New Federalist Article Detailing Abuse Conservative Creatives Receive

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Sorry I’m a little late this morning. Have a new article up in the Federalist about the Jawbreakers comic and the blacklisting involved and my notifications have been out of control.

Read the article here.

And if your’e from the Federalist, I’m primarily a science fiction writer who’s been harassed out of conventions because of the SJW mobs. I’m doing my best to fight back by speaking out and community organizing so we don’t have to face this kind of rampant discrimination in the future. Buy my books and support the cause! 

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Con Carolinas Set A Dangerous Precedent For Sci-Fi Cons To Advocate Fascism

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When Con Carolinas removed John Ringo from their convention, effectively banning him because a small internet outrage mob attempted to harass him out of a convention, they did more than just attack a single author. They set a precedent for other conventions to start pushing their “code of conduct” policies to a point where they can start removing people they don’t like because of their political affiliation.

The mantra was what we would expect from a convention. They claimed they wanted to stop harassment, giving no details as to what actually occurred when they made their post. To the outside observer, it could look like they were removing Mr. Ringo for harassment, which is absurd, as he was the one targeted in this situation, and he did nothing, not even responding to the attackers directly.

But it’s encouraged conventions to get more brazen in targeting conservatives, within a month after the incident with Mr. Ringo.

Fogcon, the convention I attended in March in which, like at every convention, my behavior was exemplary and professional, made this post on their facebook page last evening:

This post was made specifically to target me as it seems someone around the concom was upset not that I did anything — which is on record everywhere that I didn’t do anything other than sit at the bar with friends and attend a panel peacefully — but because my identity upsets them so much they wanted to try to bully me out of future conventions.

This happened at the convention itself as well, as security was called on me because I was sitting at the bar, having a drink, and speaking with a friend. We weren’t bothering anyone, but someone went out of their way to falsely try to accuse me of wrongdoing because of who I am. This is exactly why I said it was necessary for me to have a security camera on me at Worldcon in case someone attempted to harm me, or attempted to accuse me of something. Worldcon chose to ban the victim of what is truly reprehensible behavior because of my political affiliation. It again, set a precedent where conventions are going to do this and even take more extreme measure in the name of political purity–I mean, “diversity and tolerance”.

With their post on Facebook, Fogcon is taking a step further in delving into authoritarian fascism with this post. This is the kind of behavior where Nazis attempted to root out Jews from businesses, from social life, and eventually to throw into concentration camps. It’s saying that they will take select people and go through and research into their online profiles, who they are at home, etc. before allowing them to attend a convention. It’s a big can of worms where I don’t think they understand the long term implications of what they’re doing.

When they institute a policy like this, they can’t apply this standard equally to all attendees. Almost everyone who attends a convention and has a Twitter or Facebook account was probably mean on the internet to someone at some point. I even have had a run in with FOGCon chairman Steven Schwartz the last two days, as he tried to rile up my very much harassing trolls to push further. Will they be investigating his twitter account and seeing if he’s mean? Will the same standard be held? Or is it okay because he harassed the “right” person?

His last three tweets on his account were encouraging known harasser, Kelli Stassi, who has been defaming me daily since Worldcon made their illegal proclamation. What about before that?

His entire account is simply used to @ Donald Trump and harass the president up until he decided to attack a conservative author.

You see how as soon as you delve into anyone’s social media, you can find this sort of thing. And now there’s a blog where it’s documenting convention chair of FOGcon’s known harassment of authors of political figures. A con with rules surfing social media would have to act if they apply this standard to conservative figures. In California, if double standards are applied based on politics, it’s illegal.

This is the path conventions will start to go down if they pursue this path, not because they’re keeping conventions safe — as a Christian, family man, and businessman I’ve never harmed a soul intentionally, and they’re aware of that — but to keep ideas and people out of conventions so that the politics goes unchallenged.

The long term strategy where this is bad for them is science fiction isn’t nearly as lockstep as they think. There’s huge swells of conservative authors, christian authors, and others who don’t agree with the SJW mantra, or want conventions to be panel after panel of identity politics whining. When those people take control of conventions, and these policies are in place, they’re going to start to ban in reverse because of the left’s behavior. If I’m bad for firing back at John Scalzi after he attacked me, it necessitates that John Scalzi is bad for trying to harm my career in the first place. Elizabeth Bear is bad for wishing death on me on twitter when I had never interacted with her. Jim C. Hines is similar for stalking me and posting the fruits of that on his blog to try to defame and destroy me. The list can go on.

