SJW Insanity Goes Deep: Right Wing Furries Attacked and Deplatformed

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There’s no geek area that’s safe from being under constant attack if you’re a conservative. Even furries, a very niche subculture where people dress in animal-themed suits to create their “fursonas” aren’t safe. One would think given the anonymous nature of being a furry, and how collectively they are under constant attack and ridicule from everyone else that they would stick together, but being a conservative is too high a crime even in those circles.

Yesterday, Fur Affinity, a popular furry art site, banned several people based on a new “code of conduct” in which they applied purely based on political affiliation. Popular right wing furries were removed from the site, along with many others who are center-libertarian leaning.

What they had in common was their right-leaning tendencies on their public twitter profile. The site in other words went and searched for furries on the right and did a crackdown based on identity, not necessarily anything that was going on on the site. The standard they listed, QuQu noted on his blog, was not applied to openly ANTIFA furries, and so it was entirely a move to try to harm and shame conservatives.

This is harmful to furries because art is a large way they roleplay with their fursonas. The artistic aspect of furdom is a very large component of what they do, and if they can’t have access to popular artists because of a site’s discriminatory policies, it harms their ability to participate in the community as a whole. As such a small sub-section of people already, this ostracization is in a lot of ways worse for furries than it is for comic or book writers who are being attacked.

It’s going too far. At this point, it’s full on civil war on the left — with their intent to silence conservatives in culture as a means to influence the 2018 midterm elections. It needs to stop and civil rights need to be respected. We will be fighting for our furred brothers and sisters, and standing with them in the cause. Enough is enough!

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