The Awful Truth About Forgetting

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Yeah I may have clikcbaited you a little bit with the title. But it worked. You’re reading. I’m not going to do a blog about forgetting (of which I really do have a terrible long-term memory),  but about a book titled The Awful Truth About Forgetting. I mentioned it briefly in the links in the blog yesterday, but it’s out today, by L. Jagi Lamplighter.

Jagi is really one of the kindest, coolest people in the entire industry. When I first came on the scene and I was outing the problems i was having, Jagi was the person who spoke to me, who helped me edit a couple of my posts so they were quality, who ensured her husband John promoted my novels on his excellent blog. She’s been there every step of the way for me in friendship, and is a true treasure of a person. I refer to her as the Patron Saint of Science Fiiction. She works hard on behalf of the genre and so selflessly, and that’s a large part of the reason i’ve pushed the Unexpected Enlightenment series.

The other part is that this is a YA wizard school series, but done a lot better than other books in the genre. It follows a girl named Rachel Griffin who is attending the Roanoke Academy for Sorcerous Arts. Rachel is all about her smarts and wits, which makes for a more compelling character than most.

The title of book four harkens back to the very first chapter of book one, which was titled The Unexpected Benefits of Remembering. Rachel prides herself on remembering everything, and so this volume should be filled with unexpected twists and turns like none other.

Check out the book, or the whole series if you haven’t. It’s out today.

And we’re doing a Facebook party this afternoon, where I’ll be participating and hanging out. It’ll be a lot of fun and there’s a ton of giveaways including books by me. Check it out if you’re on the platform.

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