“It can’t happen to our team, we control the cons,” they might think. Or perhaps they may not think at all. But this is what happens when the path of silencing dissenting ideas is taken. In California, I’ll remind, that there are civil rights laws to address this kind of behavior by organizations. It’s called the Unruh Act, and FogCon, in their attempt to appease a few bullies trying to hate popular conservatives out of fandom, would be good to remember that not applying standards equally to all is very illegal in this state.

Pursuing silencing of people and ideas is not a safety matter. Perhaps my safety would be in question at their convention because people might attack me, but I am no danger in attacking anyone, which is well documented. Since this isn’t a matter of safety, it’s a matter of silencing certain people and ideas, something we should not allow to happen in our society. I will continue to fight for the civil rights of conservatives and others to be able to speak, live, and work professionally, and I will not be intimidated into silence.

If you like my writings and civil rights work, support my fiction, cuz that’s what it’s all about. Despite a very loud minority of angry sci-fi authors and establishment publishing goons, I’m very popular with readers who don’t have extreme political agendas, just look at my reviews. I get messages every day about the work I do and how fun my books are. That’s why I’ve got an award winning Steampunk novel, For Steam And Country. Check out here.


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New Releases: Knight Training novella + New T-Shirt

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Just because we’re winning awards around these parts doesn’t mean we’re stopping working. I’ve got two very exciting things to announce that are out now:

One, the James Gentry novella, “Knight Training” is available for $3/mo patreon subscribers. This is the direct sequel to For Steam And Country and it’s set between books 2-3. Readers demanded to see James as a main character, and so I delivered. It’s a really fun story, you’ll want to check it out.

Second is the t-shirt. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a release in the Jon Del Arroz collection, and it’s time to come out with something completely cool. Introducing Dragon Energy! 

Show your friends you’re one of the few with the highest forms of energy, among select brethren who are changing the world.

That’s all for today. Always producing more, always creating new art. We’re being the change in culture by constantly creating culture over here.

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How Can You Support The Civil Rights Cause?

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Hello all. Thanks for being here and reading as always. I love, value, and cherish you for real, and I try my best to engage and show that to all of my readers. Hopefully I succeed in that.

People clicking tonight may have heard the news that I have filed suit against Worldcon for their discriminatory actions against me over my being an outspoken conservative figure. All I wanted was to attend a convention and NOT be harassed, but the convention decided to  take their political frustrations out on me, as well as refuse to protect me. Now we see this happening to NYT Bestseller John Ringo across the country. Our civil rights are more important to fight for now more than ever.

I’ll have more on all of this tomorrow, but people are asking me how they can support the cause. There’s three ways

One: The Gofundme for the legal campaign directly. Now that we’re filed we’re going to have costs of expert witnesses, and other items. Trials are expensive, and Worldcon has never shown any interest in talking to me or treating me with any human decency. Which means this is going to take a lot of time and effort. You can make a contribution directly to: where the proceeds are used for this suit.

Two: Support my patreon. I produce a lot of content on a daily basis bringing news of what’s going on in fandom, editorials, broadcasts and the like highlighting what’s going on in the culture war not just with me, but with others. I’m also producing a lot of fiction content (you can get my short stories here!). It helps a lot and keeps my writing business going:

Three: Buy the books. The books are the primary place where I’m making my career of this. I spend most my time writing those and have worked very hard. And it shows with how well they’re reviewed. My most popular is of course, For Steam And Country, and my newest (and in my opinion best is The Stars Entwined.

For those that already have done all three — thank you so much. You are truly the life of this movement. I’m eternally grateful.

Thanks everyone so much for your tremendous support. It’s going to be a long battle ahead, but I will never give up until conservatives are treated as equals, and the entertainment business stops trying to intimidate us.

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#FearlessMen: Jason Cordova on being Fearless

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We are very pleased to have a special guest post from Jason Cordova, a bestselling Hispanic major award-nominated author and veteran. He’s also a huge hit in Japan, with his novels having been translated to Japanese. We at JDA Books are proud to support his brand new book, Darkling, as the first in our #FearlessMen series. I’m a big fan of book one in this series, Wraithkin, and am very excited for this to come out today. Let’s see what Jason has to say about being Fearless: 

For some reason there is a small group of individuals who are afraid of the hashtag #FearlessMen. I don’t know why, really. I mean, I wasn’t bothered at all by the trending #FearlessWomen hashtag. What’s there to be afraid of? In the end, it’s all about self-empowerment, which basically means that you’re responsible for empowering yourself up to achieve what you want. And if being applauded for picking yourself up off the ground, brushing the dirt away, gritting your teeth and not giving up causes some to get their knickers in a twist, well then, they’re not fearless at all, are they?

