The Pile On Begins

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It’s been a couple of days since my GoFundMe for getting justice for the defamation and discrimination Worldcon enacted upon me was announced. We’ve raised nearly a thousand dollars now — which is  enough for the initial filing fees so we can proceed. This is with no media help and is only due to friends and fans here being super supportive, for which I thank you so much.

On the other front, they’ve gotten nastier since Worldcon came after me…

A seemingly racist insult from a Tordotcom writer:

Someone trying to justify bullying of me in that “no one” defends me:

A book reviewer who I  asked for a review of my forthcoming Space Opera, The Stars Entwined a month ago necro’d my email just to swear at me:

Writer Ann Leckie who I’ve never interacted with is using the same metaphors and same swear words about me (which shows this is all coordinated to try to hurt/bully me):

A. Merc Rustad, a writer who’s been championing harming me for more than a month, even though I don’t know them at all, mocks my civil rights:


I don’t know most of these folk beyond emailing after they started attacking me and saying “hey, please don’t attack me.” In which it seems to only get them to push harder to try to harm me. This is why legal action is my only option after what worldcon did, justifying in these folks minds the way they constantly berate another human being. It’s disgusting and it has to stop. I can’t imagine how they decided that spending all of their times doing this is productive, and though I do my best to persevere through this, it does get difficult some days.

But we have to be able to have open dialogue about serious issues facing our society without fear of intimidation or over the top retaliation over political affiliations. It’s been escalating for a few years not just with me, but with the way really nice guys like Brad Torgersen have been treated, the way Dave Truesdale was treated, and many others. It has to stop here, and this is why we must stand now and fight this before it goes further.

I’ve already had people calling the FBI  on me to try to swat me, which I have documented. We all know from the PJ Media article about how they sent me a creepy anonymous package last year when I wrote an article on just the numbers of stories being printed, and how they started threatening me with my children’s medical information. It’s going to be real violence from this crowd if this continues and the only way to stop it since they show no signs of being willing to talk, is to take firm, legal action.

Help me make a change so we can have a  hopeful future like the greats of Science Fiction used to envision before this nihilistic crew took its place and tried to destroy anyone who remotely disagrees:

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2 thoughts on “The Pile On Begins

  1. Techniques cribbed from the standard SJW playbook. But one example: No one takes him seriously…”

    A lie. A smarmy tactic. And projection.

    The best goes on. Lawfare works.

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