5 Authors You May Never Have Heard Of And Should Support For Christmas!

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It’s presents time. For yourself for your reading edification, and also for your friends and family. While I really want you to buy my book for every single person you know and then have them do the same for every person they know… there are other deserving authors out there of whom I am a fan. I mention a lot of personally knowing these folk, which I do to varying degrees for most, but I am a chatty person so that tends to happen when I read someone’s work or see them at a convention. So let’s focus on them for a post or so:

  1.                                                   Timothy W. Long – Tim is one of the most fun people I’ve ever hung around at conventions. I met him at RustyCon in 2014 and spent some time with him that year at San Diego Comic-Con as well. We did an impromptu reading together and his work can be out there and hilarious, and on the flip side can be extremely suspenseful. He’s primarly kown for his Z-Risen zombie series though my favorite work of his is a superhero twist, Impact Earth. He also appeared with me in a holiday themed anthology of short stories, Naughty or Nice, which is a GREAT read for this time of year.
  2.                           Doug Sharp – I learned about Doug through a mutual friend who edited his work, and I was pleased to find some of the most intriguing, unique science fiction I’ve come across in years. It’s hard sci-fi and also has a great humor element to it as well. I liken his work to Spider Robinson.  He’s currently got one book out, Channel Zilch, which has a sequel due out soon — which I have had the pleasure of reading an advanced review copy and it is awesome.
  3.                                                               Bonnie Randall – Bonnie is another friend of a friend who I happened to read her work and fell in love with. She’s got an interesting combo of horror/reality-thriller/romance which is really hard to categorize but her prose abilities make me jealous. She gets into a head space that feels so real and visceral that she’s probably one of the best writers out there period. And you haven’t heard of her! Go check out her most recent short fiction, a really quick read and only 99 cents, so no reason not to. It’s pretty frightening though, wouldn’t recommend reading alone at night: No Vacancy
  4.                                                 Marina Fontaine – I just started chatting with this Dragon Award nominated author recently. She is a very cool person who’s been helpful in talking me through some debut-author issues I’ve had, so I picked up her post-apocalyptic book, Chasing Freedom. I -just- started reading it, and it’s pretty fun so far. Haven’t finished it yet so I can’t give much more of a review than that, but if you like post-apoc that’s super fast paced, this is a great place to start. A killer opening sentence for the book for real!
  5.                                                Peter Grant – I just got the audio book for his Brings The Lightning, which is an AWESOME western. And you know I love westerns. He also has a sci-fi series which is on my wish list. I’m excited to read more of his work in the future.

I know so many more wonderful authors as well, but these 5 are on my mind right now and very much worth checking out. Ta for now!

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