An Interview With Me – Culture War & Steampunk

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Did a nice interview with Russ Meyer over on his blog. Which was a lot of fun, talked about mostly writing and culture war topics.

So, Jon…what’s up?(ie, tell us a little about yourself)
I’ve dialed back a lot of stuff in order to just focus on fiction writing lately. That means less journalistic writing, because this is what I’ve set out to do—change culture, and now I’m finally in a position with a platform to where I can do it. It doesn’t get my name out there as often (cuz it’s usually only on releases and novels take time), but I want 2019 to be a body of work which blows others out of the water in just how much great fiction I can produce.
What kinds of genres do you like to write and why?
I’m in space opera/military science fiction, steampunk, and then superhero comics. I like all of the above because I can tell adventure stories in those settings, though I’ll probably delve into straight fantasy in the future as well. These allow for off the wall stories which are fun more than other genres in my opinion. It’s a good spot.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

And if you’ve got an audible credit, Make Science Fiction Fun Again is out on audio! Make sure to get it now! 


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Despite The Alt-Left Trolling, My Lawsuit Against Worldcon is Going Forward

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Last week we received news of my lawsuit against Worldcon 76, which I made for their wanton discrimination of me because I’m a vocal conservative author and the defamation they used to justify it by calling me a “racist bully” on their website.

There are two major components to the suit, both very important because of the way half the country is being treated by alt-left activists who want to turn this country into a place where you’re denied public service unless you’re a member of The Party. It’s been done in countries several times before, and to terrible results, usually ending up with a lot of people being killed. I don’t want this horrific historical trend to continue, and so I’m doing what I can to fight it.

The first component is California’s Unruh Act, which is more robust than the Federal First Amendment, because it’s meant to protect people’s right to exist, to political speech. It’s very much designed so that protestors have rights and they can’t be silenced by those more powerful than them. As is being pointed out by the alt-left blue check mark troll brigade, the judge in the case  stated that it doesn’t apply to political affiliation and stated this cannot move forward.

It was an odd move. There is case precedent where the California Supreme Court itself listed “Republican Party” as an identity descriptor example protected by the Unruh Act. However, the judge was very kind and listened – he understands the situation and it sounded like he expects this ruling would be appealed, and he doesn’t want to be responsible for the ruling at his level. Because this involves protections of Republicans in general in the state of California, this is very important, and we will be pursuing all options.

The other front is defamation. At this stage of the trial, Worldcon filed what’s called a “SLAPP motion” which is designed to throw out frivolous defamation suits and discourage frivolous suits in general because if they would have won this, I would have had to pay their attorney’s fees. Their attempts on this front were to show I was a “public figure” and therefore they somehow needed to raise awareness about me. This is easily countered because before they lambasted me as a racist bully on their website, very few people knew who I was. I actually showed up at Worldcon to attempt to buy a ticket, broadcasted myself the entire time (which is fine as per their rules), and not one person in the crowd seemed to notice me, or know who I was at all. There was no reason for them to make a defamatory proclamation about me on their website to try to hurt my career as a writer.

The judge threw out their argument, because it was absurd. It also didn’t even address the “racist bully” defamatory claim they made. It’s sad to watch because anything, I’ve been the victim of racism from the extreme left science fiction establishment. It’s my opinion that this predominantly white group targets me in particular because I’m a minority that won’t toe the line. There’s a lot of psychology to this I’ll have to go into at another time, but a lot of the way the left acts treats minorities like we’re inferior (or, racism as it’s commonly referred to) and we can’t make decisions for ourselves. I oppose this and all forms of racism and it’s a large reason as to why I speak out.

Their entire case appears to be that I’m mean online (which doesn’t impact a convention at all), and therefore should be banned, which has nothing to do with their defamatory statement regarding racism. Our response on that front said there were plenty of extreme leftists who are mean online, they were invited, clearly showing the double standard they enacted against me because of right wing politics. When we reach The Unruh Act appeal process, this will be important.

For now, the case is going forward on the defamation front. It’s also very important because we need to make sure the establishment in culture doesn’t harm independent artists by going off on them, libeling folk as racist (a dangerous accusation that in the real world can lose people jobs or worse). We have to put a stop to this kind of treatment of Republicans at large, and I’m very proud to be working to end this discrimination, and proud of the judge for putting his likely politics aside in this matter.

