Bizarre and Deranged Behavior

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Senator Chuck Schumer, the senate minority leader, harassed a couple out to dinner yesterday, yelling and screaming at them like a nut job. He got up in the middle of their dinner to point fingers and shout about how someone voted. Just pause to think about how crazy that is if you saw it with anyone, and then put it in context of one of our nation’s leaders doing it. Wow. I wish I could say this is abnormal behavior with the SJW crowd, but it’s not. This is what they do time and time again. Just look at a local Science Fiction convention like Baycon or FogCon to see the end result.

In an attempt to do what?  Isolate and shame? SJWs are quick to talk about witch hunts and the like in the distant past, but at the same time they are very eager to institute one in real life. If you think this is confined to politics, it’s not. The problem is a big one, especially in the entertainment industry where I operate. While Schumer obviously is completely frustrated with his own ineptitude and the country going against his political will, more than half the country do want him to go away, the entertainment industry is supposed to be bringing us delight and fun, and that’s what makes it weirder.

That more than half the country are their customers, their consumers, and they hate and despise them. That’s why so many books and comics and films keep virtue signaling they want a different customer base, one that isn’t there in a lot of cases. It leads to all the crazy name calling, the blackballing, the fake friends “shunning” to posture that they don’t want to be associated with “those types.” And all of that is why their power base is failing as much as Schumers to the point where they are probably even more deranged about it. Instead of focusing on putting out good products that are fun, they see their role as entertainers as being some movement, that if only people read into their boring allegories in their shows and books, then they will magically change their minds.

The blackballing is real. I proved it the other day with Marvel, subsidiary of giant mega-corporate Disney, who these crazies like to “defend” against independent artists by trying to torch us, and I further proved how the FAKE NEWS media reacts every time with it. But moreover, there’s many victims of it who still manage to make their own platforms and create a success. One such is Dragon Award Winner Nick Cole, who I will be interviewing about corrupt entertainment/media complex later today. Tune in to watch.


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