China Mike Glyer Is Fake News – and SLOW.

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It took more than two full days for China Mike Glyer to put up my report on FOGCon’s excellent work as a convention on his hate speech website — and of course, he attempted to turn what was a positive event for everyone in the community, into a call for science fiction authors to attack me. Like he always does.

He has two problems this time:

  1. Too much information has been aired about FOGCon already, namely by me, in my periscope broadcasts and on my blog. In terms of his journalism, he’s slow. We’ve had full news cycles come and go in the time it took for him to come up with his smear tactic.
  2. He couldn’t even come up with something. He did a fake ‘asking questions” which I’ll get to in a second… but there was nothing there. People read it and went “huh, Jon didn’t cause a problem, the convention acted correctly, all is good here — just like Jon was saying.”

As much as he accused me of trying to stir up drama — I just asked my fans and readers what I should wear. My readers have fun with that, no one else cares. It’s not stirring up drama until, well, China Mike ex post facto, tries to make it so. But wearing a t-shirt supporting my science fiction publisher or my brand at a science fiction convention should not cause a problem. If it does, what does that say about the science fiction group starting drama?

It didn’t. Because as I stated in my last post about the matter, the FOGCon group are consummate professionals and did a great job. Mike Glyer is very obviously trying to stir up hate and animosity where there is none — this is ALL his website does.

Let’s get back to his fake journalism. “Broadcasting what, you might ask?”  Mike knows I have a daily periscope in which I broadcast news about science fiction, read from The Holy Bible, and talk about fun stuff with my audience. He’s trolling through my twitter after all, and Periscope links there. The Chairman of FOGCon watched my broadcast on the event, told me so, in which I only said nice things about the con. Not only is Mike lazy with being slow, but he’s lazy with even researching enough to come up with the full story. As a real, professional journalist, this is why his site’s such a joke.

Other than the low traffic. Rabble rousing about me is the only way he gets clicks. He has to get that same group of the same like 10 authors (I can name them — and they’re probably here. Hi Cat Rambo, James Palmer, JJ, Kurt Busiek, Laura Resnick and non authors Lurkertype and Camestros. How are you doing?) to ramble on repeat and create a lot of noise. The effect is it makes it look like there’s a lot of outraged offended people — but the truth is the opposite. My reach and readership suprasses all of those listed, which is where this stems from, jealousy.  They don’t have readers, some proof by today’s referrer views on my site, which he linked to (only a few hours into the day)

Facebook 333 clicks!

China Mike’s hate Site 1 click!

My social media reach destroys file 770 which is at the very bottom of referrers on the list.

But that’s why China Mike keeps talking about me — I get him traffic. I’m consistently on his top viewed posts for the month when he rambles about me. Those same few people I listed refresh over and over to make hateful comments, and what they do and what Mike does is absolutely shameful.

We made incredible progress this weekend for diversity and inclusivity. I, as a Hispanic conservative author, outreached to some good people at FOGCon and shook hands. I’m building bridges. File 770 only wants to tear down. The more it doesn’t work, the more desperate they get. But as you see — they’ve got nothing.

But what China Mike does is dangerous. It inspires people to try to hurt me, to make it unsafe for me at conventions. Worse, it puts the FOGCon group in awkward positions because they know I’ve done nothing wrong, but they will now get pressure to have me banned next time because of the nonsense Mike spouts. In FOGCon’s case, they knew better. Other conventions have not been so professional.

Mike — you need to stop. Let’s get back to science fiction and love and community. Here’s how we can start:

I’m six days from releasing a new book, which is real news. News that I doubt China Mike will post about, despite his outright lie that it’s a science fiction news site. He doesn’t care about books, doesn’t care about art, just destroying. I, on the other hand, am not just a critic, I work hard and produce great content. You can check out The Stars Entwined and have it pre-ordered and ready to read for Tuesday, and I suggest you do so if you love science fiction like the readers here.

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5 thoughts on “China Mike Glyer Is Fake News – and SLOW.

  1. I often wonder if there was once a time when his site wasn’t so full of hate? I never even heard about it until the whole ‘Sad Puppies’ campaign, and when I went there back then, it was just a lot of nastiness. I’ve gone back a few times, just to see if maybe it was because so many people were caught up in that particular issue, but I’ve noticed that posts there either get no replies (those are usually the ‘news’ posts that are often sent in by others) or they get lots of hateful replies.

    I know there was a time when ‘outrage politics’ seemed to make sense for people of a certain political stripe, but in general the public has moved on and gotten very tired of it. If he had people on his site who weren’t into the hateful snarky replies, I suspect the haters chased them away some time ago. If he wants his site to be truly relevant again, I think he needs to do something about the level of obnoxiousness that his site seems to encourage. But honestly, his best option would be to just shut it down and move on to a new endeavor, put all that energy into something hopefully more constructive.

    • It seems there’s nothing else done over there. It’s really sad. I tried to talk to Mike and just talk shop Sci-fi after the first time he hit me for no reason, but he kept doubling down.

  2. You’re not allowed to ENJOY things, you have to feel bad constantly. China Mike is happy to help by adding to the general nastiness of the world.

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