If you want to support my cause in culture, subscribe to my Patreon. It helps me on every front to have steady income monthly, and I give out a LOT of cool content from short stories, comics and novels without leftist bias. Check it out here.

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Why Bother Being Republican?

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The latest case of Chase Bank’s removal of Martina Markota’s bank account, over what appears to be for no reason other than her being a vocal right winger, is just another example of why the Republican Party does nothing except for harm you as an individual.

If it’s known you’re a republican, you’re going to be defamed, deplatformed, harassed, possibly lose all potential jobs, carry around a social stigma that makes it really hard on your life, and for what gain?

The party is like many of Spain’s inept centrist parties in the 1930s — where you pretty much had to choose a Falangist or Communist side, or you’d be suspect, and liable to be executed by the extremes in power.

Or to go there, the Socialist Democrats in Germany from 1928 – 1933. They sat by idly while National Socialists set up Nazi only knitting clubs, Nazi only businesses, Nazi only social circles, and as an ordinary person you had to join or you risked your entire livelihood, and as it got deeper into the 30s, your life.  The ineptitude of the Socialist Democrats in holding their ground in society is largely responsible for what transpired later.

Like these worthless parties of the past, the Republicans do NOTHING to protect their people. They don’t lift a finger when their artists are banned from conventions, removed from credit processors like Stripe and Patreon, banned from Youtube and Twitter, our own officials kicked out of restaurants when they’re just sitting their eating a hamburger.  “Well, actually, it’s a free business exercising rights to free speech” – they say as their people are deplatformed, and the left grabs an even stronger death grip on the culture.

Their commitment to principles and defending the corporate are at heavy cost to Republican individuals. And if it’s not about individuals, what’s it about?

Well, tax cuts!

Great. Give tax cuts to Google and Amazon so they pay nothing while your own people can’t even get a bank account at this juncture. I hope you feel principled while you lose everything you stand for and your friends and family get destroyed.

That’s what’s got me set off today. Martina Markota is the latest example of a string of right wing personalities to get hit hard, and the mainstream country club Republican establishment does nothing. There’s no calls from politicians talking to Chase Bank about how they removed her account under suspect circumstances. Our major media like Fox News is doing nothing about it. No one cares because it’s a cultural item.

Just like every other incident in the past. They figure if they just keep their heads down and play ball, they’ll be safe from it. They won’t mess with these banking institutions which are arms of the Federal Reserve because “muh private business”. And it makes the party worthless and useless to its members.

What’s it going to take? Someone to get shot? I’m sure the party then would say “well it’s their right to bear arms on the property so there’s nothing we can do.” The removal of bank accounts is already a step so far into the realm of it being impossible to function in society as a Republican, and knowing that for taking stands like I do or like Martina does, we will have no real back up whatsoever from our leadership, why should we bother?

Honestly, unless these guys get some backbone and start actually fighting the good fight, might as well be a Democrat. Tulsi Gabbard isn’t so bad, at least she wants to end all the pointless foreign wars, and if we’re Democrats, maybe they’ll protect us when big business tries to go after us.

Support Martina’s Indiegogo project here.

And make sure to pick up my Steampunk novel series before Amazon decides I should be banned for not conforming.

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Flying Sparks, Alt-Hero Cover Reveals and More!

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If you missed the lunch stream today you missed a LOT. I read the prologue to the alt-hero novel, showed everything on the Flying Sparks Volume 2 Kickstarter coming soon, and went through every single comic project with preview pages.

Did you know I have EIGHT graphic novels in development? I’m running circles around the industry both in books and comics.

All of it’s shown in the video. Too much to write about. And I’ve been very busy WRITING.

If you want to support stuff, like I say in the video, I really urge folk to get on the Patreon subscription. Having steady subscriptions means I can confidently do more and I’d love to just be able to fully fund all this art without having to worry about Kickstarter and how it’s going to perform. These are great books, I put out a ton of work monthly, which few creators do. Check it out here.

You can also get flying sparks volume 1 here to get ready for the next.

And The Ember War is still open, closing off very soon so get in on that book before it’s ended.

If you missed the cover reveals. Flying Sparks Volume 2:

Alt-Hero: Covert:


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Mainstream Publishing Has Changed A Lot – And For The Worse

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Author S. Andrew Swann stops by today to give his take on the craziness in YA Publishing as of late.