They’re threatened.

Why anybody would feel threatened at anyone else’s success is beyond me. I mean, I will make fun of If You Were A Dinosaur, My Love until the day I die, but do I resent the author? Not even a little. It’s her story, and she can write whatever the hell she wants. Not my desire to be some sort of overbearing gatekeeper who uses a supposed moral authority to judge whether a book or story meets their merit list or not. I want everyone who writes to be successful and make money on their creations. Art is expression, but your kids don’t get fed by kind words and pundits praise.

Anytime the voice of dissent seems to arise nowadays, it is ruthlessly squashed in the name of safe space. For some, the 1st Amendment only applies to those who agree with what they are saying. This is silly, of course, but fear drives people to do silly things. It’s why I watched the #FearlessWomen Twitter… debacle with some trepidation. Why, you ask? Well, because I did not see empowerment. I saw kowtowing. I saw applause for following a trend, and heard nothing but crickets to those women who decided that they wanted to be truly fearless. Women who aren’t afraid to potentially make enemies or hurt some feelings in order to speak their minds.

Paul Laurence Dunbar once wrote a profound poem titled “Sympathy”. (side note: I’ve quoted Dunbar in the past and I love his work. Personally, “We Wear The Mask” speaks to me more so than any other poem I’ve ever read). In the third stanza of the aforementioned poem, there is the following verses:

I know why the caged bird sings, ah me,
When his wing is bruised and his bosom sore,
When he beats his bars and would be free;
It is not a carol of joy or glee,
But a prayer that he sends from his heart’s deep core,
But a plea, that upward to Heaven he flings –
I know why the caged bird sings.

      –Paul Laurence Dunbar, “Sympathy”

I know why those who yell into the digital void of social media do so, though they themselves do not. In an era of unprecedented freedom and prosperity, fear drives men and women to seek the comfort and familiarity of some form of being controlled. True freedom, and responsibility, makes us want to keep our head down and quiet lest we make waves. A caged man or woman can protest to their heart’s content because they know that they are in their “safe space”, even if it is a new form of slavery. They enjoy being told when to do stuff, where to, how to, etc. One of the saddest sights I’ve ever seen was when I was walking around a college campus one day and spotted a “free-speech zone”. It was a painted area away from the main campus of the school and students were welcomed to exercise their free speech and protests there, and there only. The area was maybe 100 feet by 100 feet, and protesters were milling about, occasionally shouting chants, mostly texting and updating their social media accounts. That’s not fearlessness, but being herded and controlled. Everything we do these days is tightly controlled and censured, yet more and more people are perfectly okay with this. This is true censorship, ladies and gentlemen. Yet some are perfectly content with this.

#FearlessMen and #FearlessWomen both should step up and put a stop to this. There is no reason that an individual’s rights should be taken. I cannot fathom anybody willing to argue and attack someone over what their political affiliation is when there are much bigger problems going on. In order to be truly fearless, we have to believe in it. And until people are willing to step outside of their comfort crowd and shout it to the skies, there will be nothing but fear and safe spaces.

Make sure to check out Jason’s new book Darkling, military science fiction following an elite armored special ops soldier and his brothers. Wraithkin, the first book in the series, was one of the best military sci-fi novels of 2016. These characters are #FearlessMen, and the heroes we all strive to be.  


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My New Patreon Short Story Is One Of My Best

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I wrote a fairly long story this month for the short, but it’s one that I’d been developing conceptually for awhile. It’s got a lot of cross-genre elements to it, as I mashed up a lot together. It’s standalone, not in any of my other worlds (though I thought of a sequel story to it this morning… which I might do). I think it turned out really great and it was a ton of fun to write so please check it out.

I give my monthly short stories at a $3/rate, which is inexpensive, and I’m told really good pricing compared to other authors. The funds from this help me supplement my comics, my blog, my broadcasting, as these things are done without any tangible return.  If you want to support just to help the blog out and keep reaching hundreds of people daily, you have my appreciation there as well.

We also have a Patreon-only discord channel where I chat regularly. Lots of cool stuff. Help me grow this venture into a thriving artistic community. Link is below, and so is the opening of this month’s story.

The construct shook, steam protruding from its hybrid mechanical-biological underarms. Its optical sensors flashed red. Its hulking mass loomed at twenty times a normal human avatar. Veins, piping, and electronics protruded from its form.

