The Happy Frogs Hugo Awards Slate Is Creating Waves At File 770

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Like clockwork, the crazies at File 770 went hard on attacking me, Christianity, everything the last couple of days and this morning as they saw the OFFICIAL Happy Frogs Hugos slate.  Being on the Happy Frogs slate is honestly a greater honor than the Hugo Awards themselves, so I know most of the writers are thrilled to be on there.

What’s funny is they really couldn’t say anything about the Happy Frogs slate, because the slate itself is so steeped in the identity politics that they agree with (to be fair, all the other nominees are too), that, much like my extremely highly reviewed books, they can’t knock the content. All they can do is move into tangential attacks.

And bizarrely enough, they moved to attacking both Christianity and me for proclaiming Christianity. It was brazen anti-Christian nastiness on display with this crowd, which ties into Worldcon’s shameful banning of me, as all of this is related.

This entire world for these people is all based on identity. Identity is first, everything else is second. Since I’m “wrong identity” — creating incredible cognitive dissonance for them as not only a Hispanic, but a Trump supporting one– they have to do everything they can to try to invalidate what I say. It invariably twists my words to mean something completely different than what I ever said.

Note Worldcon. When they were called out on the fact that they treated me differently than others on the left, holding me to different standards in violation of my civil rights because of my identity. They were caught in the act and immediately backpedaled based on someone’s finding on social media that said that i would have a camera on me in case someone tried to attack me or frame me for a crime (as Wolrdcon was made aware that there were dangers and refused to reply). It was a peaceful way of handling threats to my safety, but they twisted that without ever talking to me to mean I was planning on running around shoving cameras in people’s faces. It doesn’t make any sense given the context of my statement, and they had to outright lie in order to try to make me look like a villain. They did this because they had my identity: Trump supporter = evil, and then in their minds, they couldn’t grasp that there would be a threat to my physical safety (even though there is), so they had to twist it in order to keep their narrative in their head. After all, in their heads, they’re “punching Nazis”, and are superheroes for banning me. It’s been very ugly since the 2016 election where this group has consistently dehumanized folk.

On File 770 yesterday, it was a similar thing. My slate exists… and somehow my slate is tied into Christianity? I don’t understand what that has to do with a group nominated for science fiction awards, but they kept at it. One commenter even made up a statement claiming I “proclaim how great a Christian I am”, which I can’t find my ever having done. I put up a tweet this morning proclaiming myself a terrible sinner to clarify the record.

But this was invented because my slate got to the folk on this website that much. They care that much about my having a slate, that they don’t even care about the content of it because of identity. To justify the cognitive dissonance, they go directly to spinning into something completely irrelevant to the topic, because they HAVE to hate whatever I say.

Shockingly, Mike Glyer, the purveyor of the site, was the voice of reason. He called out his contributor JJ directly for making bigoted remarks about Christians, as JJ is wont to do. “I’m sorry that you think making people around you miserable is some kind of patriotic duty.” — A pretty savage statement. One wouldn’t expect Mike to go that harsh on this. I’m very impressed that he took a stand for what’s right here.  I wish he’d do so more regularly, as he likes to stir up this kind of abject hate pretty often on the blog. If that’s happening in this instance and annoys you, why not turn the blog into something different? Mike, I challenge you to do so. Stop the echo chamber hate brigade. You can make File 770 better than this (and about science fiction instead of identity politics). It starts here.

But anyway, vote Happy Frogs! It’s so important that this slate of nominees win. Important enough that it’s got the hate brigade on full tilt.

I have a story about someone pushing fighting and war at all costs, and the dangers that it presents when someone goes that far. It’s called The Stars Entwined, and it’s got a better review score than John Scalzi’s hugo nominated Collapsing Empire. Readers love it, and with protagonists who stand up for what’s right in the face of that kind of danger, you’ll probably relate if you’re a fan of this blog. Check it out.  


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4 thoughts on “The Happy Frogs Hugo Awards Slate Is Creating Waves At File 770

  1. Links or quotes would be nice. I think I might have found the post you are referring to and if that’s the case, you are completely misrepresenting what happened.

    I can post the link but I will defer to your apparent no linking policy unless told otherwise.

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