Happy Thanksgiving!

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I’m thankful for all of you, my readers. You’re the best and keep me going through the hard days and good ones. I also just got an interesting message from an unlikely source about my recent Gravity Of The Game novella which implies some folk over on the establishment side of the world are reading it, and loving it. We’ll see how that develops but what a start to a day so far!

God bless you and your families today and on all days!


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4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I really liked Gravity of the Game. I’m likely to put it as my Nebula nomination for novella, though I fear it’ll have some tough competition from Tor (who have been really churning out the novellas lately) when it comes to getting onto the ballot.

    • Thank you so much! Yeah I don’t expect to win anything by any stretch with that crowd. The identity issues are too strong for most to check things out at all even. But thank you 🙂 Apparently someone already nommed it.

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