They’re Trying To Take Away Our Right To Speak (And We Can’t Let Them)

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Yesterday,  I touched on DC Comics’ new “social media policy” for t heir contractors, which is aimed at one specific person in order to silence his political speech.

Against the wishes of its own members, the board of the Bruin Republicans has caved to intense pressure from the UCLA faculty and one of its advisors and voted to cancel the event, less than 24 hours after putting tickets on sale. This follows UCLA faculty members placing op eds in multiple news outlets over the past 24 hours.

Then it came out that UCLA created such immense pressure for one of their student clubs, that they were forced  to cancel Milo Yiannopolous speaking.

This isn’t the first time college campuses have while simultaneously taking public funds, shut down Milo as a speaker. They’re afraid of him being able to reach the young — and for good reason, he’s doing a great job at it.

In the past, conservative speakers were stodgy, boring bowtie types that receive their positions at the National Review from being respectable, never arguing too hard with their opposition, and thus losing all the time. We now have a generation of the right where we’re edgy, interesting,  fun, subversive, and speaking truth to power. I’ve said it before:

We are the new punk rock. 

But unlike the original punk movement where they  relegated themselves to dive bars in seedy areas, having very little influence on the course of events, we are tangibly changing things. We’re present at professional conferences, at colleges, on the internet on our ever-growing platforms, and in the places where ideas are created and where we can move the world.

This is why they’re so afraid of us, and why they’re doing everything in their power to shut us down so we can’t speak. Milo is showing this in a very public way in political speech, I’m showing how bad the blacklisting and hatred is in culture. They’re lashing out so hard because this movement is really gaining legs, and they want nothing more than to completely shut us down.

It’s imperative to not lose heart or lose hope when these sorts of things happens. As Milo himself said, “I guess another university will get to enjoy the show — and the profits — instead.”

Eventually, these institutions will see we’re making money, we’re creating audience, and that they’re missing out. But stay strong. Don’t lose the faith because of some little setbacks. By the same token don’t be quiet about it when it happens to you or someone you know. Share these stories, let the public know. Don’t bow to their evil pressures. It’s how we’re going to affect change in the long run.

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