PRESS RELEASE: A Step Forward For Civil Rights In Fandom

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March 31, 2018

San Jose, CA

For Immediate Release:

Today was a step forward for the cviil rights of conservative-libertarians in SF/F, as Jon Del Arroz attended the Hugo Award Nomination ceremony without harassment from the Worldcon 2018 staff. It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Del Arroz is 1. not disruptive at Worldcon events — or any convention, as his FogCon appearance proved and 2. that the discrimination he faces from them was for reasons other than his being a danger to any guests, as WorldCon staff themselves does not believe him to be an issue at their events.

The Worldcon Staff was uninviting — a nearly all white group — not seeming to want to have a prominent Hispanic author in their presence. It is something we will have to overcome in fandom together in time.

Hopefully this leads to them reviewing their shameful action on January 4th of this year, in their unprecedented banning and defamation of a popular author in SF/F, and they will apologize in due course. The amount of bullying Del Arroz has suffered because of them and the hate website File 770 has been horrendous, but nevertheless, he persisted.

“Fresh off the heels of my successful new space opera, The Stars Entwined, I am eager to attend more conventions and enjoy science fiction together,” Del Arroz said.

Jon Del Arroz is the Leading Hispanic voice in science fiction, a cvil rights activist, a multi-award nominated author and journalist. His steampunk novel, For Steam And Country, is a #2 Amazon Bestseller in the steampunk category. His space opera, The Stars Entwined, was just released this last week. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two children. 

Read my new book, The Stars Entwined! Great fun, diverse space opera that can appeal to everyone.
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2 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE: A Step Forward For Civil Rights In Fandom

  1. What is it with these old White CHORFs at WorldCon and their inherent bigotry and racism toward conservative/libertarian Leading Hispanic SF/F authors?

    Don’t they know its Current Year? CURRENT YEAR, MAN!

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