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I’ve been reviewing comics on here for some time, lately with my quick shot simple reviews as of late to try to give a feel for what comics I’m liking reading in this environment where so much of the industry is either bad or full of toxic negative identity politics.  But I”m pleased to announce that as of yesterday, I joined the team at Bounding Into Comics.

This site has been doing work for a long time, posting comic news, reviews and interviews. They were the only comic site to even give mention to The Ember War comic adaptation, that as a novel series, sells better than any Marvel or DC comic out there except the bigger events. It’s got a professional team with a great property, so why did it not get mentioned?

We know why. The comic news world is almost worse fake news than the legacy news networks. They’ve become social justice propaganda outlets which has overridden their primary function of reporting on comics.

But Bounding Into Comics has different voices, ones who still care about comic books, which is why I’m proud to join them.

I’ll primarily be reviewing books by Valiant Comics, Alterna Comics, and Akhaven Comics, with a few other indies scattered here and there. People need to be exposed to comics beyond just Marvel/DC and reviewing the alternatives, even if it gets less clicks than the legacy names, is the way to make sure the industry is healthy and thrives. I’m committed to doing it, so look for my reviews over there (which i’ll cross post to here as much as I can).

The first I did was Right Ho, Jeeves #2, which came out earlier this week. You can read the review here. 

If you like my review work or thoughts on stories, you’ll probably like my stories even better. Support my Patreon for a new short story and more every month. 


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One thought on “Contributing To A New Site

  1. Okay, a little more research complicates the issue. The first origin story for Aquaman, back in 1941, had him acquiring his ability to breathe underwater as a result of experiments performed by his scientist father. A second origin story made him the son of a lighthouse keeper and a woman from Atlantisand this was published in a comic dated May 1959, the same date as Lori Lemaris”s first appearance. I would suggest that this shows that DC”s editors did not talk to each other, except that the comics in question (SUPERMAN, ADVENTURE) were both edited by Mort Weisinger. Then again, going back to my original point, this new origin did not necessarily contradict the Lori Lemaris version of Atlantis, as it showed us only one refugee from there, and not the place itself. We were not given an alternate version of the city till Aquaman got his own comic, and that was edited by Jack Schiff. So maybe it did all come down to a lack of communication between the editors.

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