Speculative Faith Article: Let’s Talk About Sex

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Speculative Faith, a Christian magazine dedicated to SF/F writing for Christian authors had me write an article. As sex is such a crucial plot component to The Stars Entwined, I decided to write about what I’ve seen in the Christian genres, and gave my thoughts on the place of sex in fiction.

Sex is a difficult topic in the Christian book community. A lot of readers demand pure, PG or even G rated content, and understandably so. But does sex have no place in Christian-authored work?

Often, Christian readers come out with pitchforks when the topic of sex is remotely broached in fiction.

Read more here.

If you’re intrigued, do check out The Stars Entwined. You’ll be… satisfied.

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One thought on “Speculative Faith Article: Let’s Talk About Sex

  1. Jon

    It’s ironic that it should cause so many headaches. Christians are pretty pro sexual just that it has to be within marriage.
    I understand the dilemma especially how to deal with the subject matter in a tasteful and respectful manner
    My modest view is to treat iit as a morality play with the possibility of redemption if it wasn’t done right.


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