First Major Goal Achieved In Getting Worldcon To Respect My Civil Rights

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I first announced my GoFundMe publicly on Tuesday, only a few people  knew about it prior to that. The day before, Monday it leaked to the hate-website File 770, where people I didn’t know mocked and derided me, treating me as if I weren’t even a human being. They’ve been doing this, encouraging science fiction writers and publishers to do so since Worldcon first  announced that they would be discriminating against me over my political affiliation, which they coded in a defamatory statement to falsely label me a “racist bully”. It’s been a struggle having this go on, but it makes it all the more important to ensure it stops.

When an institution like Worldcon writes such nasty falsehoods  about a science fiction author (instead of championing my work like they should be doing), the defamation causes real harm. It makes people whose lives are steeped in fantasy think they are a superhero in their own movie, and they believe by harassing and blacklisting me, they are taking down a super-villain. It’s really tragic how they justify their own hatred to themselves. Which is why in person communication is so important, and why I must attend Worldcon.

I’m just a guy who writes books that are fun that everyone can enjoy like For Steam And Country and  the forthcoming The Stars Entwined. I work, I’m raising children, I’m not hurting anyone, and I have the right to my political opinions like any other author does. The message needs to be sent for them to respect that and treat me with fairness and equality. This is important especially for other conservative/libertarians who are  coming after me, afraid to speak because they see what  they’ll have to endure. I’m absorbing these blows as best I can, but others shouldn’t ever have to deal with this psychological torture being inflicted.

But the good news is there are friends who understand this fight.  Yesterday, we crossed the $1,000 threshold — which means we’ll be able to file this case against worldcon. My attorney is currently drafting up the legal documents to do so, and we will be filing shortly.

We still have a  long way to go because with a civil rights case, it will take a lot just to fight. Tell everyone you know and raise awareness because this dehumanizing of people on t he right can’t continue. It’s imperative that we go to these industry events like Worldcon so they see faces, see humans, and realize we’re not so different. Forced segregation will only lead to more hate and suffering, and it needs to end so we can once more be a community that  dreams of the stars and a bright future together.

Please support my GoFundMe if you haven’t already, and make sure to spread the word:

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6 thoughts on “First Major Goal Achieved In Getting Worldcon To Respect My Civil Rights

    • Evidence with links to creditable sources that are not Breitfart and whatever else neocon sites are out there, or STFU.

  1. If you want to stand in front of a judge and whine “But they won’t let me play with them,” you can do it on your own dime.

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