For Steam And Country Discussion At Lorehaven Books

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Lorehaven is a Christian book club highlighting sci-fi and fantasy books by Christian authors. I wrote an article for their speculative faith a couple of weeks ago, and a brief summary of what steampunk is that led on their site this morning, including a little bit about what I wanted out of the genre that’s missing.

It’s meant to kick off a discussion of my award winning novel, For Steam And Country, which they’re going to be running on their facebook group. Join up with the group as I’ll be discussing the book a little bit in depth over there, talking about different scenes and what I enjoyed about writing the book. If anyone’s got any questions it would be great to help spur discussion.

Book 2: The Blood of Giants is complete, cover’s done, just getting some proofreading done so we’ll have a sequel soon. It’s a great time to get on board and read For Steam And Country along with me and some other folk. Pick it up here if you haven’t already.

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