I published my first novel, Forests of the Night, in 1993.  I was in my twenties and had all the emotions one would expect from a debut novelist. I was getting published! The world was going to see my stuff! I was being reviewed in Starlog and Asimov’s! It probably still counts as the most exciting time of my writing career.

And I thank God that happened  twenty-five years ago, and not today.

In the vernacular of the woke kids nowadays, I am a heteronormative, cisgender, white male, and I wrote something that could be interpreted as an allegory about racism. You see the potential problem there? It doesn’t really matter that my novel is about a few generations of genetically engineered animals fleeing a global war to settle in the US. The fact is, I have themes of prejudice, immigration, refugees and assimilation. I have racist characters acting racist, and I have some members of the oppressed classes reacting to prejudice by responding in an equally prejudiced manner. It would be hard to come up with a sfnal plot that contains more triggers for the modern social media Stasi.

When Laurie Forest wrote The Black Witch, in 2017, she thought she was writing a story about how prejudice was a bad thing and how growing beyond it, to see other people as actual people, was a good thing. But to one reviewer, that meant her story was the “most dangerous, offensive book I have ever read.” Toxic Twitter exploded with how offensive this book was, and campaigns were launched to try and get the publisher to withdraw the book.

More recently, Amélie Wen Zhao sold her book, Blood Heir, and two sequels, to the tune of something like $500,000. Again, she thought she was writing a story about how slavery and human trafficking was a bad thing, drawing on the contemporary issues in China to fuel her narrative. But to the woke guardians of racial morality, this was not okay— especially because the promo materials described her world as one where “oppression was blind to skin color.” It didn’t help that one of the characters dying could be interpreted as being black. (Not actually black, just that the character could be read that way.) Again, Toxic Twitter exploded with how offensive this book was. And, in this case, the mob got the author to actually withdraw the book.

Back in the nineties, before every obsessive identitarian had an on-line platform, the worst you could expect in terms of unbalanced, unjustified rage would be a one-star review on Amazon, or some nasty hate-mail sent to the publisher. And in both cases, there was a really good chance that the person in question actually read the book.

Today, one hot take or deliberate misreading of an ARC, can snowball into hundreds of individuals convinced by fourth-hand accounts that some book is a hateful abyss of racist ideology and the author should be condemned as a member of the secret Klan. This all can be done without actually reading the book, seeing a copy, or having any more than some vague idea of what it’s about.

Another change that’s happened in the last twenty-five years is the creeping political polarization of the industry.  So, were I to debut Forests of the Night today, I would be doubly screwed. Not only is the subject matter problematic on its face, but I’m a known libertarian. Back in the nineties that meant I was a harmless eccentric that wanted to legalize pot. Today, that means I am a scary right-wing radical that wants to feed the homeless into the Koch brothers’ infinite poverty machines.

The industry used to be more tolerant of differing political views. However, nowadays, you can be a best-selling female author disinvited from being GOH at a feminist convention for expressing the wrong ideas on immigration and assimilation. You can be a well-known editor kicked out of a Worldcon for mocking people’s oversensitivity. You can be a best-selling author, known for gaming, and be deleted as GOH at a gaming convention because you made fun of some douchebag’s political rant years ago. You dare mention the wrong ideas about abortion in a single chapter, in a sequel to a well-received book, and your editor can shut you down, pull your book, and consign you to the wilderness. You can be pressured to refuse the nomination for a major award, because the wrong people might have had a hand in nominating you. At times we’ve even had editors at respected publishing houses calling fans Nazis for not liking the right things.

I can barely imagine how intimidating the current environment must be for a new author, especially anyone who wants to break into traditional publishing. The knives are out for anyone who might express a dissenting opinion, and worse, anyone who might be interpreted as having a dissenting opinion by some random crank on the Internet. I can imagine someone trying to publish something like Forests of the Night being dissuaded entirely, leaving it for a trunk novel in lieu of something safer. Worse, if that hypothetical author did publish it, and had a modicum of success, it might mean the wrath of the Internet mob coming down. It’s just too easy to picture another Amélie Wen Zhao, sabotaging a barely-started career just to get the attacks to stop.

