Cirsova 2018 Kickstarter Is Live

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If you’ve been around a bit, you’ve probably seen me gush about Cirsova Magazine. I probably shouldn’t say it’s my favorite short fiction magazine, as StoryHack and Astounding Frontiers actually bought stories from me… but let’s just say it’s one of my top three :).

Regardless, when a new Cirsova issue comes out, I read it immediately all the way through. They’ve got some of the best action/adventure stories out there and each issue has gotten better than the last.

My review of Issue 5:

My review of Issue 6:

My interview with editor P. Alexander from early last year:

“m particularly excited about Issue #7 because they have a story from Dominika Lein, who you also might have seen me gushing about these last several months.

I’ve already backed this, of course, and I highly recommend you do as well. I know I promote a lot of content I see, but this is how we reshape culture by stopping buying our habitual products and supporting something great. Check it out:

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