raised a million dollars — which is why he’s delayed so long because of that pressure.

It’s sad to watch, but even sadder to watch a guy who’s been in the industry for 30 years do everything he can to push out someone who’s been around for 9 months over what amounts to jealousy. I could never imagine wasting my time on trashing some newbie’s book even now. Why not let the readers decide?

Here’s what readers say about Flying Sparks:

  • “The Best Indie Comic of 2018”
  • “By far the best ComicsGate Book”
  • “Tone is perfect, some subtlety, twists, romance, light humor, and good action. Must buy comic!”
  • “Great story. One of the most fun superhero comics I read in a while.”

4.8/5 star reviews on Amazon.

What do readers say about Cyberfrog?

Who knows. It’s still not out.

The real reason this creeps up now is I mentioned yesterday that I am delivering VOLUME 2 of Flying Sparks (which I do all the shipping myself by hand too) and that the first batch is out to the post office. It eats at him that I can produce on every level and get things done on time for nearly 350 pages of content at this point, with pro, award-winning writer, and not to mention all three of my graphic novels have PRO art from Jethro Morales who works for Dynamite and Image Comics.

Moreover, I don’t need his platform to get it funded and done. I don’t have to leech off of him to survive like so many of his fake friends who are using him for his channel. Can’t play king-maker when I’m already a king.

Everyone Loves it who reads it. Give it a try if you love comics.  Shipping now so you won’t even have to wait.

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Eating Healthy Is Important!

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I know I get flak from this all the time from all my people, but nerds, trust me, eating right is important for your longevity, for how you feel, and for everything you do including your creative endeavors because it helps you get your brain going.

When you eat poorly, you feel sluggish, slovenly, it just is what it is. I know, I’ve done it (and sometimes I still do, though I try not to). Changing those habits will change everything you do.

I start off my mornings in a way that will get me up and going and not feel heavy.

If it’s a workout day, I eat after hitting the gym, but otherwise it’s when I wake up. Here’s what I consume to stay healthy:

Black Coffee – my caffeine addiction. it wakes me up and gets me writing the blog. On workout days I replace this with a pre-workout mix that has more vitamins and creatine, but also the same amount of caffeine I ingest regularly in mornings, that’s more to get me going faster so I get out the door to the gym.

Non-Fat cottage cheese:  high protein, no drawbacks.

Bone Broth (1 cup): This gets more non-fat protein plus some collagen to help the skin and bones. Most healthy stuff on the planet.

A protein shake comprised of banana, a cherry-berry kale frozen mix (one cup), pea protein powder, 1 tpbs flax seed, hemp seed, chia seed.  Super foods in here a lot, plus as you guessed, extra protein. I like the banana for extra potassium as it’s important for me not to get leg cramps.

I do this almost every morning, though sometimes I vary with eggs to add to the protein and change things up a little.

It’s just part of my routine which has lost me 10 lbs in one month, and got my mind working at levels much better than before.

Try it and let me know the results!

If you like a good lifestyle, read my steampunk series because it’s got positive heroes who are doing their best to better themselves and the world around them.

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Kicking Ass And Taking Names

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Ever since I blew up on the scene because I called out a local convention on their blacklisting over politics, I’ve been given lots of advice:

“You should just focus on writing…”

“Try just being a writer for awhile…”

“Really, you’re spending all this time ____ when you should be writing…”

“I’d like you better if you weren’t about politics just about writing.”

And naturally, I outpace every single concern troll making such posts about my writing.

It’s really ridiculous seeing as 99% of my audience is here because I’m leading a charge because conservatives and Christians are treated as second class citizens in writing/comics/all culture.

What all those comments have above are they come from fans of detractors who really NEVER focus on writing. I, in fact, outpace 99% of the industry in how much I output.

And it’s not going to change either. I just finished up another novel this weekend (I have 6 done now which are in the queue to be released and just haven’t been able to get production up on the cover end and the like, since i don’t control that), and just finished another comic script which I wrote in one day — the fastest I’ve ever done so.

For those who want me to focus on writing here’s what I’ve got in production complete on the writing end:


NanoTemplar Trilogy – 3 books, will be out soon.

