Book Blast: Assassin by Kacey Ezell and Marissa Wolf

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The last couple years has seen a resurgence in amazing Military Science Fiction series. Daniel Arenson, Richard Fox, Nick Cole and Jason Anspach, J.A. Sutherland, C.J. Carella among others have all come out with really awesome series that have took off like wildfire in this market starved for fun action-adventure.

Mark Wandrey & Chris Kennedy created an amazing world with the Four Horsemen Universe– mechs and monsters, space fleets and mercenaries, strange aliens, cool characters, it’s all there. I was so excited when I first discovered Cartwright’s Cavaliers and Asbaran Solutions, phenomenal books with a really in depth world. And I was even more thrilled when Chris asked if I’d be up for writing a story in one of their anthologies to expand  the universe, A Fistful of Credits. The short story I  wrote in there, “Lost And Found” is my favorite short I’ve  ever written because the world is just that fun to write in.

And now Chris and Mark are opening up the universe to other writers. I’ve seen Kacey and Marissa through Mark Wandrey’s feed as he’s been talking about them for awhile. They are great up and coming talent and a worthy to add to this universe. I’m happy to share their new book with you now.

Assassin, while the 11th in the universe, is an opening story by itself, no prior knowledge required, though it is such a great universe I do recommend all the books in it. Synopsis is below:

Depik. The race of cat-like assassins is feared galaxy-wide. Few living people have seen them, as the sight of one is usually the last thing its victim sees.

Clan politics on the Depik home world of Khatash are complicated, with clans jockeying for contracts and the prestige and wealth they bring. There’s only one rule—Depik do not kill other Depik. Ever. 

When Reow is implicated in killing the Depik Governor, though, her clan is declared anathema. Her four offspring are placed under interdict—they are to be killed on sight—and Del, Flame, Blade, and Death must flee with their molly, Susa. 

With Reow dead, and Hunters tracking them across the galaxy, will they live long enough to find the real killer, or will they find themselves assassinated by their own kind?

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