SJWs Ruin Board Games: FFG To Kill L5R Tradition

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Legend of the Five Rings is a game I’ve played since it’s inception in 1994,  in both card game and RPG fashion. It was a CCG, similar to Magic The Gathering, and for a long time it was hailed as an alternative to the game.  I thought it was better. It required stronger tactics, more thought, and more it had such a rich background and flavor.

The card game results actually impacted the storyline of the game, which progressed as each set came out. Fiction was produced for the game, and Rokugan, the fictional samurai setting, became a rich and elegant world. One of the best settings ever developed. The storyline of slot games like gonzo’s quest is popularly regarded as one of the best storylines as it depicts a story of a man and his life long dream to find a city filled with gold and various other forms of treasure.

Over the years, many SJWs have complained about “cultural appropriation” or “insensitivity” in relation to this game. It is definitely a western-ized samurai world, created by white designers who loved anime and romanticized this ancient culture in Japan to create the game. Even the card game players would dress in samurai armor, in kimonos, and katanas were often given out as tournament prizes. The entire concept of it is one big, as we oft referred to it, weeaboo fest.

Fantasy Flight has taken the PC “cultural sensitivity” to a whole new absurd level in their new incarnation of the game. Even though the whole concept of the game is by definition, culturally insensitive, by their standards — glorifying samurai who raped and killed and pillaged centuries ago. It was that culture, that emperor worship that gave rise to Japan’s extreme kamakaze style fighting in World War 2. It’s also a very fun culture to take a look at and turn into fantasy. Despite that, FFG is bringing modern PC nonsense into this, announced today:

Legend of the Five Rings has a rich history of passionate players and communities around the world. Much as the Great Clans of Rokugan are all part of a single united empire, local and regional communities are unified in their goal of sharing and enjoying the game they love. Many of the traditions these diverse communities practiced over multiple editions of these games are cherished ways to celebrate their passion, and invite others to join an inclusive group of players.

One of the most well known and long-standing traditions is the Banzai chant at large Organized Play events. While it bears similarities to historical chants and phrases, its creation is rooted in deference and respect of Rokugan and its Emperor. For many, this tradition instills a sense of belonging in competitors that have gathered from many different communities, unifying them as one voice before turning their focus to the battle at hand. Unfortunately, the real-world historical context of similar phrases has connected a number of negative associations to this chant, which undermines the tradition by detracting from the sense of community and positivity it seeks to establish.

Note the buzzwords “diverse communities”, “inclusive” “real world negative associations”. Utz Banzai as a chant was said through history like many others… so who’s getting triggered by this for real?

It’s insane, and it’s banning words in an effort to erase both real history, and the history of the game itself. It’s a standard SJW play to keep everything in the moment, to hold diversity above everything — including authenticity. They claim it undermines the sense of community even though it was t he sense of community. Now they are replacing it with meaningless, passionless drivel “For Rokugan!”

It’s really sad to watch gaming get targeted and destroyed by SJWs, including their storied traditions in games like this. But having been a part of this gaming community for a long time, and completely ostracized for how I voted  this cycle,  this is the end result they were hoping for. It’s time to put an end to the constant outrage nonsense and just let writers write, players play, and gamers game.  How much more of our beloved culture needs to be destroyed? At . what point will FFG just realize a whole caricaturized concept of a Japanese culture is far more culturally insensitive than a simple chant? If they really put their money where their mouths were, they would have to end this game completely.

It’s another disingenuous attempt to politicize everything by the SJWs.  And it’s sad to see this happen.

I’m ready to go to battle in defense of my culture, are you?


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3 thoughts on “SJWs Ruin Board Games: FFG To Kill L5R Tradition

  1. I warned people that after GamerGate, tabletop games would see the same SJW infestation and corrosion. I hate being able to say “I told you so”; it gives me no joy to see good things fall to social parasites.

    At least I still have my old decks I can play with.

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