Von Monocle 4

Colony Launch (standalone space opera, no cover yet, might make into trilogy)

Alt-Hero Novel (waiting on production)

Comics (much waiting on art):

Flying Sparks 3

Flying Sparks Chapter 10

Dynamite Thor Graphic Novel

AI Wars Issues 1-2

Clockwork Dancer Issue 1

Cosmic Warrior Issue 1

I don’t know many other writers with this much going on. And the ones that are are my good friends and personal heroes who are inspirations to me.

So next time you come to concern troll me, ask why your favorite writer isn’t nearly as productive as I am?

Don’t forget to grab my latest audiobook, The Blood of Giants, which I regard as my best work. It’s high adventure fantasy on an airship at its finest.

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At Least CONVergence Is An Appropriate Name

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It’s sad watching the convention scene take playbooks from the shrieking weirdos and further dive deeper into losing their purpose — gathering to promote fun, science fiction and fantasy, and for their attendees to have a good time.

It’s a cultural gathering, and they should be taking a look at LibertyCon’s model, as that convention sells out faster and faster every year, and doesn’t have a lick of politics involved in it. Everyone has the best time there.

A little converged cancer from CONVergence’s website:

For many of us, the past may have been rough or bleak, characterized by bullying, marginalization or even exclusion. We, each of us, found a home within the CONvergence Community, connecting with people with similar passions and similar background.  We found people with life experiences that if they didn’t parallel, at least related on some level to give us some common ground and an overall common link to one other. Because of that, we have strived to build a safe community with zero tolerance for the negative things we have each faced in the outside world.

But that’s no longer enough.  As times have changed, our understanding of issues, of boundaries, of behavior have also changed, as have our understanding of what it takes to create a safe space, to create a welcoming community that embraces everyone.  It is no longer enough to merely put words on paper or create a policy, we have to engage our core values; not just at the convention, but in our everyday lives; we have to do more than welcome or even celebrate diversity, we have to seek it out and bring it into our community in order to help our community thrive.  We have to strive to be better.

For these reasons, as we embark on the Next Celebration in a new space, we will be boldly going where no convention has gone before. From this point forward, we will challenge everyone in our community to be their best selves and in doing so, charge all of our members to embrace the core values of CONvergence both inside the convention and out, and we will hold ourselves accountable to those standards. Our purview will no longer stop at the end of the convention, but rather we will hold our members to account for their behavior and themselves year round.  Unacceptable actions and behavior will not be tolerated whether they happen at the convention or abroad; if it is harming people, if it is damaging to our community, it is not acceptable, and we will address such actions and behaviors swiftly and fairly.

After the word salad, they let attendees know that they will be MONITORING YOUR SPEECH year round, outside the convention, to make sure they don’t have anyone who wrongthinks inadvertently attend their convention.

How creepy is this?

We already have big tech monitoring us and recording us through our devices, but now these little conventions that are just supposed to be about folk showing up and talking sci-fi are going to make sure they watch us. They’ll call it “behavior” but what they mean is that you have to have sufficient woke extreme left-wing politics to be welcome. As they elaborate further:

Lastly, we will put stronger, more direct efforts into diversity, equity and inclusion to help those most marginalized by our society, who are often missing from our community, to be a larger part of it, and for our programming, guests and services  and convention as a whole to reflect these priorities. It is no longer enough to merely leave the door open; we must engage underrepresented groups, especially the communities of color, and not only welcome them but actively recruit and engage them in being a part of our community until it is recognized as their community as well.

Gee, doesn’t this convention sound like it’s going to be loads of fun?

They won’t exist in 5-10 years, because what normal family would go spend their weekend dealing with this nonsense?

‘They’d much rather read one of my books — where there’s no identity politics, just a ton of fun. The Blood of Giants is the best example of my work, and it’s finally out on audio too. Make sure to pick it up now! 

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Pistol Whipped #1 – Patreon Exclusive Comic

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Just released a full issue comic to patreon subscribers, which marks 10 months of my being able to deliver a new comic to subscribers without fail. I only promise comics as I am able to complete them, but I’ve been working my tail off to get these produced for you.

This one is Pistol Whipped, which is a creation of mine about a vigilante duo Pistol and Whip who patrol the streets of lovely San Francisco. There’s only one problem: Pistol keeps on getting his sidekicks killed, and he’s got a reputation for it. Can he keep the duo going for longer?

