How To Apply For A Job In Mainstream Journalism

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This has been one crazy journey, one in which I had no intention of traveling. You might say it’s like the classic hero story. Events happen that are out of young Peter Parker’s control, or in this case, my control, people started reading my blog and my work in earnest, and I learned that I had a vast superpower at my disposal: the truth.

With great power comes great responsibility, as someone once wrote, someone long forgotten by current sci-fi and comics publishers, who have worshipped at the altar of their cult of political correctness for so long. It turns out people are starved for the truth, and they shun that false idol that the SJWs have propped up.

Here’s a little backstory of The Adventures of Super-Hispanic Writer for those who just joined us.  I did a little research into the twitter accounts of Marvel writers, only to be shocked as to the level of groupthink by the writing staff.  

Then, Bleeding Cool, a FAKE NEWS comic website who virtue signals to giant conglomerate corporations like Disney instead of protecting independent artists like me — ironic as they’re funded by the small Avatar Press — decided that in order to shill for Marvel, they had to ignore the real content of my story and lambast me personally in a way that didn’t even make sense for anyone who actually read the article:

Disgusting behavior. Shame on you for attacking independent artists.

Well, there is a happy ending to this story. The Federalist, a legitimate, mainstream news source noticed my article, and hired me to expand upon it and write for a mainstream audience. The article posted this morning:

And now my reach is so much bigger than Bleeding Cool’s that it’s laughable. Thanks Rich!

There’s a moral to this story: don’t be afraid to tell the truth. I was honestly afraid for my future career when the folk on the convention circuit tried to silence me for my political beliefs. They thought it’d be a simple matter of pushing me away to obscurity and that’d be it. I was very much afraid of that — as they’d made a lot of us afraid to speak out over the years. They have the very real blackball threat at some of these big publishers to show you exactly how dangerous it is to speak the truth. Bleeding Cool did the same.

Yes, you won’t be able to work at Marvel. You won’t be able to speak at SJW converged sci-fi conventions. Tor Books will not publish you. You won’t win a Hugo award. But as creators are learning: you don’t need any of that stuff to succeed. You can get your work and your message out without them, that’s the beauty of the internet. Moreover it’s important to let the general public, who is unaware of all of this, know that these institutions hate them and everything they stand for. Those platforms are old and busted by political correctness and virtue signaling. You are the new hotness.

Stand up with me, friends. We can fight these villains and restore truth, justice and the American way.


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2 thoughts on “How To Apply For A Job In Mainstream Journalism

  1. Outstanding! And congrats on breaking into the Normie world! 😉

    Seriously, that was a great article and you delivered the body blows that Bleeding Cool and Marvel earned! Keep up the great work, Jon!

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