Image Comics CFO’s Thin Defense Of Attacking Christians

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On Sunday, the CFO and one of the original founders of Image Comics, Erik Larsen, posted a tweet mocking Christians. It was duly reported by Bounding Into Comics as something egregious and insensitive to the religious — especially done on Palm Sunday.  Many people on Twitter were offended by the tweet, and Erik Larsen joined in the fray himself to defend his insensitive remarks.

There’s been a curious silence by Image Comics, who is already under fire because one of their creators was trying to harass a veteran by trying to stir up rumors about his discharge (which was an honorable one), going so far as to state she wished that he had died during his tour of duty. It appears there is a problem at the company with an extremist group trying to attack different classes of citizens.

Several comic fans posited — if he had made an image mocking Mohammed during Ramadan, what would the comic companies and media react?

Larsen’s response was rather unkind to those who were offended:

Larsen hasn’t openly attacked Christianity in his comic, but he has placed President Trump in a villainous role in his Savage Dragon comic, creating an outcry among conservatives last year who saw Larsen’s “heroes” attacking the president in a quite literal fashion.

His defense of his actions rings thin to commenters on the matter, who very rightly see this as an anti-Christian middle finger on social media, on top of the toxic politics that’s appearing in his and other Image books. There appears to be a culture problem at the company where they can’t focus on making fun comic content — but they’re constantly signaling what fans they don’t want, and turning readers away because of their extreme views.

Readers also note that prominent conservatives are never allowed to shrug off anything they say as “just a joke”. Why should it be different for left-wing creators who show their intense bigotry through offensive commentary?

Calls to boycott Image Comics are now sprouting up across the internet. We will follow this story and report if real apology comes down from Larsen or the company, or if there will be any change within Image Comics related to these events.

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5 thoughts on “Image Comics CFO’s Thin Defense Of Attacking Christians

  1. If Image Comics produced anything worthy of a boycott, then I might consider it.

    Larsen paid homage to Barack Obama multiple times during his administration. Why no love for another duly elected president? Clearly no bias here on Mr Larsen’s part.


    Merely a meme.

  2. Jon
    As Easter’s here we can take solace that we’d always be hated because of his name. Whatever affronts we face we participate in his suffering and share his crown of thorns that we can have it replace by the crown of eternity.
    Finally, let’s ignore and create our own culture as you do

  3. So if as Erik Larson says ‘sharing a meme that attacks’ is not the same as ‘writing a book that attacks x’ it would logically follow if somebody shares a meme attacking trans people or Muslims or feminism it’s not the same as writing a book doing the same? Of course it is.

    Erik Larson is the one who needs to “ get some perspective” in his pea sized brain. What a vile piece of trash Erik Larson is. SAD!

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