New Star Trek Series: Captain Casting Wish List

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Baycon is coming up this weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area ( ), with the theme “It’s all about the Space” featuring guest of honor and star trek alumni, David Gerrold. Because of this, and some speculation I saw, I decided to put my list together of who I’d like to play the next captain in the forthcoming CBS series.

In my list I intentionally stayed away from big name movie actors who aren’t likely to be interested in a role, and from the obvious NATHAN FILLION! that everyone seems to be clamoring for.  If this were 10-15 years ago, my choice would have 100% been George Takei’s Sulu Adventures, which was my dream show for a long time. It looks like from the rumors we’re going to get that era (The original movies era), so here’s five people I’d cast in the role, in no particular order:

1. Mehcad Brooks – He is the only reason I watched Supergirl beyond the first episode. His acting chops are superb, bringing an incredible weight to what otherwise is a popcorn show. Sisko has always been my favorite captain of Star Trek, and while this Brooks wouldn’t reprise the passion and fire that Avery brought to the show, he would do a stellar job.

2. Ben Browder – Everyone mentions Nathan Fillion in the discussion, the illustrious Captain Tightpants. However, sci-fi had a charming, funny man in tight pants  before Nathan Fillion, and he’s definitely reached that mature gentleman stage of life where he’d be a nice bridge between a Kirk and Picard archetype.

3. Michael Ealy –  He’s already played an android “Spock”-ish role in the short-lived Almost Human, alongside Star Trek veteran Karl Urban (who I would put on this list himself if he weren’t already McCoy). This show was vastly underrated, and the dynamic that Urban and Ealy had made for really good fun and drama. Find him someone like Urban for a first officer and it’d be great.

4. Tanya Allen – There was a little known sci-fi show independently produced in Canada called Starhunter. Tanya Allen gave a great performance in this science fiction, and would be a great semi-unknown to bring into a role like this.  She’s dynamic with a lot of depth,  and makes Starhunter worth watching.

5. Daniel Dae Kim – The star of Lost and Babylon 5: Crusade has a better science fiction resume than most, and he is a stellar actor. He’s had enough big roles in TV that he could fill a spot like the captain’s chair with a command performance.

Who would you pick?

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