Worse, I think, are those people in the industry who don’t engage in these attacks directly, but who are happy to look the other way, or even tacitly endorse them. They see someone being attacked and rationalize that the person did something to deserve such treatment. They see someone of a differing political persuasion and believe that they will never be targeted because they don’t hold such vile opinions. Such people enable the mob without understanding the first rule of mobs:

Mobs turn on everyone, eventually.


S Andrew Swann has been writing science fiction and fantasy since the halcyon days of the early nineties. You might want to read his current novel, Marked, before the social justice mob comes for him. It’s written for fans of steampunk, time-travel, urban fantasy, airships, zombies, and Dodge Chargers.

“A great book. I’ve never read any stories with the premise…. A mix between Doctor Who and the Invisible Library series, with a dash of that old tv show Sliders mixed in as well.” —Slapdash + Sundry

“Thoroughly impressed by this book, and highly recommend it to anyone familiar with the urban or high fantasy genres. The story will cleverly subvert the tropes you expect it to follow, and I bet that by the end, you’ll be wishing that the sequel was here already, just like I was.” —SFRevu

“Marked is a fast-pasted, suspenseful urban fantasy-mystery. . . highly recommended.” —Midwest Book Review

“As deadly serious as the dangers are, the story is still an entertaining, occasionally raucous romp…. Recommended for all fantasy readers.” —Publishers Weekly





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Legendary RPG Designer Banned Because Of Phony #MeToo Claims

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Breaking news is that a gaming convention, GaryCon, just cut a guest of honor from their convention, Frank Mentzer, because of “harassment” allegations. The convention circuits seem to be stepping up their nonsense in recent weeks since the Vic Mignogna allegations in Anime. Like usual, conventions are trying to out-woke each other.

Frank is one of the original developers on Dungeons & Dragons. If there’s anyone who should be a guest of honor at a gaming convention, he definitely fits the bill qualifications wise. His AD&D supplements were some of the most renowned in the industry in the 1980s.

The “controversy” surrounding him started about a year ago when screenshots were released from 2015 where started being overly-flirty with Jessica Price, a game developer who is famous for rabble rousing about feminism and it getting in the way of her work with Guild Wars. They appeared to be friendly at first, but Frank made some pretty lame moves via DM, which Price later posted to show how “horrifying” it is to be a woman in gaming:

Pretty lame grandpa-boomer flirting, but nothing that mattered whatsoever, until Price decided to rabble rouse about it on social media. She made post after post about feminism, and how horrible and condescending it is, and of course, Frank as he started to take heat, took exception.

He attempted to speak with her privately, but it had escalated too much and Price wanted to make a “cause” out of this. And so his persistence in trying to make things right and stop the nonsense was met with hostility.

Of course Frank was upset, and of course he kept commenting. Unfortunately, that’s how you lose internet fights. Every time he comments trying to defend himself, it just “proves” to the SJWs he’s a “real harasser”. And it just digs him a deeper hole, even though he has every right to be outraged by the attempts to destroy his career with remarks like this.

It’s the double standard of social media, and because Price is a woman on the internet, of course her white knights came out in force to really overblow this and dehumanize Frank. An awful situation, and a man takes a critical hit of damage for some pretty innocuous comments.

A year out, after it’s died down, a small time convention decides to make a stink about it to show how woke they are. We’ve seen this sort of thing happen before at a lot of cons in the last couple of years — OdysseyCon, when their guest, a woke World of Darkness writer decided to flip out about one o their staff members. Their capitulation killed their convention. Origins Game Fair did similar with Larry Correia, and we’ve yet to see the damage to their reputation though there have been thousands of calls to never go to that convention again. Now we have this one.

GaryCon’s official statement is of course riddled with word salad that doesn’t mean much. They give no specifics, but lean on generic “harassment” claims typical of defamatory statements.  It states: “His past misconduct and threatening behavior violate the ethics and harassment policies established by Gary Con.” Also: “This form of toxic aggression is detrimental to the safe space we as a gaming community strive for.”

Safe space!

Frankly, it’s not safe as a white male to go to any convention if you’re someone of notoriety at this point. You can get accused of anything. Best advice I can take is ALWAYS bring your wife, keep the Mike Pence rule in mind at all time, and never talk to women in your industry. You should assume they’re just there to make drama and destroy your career so they can get ahead. It’s the sad truth, but when legends of the industry aren’t safe, you shouldn’t presume you are.