Art is by C.B. Zane (Big Dog Ink) and colors by Emmanuel Torres (The Ember War)

This is not likely to be released anywhere else any time soon. My goal is to have a comic ecosystem fully sustainable through patreon so I can keep the funds coming in regularly, know what I have each month, and build comic production from there.

Right now, I can’t afford to produce comics exclusively on Patreon all the time, but hopefully this will be a good taste of what I’m hoping to produce through subscription.

You can subscribe here: 

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A New Dawn For SFWA!

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Things are changing at SFWA as my friend Mary Robinette Kowal has been installed as president, after I endorsed her candidacy early on.

The reason I endorsed her is her assurance to me during WorldCon last year that she was going to attempt to redo their programming to make it a diverse and inclusive place, one which would account for marginalized Conservative and Christian authors who don’t get their due representation.

While it was an uphill battle at worldcon due to the board and staff’s flagrant Christaphobia and anti-Conservative bias, Kowal has a much stronger position within SFWA to enact the changes needed to make science fiction a safe space for marginalized authors with minority viewpoints.

As she has featured my books on her blog not once, but twice, I know that Ms. Kowal’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity is important to her, and she will be doing everything she can to change the perception that SFWA is a place where Conservatives and Christians are not welcome to be called professional authors.

As such, I have reapplied to SFWA as of yesterday, and let Ms. Kowal know, so we can begin the long journey of working together to ensure equality for Conservative and Christian authors. I’ve offered my services as an ambassador to the community, so she will directly be able to hear the grievances of such authors who have been treated as second class citizens — dare I say, 3/5ths of a professional author — for so long now within the science fiction community.

I cannot wait to join and create change we all can believe in. We have a lot of work to do still because of the rampant discrimination of so many publishers, agents, editors, and due to the Christaphobic and Conservaphobic nature of so many authors in the community, but inclusivity is the first step, and Kowal, a champion for my people, will surely get us to where we need to go.

If you want to support marginalized Christian and Conservative authors like me, make sure to grab For Steam And Country before the sale ends! It’s 99 cents and you can get in on some of the best steampunk out there. I believe the sale ends today, so don’t wait!  

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Pride Goeth Before A Convention Fall

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Well, Pride Month is over everyone. You can remove your rainbow corporate stickers from your windows and stop pretending you give a crap about some dude sticking his genitals in another dude’s anus as if it’s somehow a positive thing.

But I’m not here to talk about the corporate pride today, but instead the convention that really started this spiral of SJW hate against me, BayCon.

They were the original push against me, both attempting to silence and ostracize me and destroy my career by removing me as a guest upon the release of my first very successful novel, and then a smear campaign after I wrote about the incident — making a general, none-personally attacking post that conventions should not push politics, but should instead be for the sake of fun and camaraderie.

But remember, Diversity and Inclusivity is only for people who think one way.

The organizers and board of that convention continued to smear me over the next couple of years, despite going around with a lie that I was invited to speak at the 2018 convention (never got an invite, where’s my apology File 770 and Mike Glyer for your post mocking me and claiming that? It was fake news), and Susie Rodriguez, programming director for 2017 and still heavily involved, ended up working on the board of WorldCon, the convention that libeled me a “racist bully” in order to try to further hurt my career.

Well, fast forward two years, and the convention has pushed itself even further into SJW politics. A reader wrote to me who attended the con:

I attended BayCon 2019 at the Marriott in San Mateo.

The renovation of the Marriott had been completed. The new restaurant called “Craft/Code Kitchen & Cocktails” had a large TV screen with CNN (“Clinton News Network”, as I call it) on, instead of the more extreme MSNBC (“Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap”, as I call it). The restaurant was good enough to offer a good buffet during the morning hours. On Saturday afternoon while at the restaurant for lunch, a Democratic candidate for the Massachusetts 8th Congressional District (whom BayCon was “extremely proud to have”, a transgendered champion of progressive values who claimed to have been targeted by alt-right hate groups, including one spearheaded by Steve Bannon, ex-chief strategist to President Donald Trump) and entourage walked into the restaurant. This politician had a meeting that day with members of far-left fandom. It seems now that BayCon will plunge headlong into the 2020 election, and it is guaranteed it won’t be for President Trump’s re-election.

