Announcing The Happy Frogs Books Of The Month!

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Over at the Happy Frogs, we keep doing more to make sure that we’re positively influencing the culture. Our dragon award nominating recommendation list went up a couple of weeks ago — it would be great if you’d take a few moments to peruse and vote for these works so they get the recognition they deserve.

But we also want to do something a little more close to home, which is why we are officially launching Ribbiting Reads: Happy Frogs Books Of The Month later today. We’re splitting it up into something old and something new — as we shouldn’t just focus on new releases, but we want to provide a breadth of cultural reading for our club members and followers. This is going to have a huge impact over the time. Think Oprah Book Club forĀ normal SF/F readers.

The books for this month will be announced on my Periscope later today.

We’ll of course continue to put up our slates for major awards and there will be a 2nd annual Ribbit Awards next year (the 2nd most prestigious award in science fiction). The Happy Frogs are just getting started and gaining momentum.

If you’re going to Libertycon, you’ll for sure want to pick up a Happy Frogs t-shirt and a Make Science Fiction Fun Again hat (if you area one of the many people who already have one, make sure you pack them!). It’s going to be epic. No one’s done what we’re going to do at a sci-fi convention before!

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