An Update On Marvel Writers And Political Blackballing

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Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool did bring to my attention that there were more books than the ones I listed, and so I went for another week of “upcoming release” for Marvel to go through an additional crop of writers. Wow they have a lot of writers. Still, not one who has anything nice to say about the President or the USA which gives them their opportunities to create their content.

John Barber – Limited Political posting save for saying he’s not a trump supporter.

Max Bemis – many anti-trump tweets.

Ed Brisson – Anti Trump, Anti Christian Posts

Ta-Nehisi Coats – brand new to twitter, most of his posts anti-trump. Writes fake news articles for the Atlantic on “micro-aggressions”. 

Gerry Conway – Self described “passionate libtard” in profile. Constant anti-trump political posts.

Jason Latour – anti-trump tweets regularly, regularly makes fun of Christian culture

Jeff Lemire – Anti-Trump posts regularly. 

Brandon Montclare – has comic making fun of Trump, retweets social justice causes.

Matt Owens – Couldn’t find a twitter.

Nicole Perlman- Constant anti-trump tweets.

Matthew Rosenberg – Anti-Trump Posting, mocking Jesus & Christians posts.

Sean Ryan – Anti-American tweets, Women’s March tweets, ran podcast “horrifically misinformed” which championed left-wing causes.

Mariko Tamaki – not many posts, but encouraging fans who speak of him as “homophobic, misogynistic and racist”, social justice posts, anti fox-news posts.

18 of 18 before and now we have another 12 (with one I couldn’t find information on who has a very common name. If anyone has contact for Matt Owens, would be interested to do some research). So now we’re at 30/30. The odds of this being coincidental are drastically dropping. Many such cases for evidence of blackballing from the industry.

I’m also doing a follow up where I’m looking into Christianity and whether Christians are blackballed similarly. Will have more details on that for you all as soon as I can.

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13 thoughts on “An Update On Marvel Writers And Political Blackballing

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  2. I can’t name any openly Christian creators in comics. I can name the atheists though!
    I was surprised to see Jeff Lemire…he’s a Canadian! He should pay attention to pretty boy up there in the Great White North and not pay attention to our politics.

    These sad sacks should spend more time writing their stories instead of political ramblings…maybe they could meet their deadlines for a change.

  3. Would a Catholic creator count as Christian? I only ask because you give off an Evangelical vibe, and Evangelicals do not consider Catholics to be Christians. “They only believe they are Christians – really they are Fake Christians” is what I usually here.

    Also, do you consider Trump or Reagan or any of the other wealthy so-called Christians? Because Jesus said it was IMPOSSIBLE for a rich man to enter Heaven. He said that all the rich will here is: “DEPART! I HAVE NEVER KNOWN YOU!”

  4. Also, would a Mormon creator fulfill your “Christian creator” quota, or would that also fall under the “fake Christian” category? Because I can think of one Marvel creator who is Mormon.

  5. How’s about if a comics creator was a Quaker or a Unitarian – would that fulfill your Christian quota?

    Does it bother you that the leader of the world’s biggest Christian denomination has called Trump’s presidency and campaign platform “un-Christian”?

    • Unitarians are questionable as they don’t all accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Quaker I don’t know. Is this really a thing with Marvel writers or are you just wasting time with false hypotheticals?

  6. Ta-Nehisi Coates is such a clown. All he can write about is evil raciss AmeriKKKa. Marvel hired him to write – wait for it – a Black Panther / T’Challa title involving a mini-series from 20 years ago. Isn’t that racist of Marvel to assume that a black author would only want to write about a hero from the fictional African country Wakanda.

    Larry Hama wrote the old Marvel “G.I. Joe” books. He is ethnically Japanese. His characters had a mix of white, black, Native American, and Asian soldiers/sailors/Marines but more importantly he was an excellent comic book writer. That Marvel is dead 🙁

  7. Saladin Ahmed should be added I just saw his twitter and he is pretty much anti conservative and probably hates/dislikes Ted Cruz also I can’t seem to find much anti Trump posts by Lemire I started on 5/10/2017-3/02/2017 and I only found 2 anti Trump posts I would go further back but it takes so long. So probably Lemire is more tamed? Anyways thanks for this list it will really save me money.

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