How Can You Support The Civil Rights Cause?

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Hello all. Thanks for being here and reading as always. I love, value, and cherish you for real, and I try my best to engage and show that to all of my readers. Hopefully I succeed in that.

People clicking tonight may have heard the news that I have filed suit against Worldcon for their discriminatory actions against me over my being an outspoken conservative figure. All I wanted was to attend a convention and NOT be harassed, but the convention decided to  take their political frustrations out on me, as well as refuse to protect me. Now we see this happening to NYT Bestseller John Ringo across the country. Our civil rights are more important to fight for now more than ever.

I’ll have more on all of this tomorrow, but people are asking me how they can support the cause. There’s three ways

One: The Gofundme for the legal campaign directly. Now that we’re filed we’re going to have costs of expert witnesses, and other items. Trials are expensive, and Worldcon has never shown any interest in talking to me or treating me with any human decency. Which means this is going to take a lot of time and effort. You can make a contribution directly to: where the proceeds are used for this suit.

Two: Support my patreon. I produce a lot of content on a daily basis bringing news of what’s going on in fandom, editorials, broadcasts and the like highlighting what’s going on in the culture war not just with me, but with others. I’m also producing a lot of fiction content (you can get my short stories here!). It helps a lot and keeps my writing business going:

Three: Buy the books. The books are the primary place where I’m making my career of this. I spend most my time writing those and have worked very hard. And it shows with how well they’re reviewed. My most popular is of course, For Steam And Country, and my newest (and in my opinion best is The Stars Entwined.

For those that already have done all three — thank you so much. You are truly the life of this movement. I’m eternally grateful.

Thanks everyone so much for your tremendous support. It’s going to be a long battle ahead, but I will never give up until conservatives are treated as equals, and the entertainment business stops trying to intimidate us.

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