The Final Countdown

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This is it! Star Realms: Rescue Run hits tomorrow. Kindle preorders are still up at and I have word that ordering for the physical book will also be available tomorrow for those waiting for that. So excited! If you haven’t heard much about it yet…. well then you haven’t read this blog. But if you’re new to the blog then here’s some info and links. Reviews and interviews will soon follow: 

Star Realms: Rescue Run

and I talk about the book on these podcasts:

With more to come for both interviews, reviews and podcasts. Do watch my twitter @tbr_otomo as I’ll be doing some periscope readings over the next couple of days as well as detailing some other cool stuff as I’m opening up boxes of old card games.

One day til the book but FIVE days until White Wizard Games Fair! I’ll be both playing in star realms tournaments and signing books, which are limited to 50 copies so make sure you get one! It’s in Boston, MA if you’re in the area, so check out: for more details.

And finally, and most important…


I knew that’s what you were waiting for. Now go pre-order or order my book depending on when you read this and let’s train to be the very best, the best there ever was!



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