Friend Friday: V.R. Konner On Overrepresentation of Minorities In Fiction

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Today we have a wonderful guest, V.R. Konner, who is an author and graphic designer responsible for the maps which will be in future installments of the Baron Von Monocle universe books. He stops by the blog today to talk about his experience in writing, and how he avoids the trope of overrepresentation which is used just to signal politics by so many authors.

I have noticed a creeping disease in Speculative Fiction. Ranging from simple over representation of specific demographics (that are only 2% of the actual population), to outright propaganda.

For example, socialism will never work because there’s always going to be that one job no one wants to do, and you expect us to believe someone’s doing it without pay? That it’s for the betterment of society? That he’ll grow as a human by scrubbing toilets?

Or how there’s a lack of male role models on these shows. If there’s a white straight male, he’s the bad guy, or at least of dubious morals. Westworld Season 2, for example; the only main white guy is the capitalistic black hat who is out to kill everyone for his own selfish reasons. The other white guy is a supporting character for the white woman who is on a mission of RIGHTOUS VENGENGE. The other female lead is out to save her daughter. And no surprise, she’s being helped by a pair of white guys in tow. The only good guy who has a main role is the poor confused African American robot caught in the middle, trying to hide his identity, least he is executed for who he is.

Another example is Star Trek: Discovery, aptly initialed STD, with the evil white Lorca, who has studied war, WAR, WAR! He’ll stop at nothing to get his way! Everyone is expendable! Then there’s the ditsy airhead white girl. But the gay guy is like SUPER SMART and sassy and he’s one of the heroes and they work together to save the poor mistreated tardigrade that is being abused by the Federation. Which, did you also notice the Federation is a little more gray in its morality? Of course, the heroine is a woman, colored, full on Mary Sue, and is oppressed by everyone. Even the vegan alien oppresses her. The most evil character of all, The Empress, is redeemed. An evil Klingon turned into a straight human kills the gay doctor, but even he gets his redemption, by following the Heroine of Color. And that’s not even touching on the obvious racist overtones of the Klingons, with their “Remain Klingon” chant. Remember, the directors flat out admitted they were representing conservatives.

Then there’s the Walking Dead quoting from the Quran. Awww, how adorbs. Quran quotes inspired the lead character to turn away from his evil sadistic vengeful ways, and forgive his enemy. They even had the white boy die to save a Muslim. Symbolic? Probably more so than some curtains being blue.

And don’t even get me started with the disaster of Disney’s Star Wars.

What we consistently see is the demonization of certain “identities” that hasn’t been done since the 50’s. A blatant and racist forced characterization that white straight men are evil, greedy, and care for nobody but themselves. Imperialistic and war mongering. GONE are the days of The Original Star Trek where people worked together in spite of their differences. Now, everyone’s differences are at the forefront, in the audience’s collective faces, and its only by following the hierarchy of modern day victimhood can the not quite so good guys succeed. Why do I say not quite so good? Because they aren’t. Everyone is now morally gray. The bad guys aren’t REALLY bad, they are just misunderstood. The good guys aren’t GOOD, they just have a different point of view. We need to compromise with our enemies.

Remember, “If we kill our enemies, they win.”

It is with all this in mind that I set out to write a book that showed the follies of socialism, the benefits of capitalism, the dangers of unbridled mass migration from a culture that is diametrically opposed to ours, and how a wide range group of people can work together without a care over the personal specifics of their “identity.” Yeah, the hero in my story may be a bit of an anti-hero, he might do things that are distasteful, but there is no doubt he is the GOOD GUY. The bad guys are THE BAD GUYS. I wrote the book I wanted to read. Our society needs an end to identity politics, and the idea that certain groups of people are automatically virtuous or despicable based on some minor characteristic.

Oryan’s Pact is the fruit of 2 years of my life dedicated to this idea. That capitalism can lift the poor, that working together for a common goal in spite of our minor differences is the only way we as a species can succeed.

Support our friends! You can buy Oryan’s Pact here. 

Three centuries after the Third World War, conflict has erupted once more. The forces of Earth are not respecting the rules of engagement, and the leaders of Mars are too cowardly to bring their superior firepower to bear. 

When Commander Jack Oryan and his Mars Orbital Defense crew are convicted of war crimes against Earth, they’re given a choice: redeem themselves by taking on a poorly planned mission for their bloated government, or rot in a reeducation facility. With tempers on edge and wavering loyalties, can Oryan find a way to complete their suicidal task?



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5 thoughts on “Friend Friday: V.R. Konner On Overrepresentation of Minorities In Fiction

  1. Liked your post. Bought the book.

    @otomo – this BTW (and as you well know) is the way genuine readable and entertaining non-message sci-fi will route around standard publisher censorship: indie authors point to other indie authors their readers might like.

    Currently I buy almost everything recommended by you, Correia, Vox Day, and a few others. Most I read. And if I like what I read I buy more from that author. But whether I read it or not at least the author is getting my money (after’s cut) to encourage him/her and others too to write what I like.

    Thanks for the referral!

    • Thank you, sir =]
      I feel a pushback against this creeping cultural marxism is vitally important to preserving Western Civilization.

      • I’m up to the part where Jack is reunited with his crew … so far so good! (The chapter heading graphics are very nice …)

  2. It’s interesting that people can still maintain that women are discriminated against in publishing, when the industry is so obviously female-dominated. Even the book review channels on You Tube are overwhelmingly run by women. I’m planning a channel to provide a much-needed male perspective by moving the reviews I’ve been doing as “Steampunk Desperado” to video. I plan to dedicate a significant number of episodes to independent voices such as Jon’s. I haven’t read V.R.’s book yet but definitely plan to do so.

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