Another Pedophile Exposed In Mainstream Science Fiction

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Ever since Moira Greyland released the book detailing just how her mother, Science Fiction legend and feminist icon Marion Zimmer Bradley sexually abused her — and used the convention circuit to allow her friends to do the same, I’ve posted warning about the pedophilia that’s been normalized within the mainstream science fiction community.

In hindsight, I’ve seen it in the works. There’s a lot of books with young children in it with gratuitous nudity scenes in the “classics” and beyond. We know full well about SFWA Grandmaster Samuel Delaney’s very vocal thoughts on the subject matter (SFWA has still not disavowed him). There are so many examples it’s nauseating.

A new one came out today, with Gerrad Jones, a former writer for Marvel and DC Comics admitting guilt to child pornography.  

Too many of the top publishing organizations have harbored and possibly still are harboring known pedophiles within their ranks. It’s systemic throughout the fiction, and it needs to stop. SFWA actually cited in their reason for banning me for their club, despite my qualifying, that it was because I make articles speaking out against pedophilia.

More people need to ask why these science fiction, fantasy, and comics publishers keep hiring people like this to produce their work. We need to take action to protect our children from this normalized group of sickos. Demand that SFWA, Tor, Marvel, DC and others unequivocally condemn pedophilia. They are not doing enough to put a stop to this epidemic, and their lack of action enables monsters.


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5 thoughts on “Another Pedophile Exposed In Mainstream Science Fiction

  1. Another Tor author worth checking into is Patrick S. Tomlinson. Some of the stuff I’ve read about him is really disturbing

  2. “There’s a lot of books with young children in it with gratuitous nudity scenes in the “classics” and beyond.”

    I guess that means Orson Scott Card is a pedophile, according to your standards. Remember the shower scene in Ender’s Game?

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