Trading In Danger

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You know those craigslist transactions in a sketchy neighborhood? You might be going to pick up a collection of Magic: The Gathering or a rare Star Trek ornament, but you don’t want to park your car and get kidnapped? Bring a friend to those is my advice, because this is about something completely different!  

Elizabeth Moon, one of the great writers of Space Opera of the last half-century, is coming out with a new Vatta’s War novel in April titled, Cold Welcome. In celebration of this I’m going to do something I’ve never done before, which is to go through a book and give a chapter by chapter analytical breakdown of the first novel in the series, which is titled something you may have guessed, Trading In Danger.

As I’m super excited for her new book and want to get refreshed on the series, I imagine you might be too if your tastes are similar to me. I implore you to follow along, comment, tell me where my analysis is wrong, and most importantly have fun with a great book.  My current intent is to post about one chapter per day to give everyone a good amount of time to read and soak in the wonderful characters.

The book is easily available at most bookstores or:

If you prefer audio there is audible at:

Or graphic audio: which i hear is awesome.

I’m going to start with my first chapter thoughts on Monday, January 9th so should give you a couple of days to get the book via prime.


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