This Simple Health Tip Will Change Your Life!

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Okay, so most y’all know that I love to poke fun at clickbait headlines that I see circulating on social media. This is another one of those. However, I do actually have something that’s been pretty big for me since I started the last month. I promise not to turn this into a regular food/health blog… you know, unless I get a lot of clicks on this… anyway…

I’ve had really bad acid reflux since I was about 14-15 years old. This is before I went into sedentary work environment and gained a bit of weight. Back then I was pretty healthy, and that just continued through the rest of my life. As many members of my family have it, and my grandfather actually died a pretty horribly slow and painful stomach cancer death, pretty sure it’s just hereditary digestive problems.

And I found a miracle cure.

I went to Jamba Juice on a whim when I was at spring training, as it was 90+ degrees out in AZ in early March and was happy to find anything to cool off. That’s where I discovered Ginger Shots. It sounded nasty — and it is nasty. Jamba puts in 1 oz. of Ginger Juice + 1 oz. of Lemon juice + Cayenne Pepper sprinkled on top. Yuck!

Only I ate like a disaster that day with beers and hot dogs at the baseball game — and I didn’t get heartburn.

I couldn’t believe it. I felt good. The next day I had no stomach issues. So I went to Jamba again and did the same thing for several days. I tested it through everything, and yes while this works better if I don’t eat a completely toxic diet, I found that my heartburn had pretty much gone away after a couple of weeks of this.  I had more energy, and I felt better. That is also when I decided to change my diet and went on to read nutrisystem versus jenny craig in Prodiets to find a diet plan which would be ideal for me as I was planning to start working out as well.

Target had a nice juicer on sale so while Jamba gives you completely fresh squeezed, it’s also not feasible to head out there and pay for that every day (though their pre-9 a.m. “happy hour” for $1 isn’t bad).  What I did was get a bunch of ginger root and squeeze the juice into a ketchup bottle I picked up at target, which gives me about 6-7 days worth of the juice. Same with the lemons. Then it’s just pouring it every morning. Easy.

I know there’s all sorts of actual scientific articles on lemon juice and ginger and cayenne, go look that up if you care. Just reporting what I tested and verified in me. Try it and see if it helps you!

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5 thoughts on “This Simple Health Tip Will Change Your Life!

      • It’s like how they give speed to add kids, the hot causes more stomach acid, but it’s the good kind in reaction to it.

        No proof but it helped me, and the guy that recommended it to me.

        • Interesting. I knew ginger had those properties and I’d heard a little about cayenne but didn’t know it was a big component of it. I’m gonna stick with the combo for now as that’s helped me, but easier is a good thing for anyone — as these shots are pretty awful to take.

  1. Go paleo/primal, cut down on eating so much poison, let your body live on what it was DESIGNED to eat! Go read some of Mark Sisson or Robb Wolf — either/both blogs will make total sense!

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