I write better female characters than most women do, and that can be seen in my comic, Flying Sparks. Check it out on Amazon here. Volume 2 will be coming to Kickstarter soon and you will want to be caught up.

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For Steam And Country Revised Edition Now In Print!

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Last week I mentioned we did a re-edit of For Steam And Country and brought it up to my modern writing standards with professional formatting (and we added a nice timeline to the back of the book as bonus content which goes over the history of Rislandia).

We also put together a nice Wiki of the world which you can check out here.

Now the book is available in print, with the updated formatting and everything. It looks gorgeous, and I love how it all turned out. This is the definitive version, so I highly recommend getting a paperback copy for your collection. Buy it here.

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We Don’t Need An AnimeGate

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Rumblings about AnimeGate have been going on the last few days in conjunction with a story I talked about on the blog a couple of weeks ago, voice actor Vic Mignonia being targeted on Twitter for what amounts to the guy being overly-flirty at conventions with fans. The #MeToo movement acted to an extreme, and, though like usual it appears completely unjustified as Vic seems to be innocent of any crime, they are continuing and escalating. Vic has since been fired from FUNimatioon dub work, and a convention PensaCon has gone off the rails to say they’ll call the police on anyone who speaks on Vic’s behalf at the convention.

It’s nutty SJW stuff, it’s terrible, it looks like they’re asserting their dominance in the only way they can in anime: dubbing and conventions. This is standard and expected behavior on the Anime front. Vic appears to be targeted because he talks about being Christian, which these idiots equate as “EXTREME RIGHT WING” because that’s how SJWs operate. Vic mostly stays out of politics and is a fairly easy target to isolate and destroy.

But here’s the reaction we don’t need: another gate.

The first inclination of a lot of people is to start a hashtag and start blasting out with the hashtag which will then get extended to any time there’s a problem in anime. #AnimeGate is already taking off to some extent, followed by #WeebWars (which is at least a funny hashtag and slightly better), to try to raise awareness of this on the opposite side and push back.

But what happens with a gate every single time is the same thing – a few leaders get appointed, and the movement becomes about them and their social media platforms, and the SJWs focus fire there and every time there’s a perceived misstep, the SJWs go ballistic and show “this is why we are anti-Gate.” It’s worked for them culturally, and what it’s done is stagnate movements that are supposed to push agendas forward in the counter culture, because the narrative of what we want to push get lost in the celebrity aspect of it.

Right now with Anime, there are a couple of clear objectives:

  1. We want it to be safe for male voice actors who don’t go full SJW to exist.
  2. We want it to be safe for fans to go to convention and like who they like and support who they want.
  3. We don’t want these idiots changing the words of dubs to be inconsistent with the original Japanese to push SJW causes.

It’s pretty simple. Those things can all be raised awareness about very easily, and without a gate. Stick to the topics. Keep it on topic, don’t make it a gate, because that tactic has been used, and everyone knows how to counter it at this point. When the enemy knows what you’re doing, you HAVE to adjust tactics, or you’re going to keep fighting the same losing battles over and over again. We can’t let that happen with our anime. Our waifus must remain pure.

If you appreciate my insight, check out my books. A lot of my work has anime influence and background, and you’ll probably enjoy For Steam And Country if you’re an anime fan. Check it out here. 


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Movie Review: They Shall Not Grow Old

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I found out Peter Jackson put out a World War I documentary where he combed through footage and colorized it. It turned out to be a lot more than that on the film front, where he took film that he thought was previously ruined (too dark, scratches, warped film, etc) and restored it digitally to bring a lot of footage that you don’t see on most documentaries (since those use the most easily available film for the most part).

I wasn’t sure what to expect, except knowing that there were some gruesome elements. Jackson really did a masterful job of creating what was an infantry soldier’s experience in the film, from original recruitment, to shipping overseas, to the line, it was all there.

This was really the first mechanized war, with artillery shooting overhead, machine guns, mines, tanks, planes, there was a lot for an infantryman to freak out about — and they did. No one had ever experienced these kinds of horrors before. And the governments of Europe callously put these young boys into these horrible situations where they were forced to live like animals to survive.

