New Releases: Knight Training novella + New T-Shirt

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Just because we’re winning awards around these parts doesn’t mean we’re stopping working. I’ve got two very exciting things to announce that are out now:

One, the James Gentry novella, “Knight Training” is available for $3/mo patreon subscribers. This is the direct sequel to For Steam And Country and it’s set between books 2-3. Readers demanded to see James as a main character, and so I delivered. It’s a really fun story, you’ll want to check it out.

Second is the t-shirt. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a release in the Jon Del Arroz collection, and it’s time to come out with something completely cool. Introducing Dragon Energy! 

Show your friends you’re one of the few with the highest forms of energy, among select brethren who are changing the world.

That’s all for today. Always producing more, always creating new art. We’re being the change in culture by constantly creating culture over here.

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