Kenji had been here before, with his guild mates. Last time they tried this, their party wiped. They couldn’t move fast enough in the three-second warning space before the monstrosity’s ultra attack—Megaquake. This time, they’d be able to fan out to the safe distances between the flurried lines of earth magic. Hiro, guild leader and warrior tank, stood dutifully at the front, pounding away at the enemy, even while the creature drew itself inward in a defensive posture. Uehara, the mage, stood in the proper position away from the monstrosity as to not take much damage from the coming attack. The safe zones were limited, but Kenji managed to find himself close enough to a place where he, as a barbarian melee class, could keep from losing too many hit points, while still staying close enough to counter-assault. Everyone was in position, but where was Ayame?

A brief glance behind him was all it took to see she was in the path of danger. The cleric was near-frozen, in the middle of her special defense-healing spell, Holy Reckoning. And she was right in the path where one of the tendrils of earth would hit her. Dammit, Ayame.

Kenji dashed toward her and pummeled into her. It would interrupt her spell, but so would the Megaquake. Even facing away from the monstrosity, Kenji could feel the ground reverberating. The earth rumbled. Rocks fell from the cavern ceiling. A swarm of boulders was headed for them. Kenji managed to push Ayame out of the way in time to be pelted by serval large rocks to the back of his skull.

Everything went dark.

To be continued on Patreon! 

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CLFA Book Of The Year Award Voting Open

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The CLFA Book of the Year award voting is open, to the public at this. I, of course, implore you my humble readership to vote For Steam And Country, the hottest new steampunk series of 2017 for this exceedingly influential and prestigious award. We’re already off to a hot start in the lead for the voting this morning but there’s a long way to go.

You can vote here:

Time to vote for CLFA Book of the Year 2018!

And it’s only a couple of clicks, no need to sign up or anything like that. It’s frankly such an honor to have this book nominated that I’m already blown away by the tremendous support. So thank you! If you haven’t read the book yet, you can do so here. It’s available ebook, paperback, and audio, and we’re at 98 positive reviews (not one negative!).



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Writing Q & A: Should You Build A Platform First?

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Got a pretty detailed question on the blog yesterday, so I figured I’d answer with a full post rather than a comment. Here it is:

I have a question: When you wrote your first book did you write it and then search for an agent or publisher, or did you already have these things ready before your first novel was complete?

I ask because I’m writing my first novel after many years of independent study of the craft and I believe I have the bare minimum skill set to make a debut. My plan is to write the story then find an agent or publisher. 

There’s a lot writers, mostly women, on social media who preach preach preach the value of building a platform, e.g., blogs, before one attempts to introduce his work to the public. No doubt, an existing audience is advantageous, but, personally, I’m just not into it. 

I want to focus my energy on writing stories, not necessarily a blog, especially for the reason of building an audience for the singular purpose of selling my books. I want my works to live on their own merits. 

Another question: Do you have some advice you can spare? You’ve been where I’m at right now, at least in some sense as an aspiring author. I’d greatly appreciate it if you could give me some insight and share your experience if you’re so inclined to do so. 

Thank you.

I wrote my first novel, which was The Stars Entwined (at the time I had it titled Starcrossed — which I thought was too generic for searches when I did my rewrite last year),  and did start querying agents and the like. I didn’t have much success at the time, mostly because the writing was very bad in that version. I did have an offer from a small publisher at the time to publish it — they said they liked it as it was, but I declined because I knew it wasn’t in good enough shape. I ended up rewriting this book many times to get it to where it is. I wasn’t quite sure what my strategy was since declining meant I wasn’t ready, but I think I was just feeling out how the market worked.

On the platform, this blog existed, but I didn’t post every day. I was focused on my webcomic Flying Sparks at the time — as that was getting me a couple thousand readers per week, which was how I was hoping my platform would establish. There was absolutely no plan, however. That got me hired to do the Doomtown Reloaded card game lore–which kept me occupied for a couple of years, which is when I first drafted my 2nd novel, For Steam And Country (which I also rewrote last year), and is now my most popular work.  From Doomtown Reloaded, I was in the gaming side of things, which is how I got hired for Star Realms: Rescue Run, my third novel, though first released.

Rescue Run did pretty well in sales, and that’s when I decided just to go small press and release my material as fast as I was able, to capitalize on the audience that was already there. I made a few mistakes just from a branding perspective there (Game Mil SF > Steampunk > Slow Release Of My Book, Back To Mil SF After That Taking 9 Months — causes some brand confusion) but my audience has stuck with me across the two sub genres of Mil SF / Steampunk based on the Stars Entwined’s release so far. Which… might have a lot to do with my platform.

