Pray For Worldcon

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I did a periscope earlier which is one of my most important ones I think ever. As you might be aware, my WorldCon lawsuit was filed on Friday, and it got out to the media last night. It’s been a crazy day as I’m flooded with notifications both friend and foe, but i took the time to record a little earlier.

We’re battling for civil rights. That’s the right of you or I to be able to be who we are as conservatives in the arts, and to not be hated, shunned, blacklisted, demeaned, or injured because of how we voted in an election. It’s the most basic of rights guaranteed to us in the United States, which is all about the peaceful transfer of power when it occurs.

I never intended to break any rules of Worldcon (and to my knowledge and according to their posted code of conduct, I still haven’t), I just wanted to attend in peace. And they unfortunately, because of their abject fear of anyone on the right, wouldn’t afford me that. It’s happening to others now, so we have to continue our fight, even if they refuse to dignify us as human beings and just talk out our issues like adults.

It’s reminiscent of the civil rights fights of the 1960s, where African-Americans were refused entry into certain venues because of who they were. But that’s not my major point of the periscope.

We are all created in the image of God, and the fear they hold is because they don’t acknowledge God’s deep love for you, me, and for them. We can operate without fear because we know our place is secure. I wanted to take a few moments to make sure my readership and audience prays for the Worldcon Committee, that they do the right thing, that they can operate out of love and inclusivity, not fear and division.  I said more here:

Check it out. And please pray for these folk. Hopefully together we can make a difference and bring about a fun science fiction community again.

If you like my work, please do check out my book, The Stars Entwined. It’s all about love and community, even in the middle of a war.

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