There was a total of 790 people in attendance (including 112 guests, 15 artists, and 20 dealers). One major surprise that I had was that I so no women wearing the outfits from “The Handmaid’s Tale” in light of recent abortion restrictions in several of the more conservative states!  The political feel of the convention continues to drift to the radical left. On page 26 of the convention guide, there was a game called “Secret Hitler with (name of BayCon staffer, redacted)” (Sunday, 10:00 p.m.), which was said to “pit liberals against fascists”. This year’s Fan Guest of Honor was a self-proclaimed “social justice warrior” and “ambassador from Wakanda (the reclusive high-tech African state in a recent movie)” who refereed to these times as a “very oppressive present”. There was an “Oasis Room” which was promoted as “a quiet safer space” including “fan-friendly coloring pages” and “physical self-care supplies”, and featured “quiet calming sounds, subdued lighting, self-care station (all-genders rest room), safer space, grown-up coloring, fidget toys, meditation and reading”.

Not found on the formal schedule were the Christian BoF (the four clergy members present held an informal meeting at the Oasis room), the Jewish Shabbat services (maybe they caught on to the increasing anti-Semitism of the Left?), the Veterans BoF, or the 3 p.m. (Monday) Moment of Silence for the fallen warriors. There were several panels and meetings that were overtly political in the most liberal way. These were as follows:

  • “Sexism in Games”
  • “Coloring Fort and Quiet Time – Adult Only”
  • “Nehemiah Scudder, Gilead, and the Postman” (“Will our current civil war lead to a new dark age or new vigor?”)
  • “Safe Spaces for Fans of Color”
  • “How Diverse is Diversity”
  • “Meet (the Democratic candidate which I mentioned earlier)”
  • “What’s Going on with the Polar Vortex?” (global warming)
  • “Transfans”
  • “Why Are We Still Talking About Cultural Appropriation”. 

I was careful to use the “track” system of categories of panels and events to choose what to attend, so the political atmosphere could be kept to a bare minimum. The panels I attended were as follows:

  • “Opening Ceremonies”
  • “Lunar Exploration” (Space track)
  • “Big Falcon Rocket Economics” (Space track)
  • “Ships, Planes, and Spaceships” (Space and History tracks)
  • “Oumuamua” (Space track)
  • “Who’s’ Driving This Thing?” (Technology and Computers tracks)
  • “Views of Pluto” (Space track)
  • “What Apollo 11 Meant to Me” (Space, History, and Culture tracks)
  • “Changing Views of the Solar System” (Space track)
  • “Closing Ceremonies”
  • “Hiss and Purr”

Next Year’s BayCon 2020, themed “The Future is Now”, will focus on futurists who, in the past, made predictions of where we would be by next year, and how many of those predictions cam to pass. The new Fan Guest of Honor is openly transgendered. As I said before, I believe that BayCon will plunge headlong into the 2020 election, and it is guaranteed they would prefer a junkyard dog so long as it growls at a picture of the President.

That’s quite a list of unfun politically driven panels. What family in their right minds would bring children to that sort of event? Especially with a transgender democrat running for congress going and lecturing folk on how to be moral — who I looked up and is Literally Wu. What a joy.

The real interesting part of this though is the fact that the convention now is down to under 700 paid guests. Back when I was helping to make the convention fun by my work on the panels, bringing them new and innovative fun things like pitching a variety talent show plus numerous other creative, fun things that brought laughter and joy to everyone, the paid attendance was up over 1,000.

You know what they say about getting woke…

But I expect 2020 will be much more of the same, just like my reader says. They’ll push harder into the angry politics because they will be in election season, and that will be FAR more important than say, silly things like SCIENCE FICTION.  I expect in a few years, there may not be a BayCon at all.

Very sad, as I used to love going. What they could be if only they didn’t work their hardest to ostracize normal people.

Like my analysis and want to support my work? For Steam And Country is on sale for another 2 days, and then it’s back up to normal price. Get in on one of the most popular series in steampunk that’s redefined the genre as swashbuckling fun! 

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