I think what platform does is get your readers invested in you more than a particular work. If they’re invested with you, they’re more likely to stick with you. That’s what I hope at least. It’s very possible to release books without a platform and become a success, I know some folks who have done it, but I think it’s harder. I don’t know as I obviously didn’t go that route so can’t speak from experience. But I’m big into platform.

When Rescue Run hit, I made a commitment to blog daily. After For Steam And Country, I upped that commitment also to Periscope broadcast daily. My blog reaches 10k readers every week, my periscope gets about a thousand views every week. They’ve been growing slowly and steadily, as has my mailing list which has about 4,000 subscribers (you get a free novella for signing up. It’s up above and you should do so!). Then I started Patreon in November to release my short story content and behind the scenes work. That’s been growing steadily as well and is a nice supplemental income. Platform certainly worked in my instance, but it’s doing something every day, and at least releasing a new story every month with Patreon. It’s a lot of work at the professional level, but keeping it going is the best bet. The “I have one book that magically became a megabestseller success” days are mostly over — you’ll get those occasionally, but it’s like winning the lottery.

The content game whether it’s complete focus on stories or blog/periscope/personality or a mixture, is all about releasing new stuff all the time. That’s how the internet goes. So if you’re going to avoid blogging and all that, I do recommend not just having a book to put out — but having 3 or 4 to put out in rapid succession, month after month, so that you’ve always got something new, always got something relevant. You might find after a few books out, you have a platform and can do it the opposite way. Several authors I know have done just that.

I’d advise finding a way to give daily content, whatever that is. People make habits based on daily (that’s why the vitamin industry is focused on daily — and boy do they sell!). It takes someone about 21 days to form a habit, and at that point it’s hard to break. That’s the benefit of the blog. The drawback is… well, you have to find something to write every day and it’s time consuming.

On the book front, I already mentioned having a few done, people are moving more into binge habits is the reasoning. Which also means don’t have unrelated books. A single series would be best but sticking in the same genre is crucial (this is where I’ve got a slight problem right now until I can get my series all going — I just have too many book 1s already done). That will get you jumpstarted because of the way Amazon cross promotes. Also, if you’re self-pubbing, do not skimp on editor or cover costs. You want your work to be professional and look professional. Competition is fierce out there. It’s worth it to pay to make your product the best.

Definitely form a plan before just spending years writing random stuff. Readers like consistency and if you have a game plan, you’ll be ahead of most authors.

Hope that helps!

If you like my marketing advice, you’ll probably enjoy The Stars Entwined. It’s got a complex plot, is tightly edited, and is already getting great reviews from genre readers. Check it out here.

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The Stars Entwined Military Sci-Fi / Space Opera Out Now!

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Today marks the release of my new book, The Stars Entwined! I’m so excited about this book, as i’ve been working on building this universe for more than 15 years, and I finally get to share it with you.  The first review was done a couple of weeks ago, who gave it glowing remarks. An advance reader said fans of Babylon 5 should for sure check this out — high praise as I was intending on going for the feel of that show.

The Aryshan Empire and Earth are on the brink of war!

The Stars Entwined is the first installment in an epic space opera series by multiple award-nominated science fiction writer, Jon Del Arroz. If you like Old Man’s War by John Scalzi or Rogue World by B.V. Larson, then you’ll love this epic adventure with action, intrigue, and an escalating interstellar war between galactic civilizations.

After several recent attacks along the border of Aryshan space, internal affairs agent Sean Barrows is brought to Palmer Station to ensure the Interplanetary Navy’s on the right track in their terrorism investigations. What he discovers could lead to the biggest war the galaxy has ever seen. Sean’s work leads him to his most dangerous assignment yet—into the heart of Aryshan territory as a spy.

Meanwhile, Aryshan Commander Tamar is being groomed by the Ruling Committee to one day assume leadership of her people. First, she needs to prove herself in warship command. As tensions increase with Earth, Tamar finds herself increasingly isolated as one of the few in opposition to the war. Her troubles deepen when she comes face to face with a new member of her crew, the most intriguing man she’s ever encountered.

You can watch Edwin Boyette reading the first chapter and prologue live, here.

And don’t forget later today, I’ll have my epic military science fiction roundtable in celebration of this book and all military sci-fi and space opera. It’ll be a great time. Tune in here:

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