Beyond that, I have to just suggest watching the film yourself. You’re not going to get a war overview, or battle tactics, or an economic lesson, or any of the other dry stuff that you typically get from a documentary. This is pure soldier narrative, and the only voices in the film were actual soldiers from WWI.  It’s from their perspective and you really will get the experience of what that war was like, and it leaves a viewer with a lot to think about.

It’s one of if not Jackson’s best films. High recommendation and i have to say it was about a 9/10. Go see it while you can.

If you’re interested in how war gets really dark and effects people, The Fight For Rislandia is where Zaira really starts to feel the pinch and pain of death all around her. It’s better if you read the first couple of books first but you can dive right into action if you want and you’ll get the story no problem.

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Help Save A Woman’s Life

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An anthology for a cause. Author A.M. Freeman is taking over the blog today to talk to you about something far more important than I could state today, as a woman’s life is at stake. Please consider supporting. – Jon 

For over a decade, Bonnie Oliver has gone from doctor to doctor seeking answers to her worsening physical and neurological symptoms. It has been a long and wearisome road, and her family has had to watch as her health declined to the point where, at only 28 years of age, she can no longer leave her home unaided, and even then for only short periods of time.

Finally, in 2018, they discovered the culprit of her serious health issues: Complex Chiari Malformation, Craniocervical and Atlanto-axial Instability and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome type three.

If you think that’s a mouthful to say, imagine having to live with it. Her brainstem is being compressed by her C2 vertebrae, and she has instability at her c1 and c3 vertebrae. That puts her at risk for dislocations at any time. Not to mention the symptoms she endures because of this that make every day tasks an enormous challenge.

Both Chiari Malformation and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome have no cure, but there is a surgery that can help Bonnie. In order to prevent further nerve damage, and impending paralysis or death, the neurosurgeons will have to remove a portion of her skull and her top vertebrae), and permanently fuse her cervical spine from skull to C3, using titanium hardware and a metal plate attached to her skull.

This surgery will save her life, as well as give her back some of the quality of life she has lost. As Bonnie’s health declined, so did her ability to do the things she loves; working, creating, sewing, painting, hiking, exploring, and spending time with family and friends.

Bonnie is a very talented and giving woman, and it would be a blessing to see her get the chance to share her talents again. The doctors say there is a 50-60% chance that she will regain some of what she has lost (feeling in her legs, hands, better balance, better cognition, less nerve pain, less difficulty eating/swallowing, less weakness, less pain). And gain the chance to return to doing the things she loves.

The surgery is set for the end of March with a long and difficult recovery period afterward. The cost to Bonnie’s family after insurance is a tremendous $110,000, including significant amounts of travel to the specialists who can perform this surgery. Bonnie and her husband don’t have that kind of money sitting on hand.

But you can help make up the difference. And get a free book as a thank you!

With the help of Bonnie’s brother, a good friend of mine, we are putting together an anthology of hope inspiring stories to give to everyone who donates to Bonnie’s GoFundMe. We’ve got 8 great stories so far, but I’m gathering stories for this project. So if you’re interested in donating a story, please check out the official submission call post, ( or email me at

The anthology is titled Impossible Hope, and will have stories of just that — Hope.

For people like Bonnie, hope is a necessity to endure and prevail through the challenges that life puts us through. Indeed, hope is necessary for all of us. And so in honor of Bonnie, we want to offer some of that hope to others. No matter what you’re going through, big or small — or just something to brighten your day — we wish to offer you this anthology of inspiring stories of hope and courage as a thank you for supporting Bonnie.

As soon as the anthology is finished, we will be emailing a free copy of Impossible Hope to everyone who has donated. Then once Bonnie’s surgery is funded, we plan to publish the book and have the proceeds go to funding the Ehlers-Danlos Societyfor the benefit of those like Bonnie.

Bonnie needs our help, and Impossible Hope is our way of thanking everyone who offers their support. Whether you can only spare a few dollars, or have the resources to give more, any help is appreciated!

And of course, don’t forget sharing and spreading the word is free, and one of the biggest ways you can help us! The only way we can make this a success is to get as many people involved as possible. So tell your friends! share on social media! With your help we can make the hope of funding Bonnie’s surgery a reality!

Thank you for your time and consideration. And if you want to donate or learn more details about Bonnie’s surgery, it’s all on her  GoFundMe page.

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