We Will Win Culture Because We Have Substance

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There are some days when the vile dehumanzing thrown from those controlling culture even is a bit much for me, numbed as I am after the overwhelming hate I’ve received since Worldcon decided to unprecedentedly discriminate against me. But it’s important to keep spirits up and keep going. Every success worthwhile is worth enduring hardship for, and in fact, every such  success will come with a large amount of hardship. It’s how life works.

Vox Day’s blog often inspires me to keep going. He has a  much broader strategic  vision compared to my attempts to carve out a space where I can write and people can read my science fiction work. He’s setting  up platforms as a publisher, which is helping make room for more people like me to come down the pipeline and create books and comics. Today he had this to say;

And the reason that they are failing despite their near-complete control of the cultural high ground is because they have literally nothing to offer in its place. All they ever had to offer was reaction, negation, ugliness, filth, and snark. Sure, you can adulterate Christmas, and you can substitute Silver Bells, shopping, Santa, and Seasons Greetings for Silent Night, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Scrooge, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas, but at the end of the day, either you come up with a substitute or your efforts will eventually prove futile.

What did they come up with in over a century of frantic effort? Festivus, the Hannukah Aardvark, and horrible movies that are bad even by Seth Rogen’s standards. Hardly an attractive exchange for even the most godless pagan.

We not only can win this cultural war, we cannot lose it so long as we continue to create things that are good, beautiful, and true, and continue to refuse entrance to the infiltrating wormtongues who are always there with their helpful blandishments and seductive offers to sell your creative soul to Mammon.

So let them turn Elsa of the Crowleyesque anthem into a lesbian. Let them transform Superman into an SJW superhero fighting for global migration, one-world government, and AIPAC. Let them continue to preen and posture and sneer and snark in futility. It will avail them nothing. Like their Father the Devil, they cannot create, they can only corrupt. And that is why the greatness of Tolkien, of Howard, of Lovecraft, and of Wright will continue to be recognized over time despite the Left’s best efforts to denigrate and diminish it.

And this should inspire you because he’s right. They have the high ground in terms of where they stand on the field right now, but we have the high ground in terms of our creativity, beauty, love, and thousands of years of human tradition in art and culture. They have offered no substitute for the divine because they cannot.

The fight is hard right now, but the avalanche of change is just coming. We are just at the start and just at the tip of this revolution. Keep going, support your brothers and sisters, you will see a massive shift in the long term to prefer our hard work by the people. Why? People crave heroes, truth, justice, and especially the American way.

The good news is the more of us out there being outspoken, the less power they’ll have, because while they’re brazen right now about the way they mistreat us as a group, they’ll eventually see our market power. Their denials can only last so long while the artists under this hedonistic corporate influence starve for lack of sales and readers.

In the meantime, when you are making your creative works, do one important thing you may have not considered: pray. Pray that your work does honor to God and honor to you. Pray for inspiration. Pray for success. It works, and you should be as relentless in your prayer as you are about your creative endeavors if you want true substance.

It’s a little over two weeks before the release of The Stars Entwined, a book I’ve been working on for more than fifteen years. This series is going to move the needle in culture. Check out the pre-order here.

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