Conventions Fight Back Against The Shrieking SJWs

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It seems no place in culture is safe from a coup attempting to turn it into a “safe space” in 2018. Every convention, cultural gathering, institution is flooded by social justice causes. In most cases, the pressure gets to be so enormous they bow to the mob and ruin their once fun and entertaining institutions.

Dragon*Con has been one of the only conventions that’s been welcoming to anyone regardless of creed. It also made the convention a prime target for social justice craziness.

It’s a matter of time before they start to cause trouble in these organizations. After all, the culture is dominated in the traditional establishment forms by extreme leftists who want every institution to look exactly the same—that is, to become a place where Americans can’t escape their negative, fear-mongering extreme politics. We’ve watched as WorldCon, and Origins have all stated their directions this year, while SFWA’s Nebula Awards weekend was so crazy the organization applauded calling J.R. Tolkien a racist, and as FanX in Utah has been receiving enormous pressure to do the same.

Dragon*Con Under Siege 

Dragon*Con faced a quiet coup attempt by their Literary Track head named Charlotte Stromborn. She was originally in charge of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern track when Dragon*Con had separate literary events going on, but after the author’s passing, it was folded into the overall literary genre. She has always been an activist on her social media, espousing extreme left wing ideology and often ranting about harassment.

Over the weekend, it was announced that she would be parting ways with the convention. It appeared as if Ms. Stromborn attempted to get NYT Bestsellers Larry Correia and John Ringo banned from Dragon*Con similarly to how other conventions were treating them over their conservative views. She stated on twitter “If you think there are some good arguments to be made for the inclusion of voices like Correia’s and Ringo’s ya all can also talk* to me.  *don’t talk to me, ever.”

Her passive aggressive statement made it clear that in the name of “inclusivity” she wanted to make sure voices were banned that had any sort of differing opinions than the lockstep SJW elites. This is odd as Correia has been a large part of Dragon*Con for years and has never been accused of causing an issue at the convention. Her rabble rousing was clearly over the line to Dragon*Con as well.

An Ugly Departure Of A Programming Director

Her facebook post regarding her departure was long winded, passive aggressive rant type of post where she often subtly referenced her extreme views in trying to get conservatives deplatformed, while simultaneously being vague in the details to try to make it seem like she was personally attacked, in standard SJW fashion. Dragon*Con had her page removed after she continued to make rants about the convention. Any conservative fans who dissented had their comments removed from her posting before it was deleted, further showing how extreme Ms. Stromborn wishes silence of half the country.

She seemed to think that Dragon*Con was supposed to be her own private club of extremists from her quite long-winded Facebook rant on the topic, of which some are excerpted here:

“What I found was a colorful family of misfits I didn’t have to explain myself to; who accepted me on the basis that I loved what they loved; and who demanded nothing of me other than my empathy and authenticity. “

Dragon*Con decided that alienating half the country was not worth the loud-mouthed SJWs who only accept people who are just like them, as Ms. Stromborn wanted the convention to be.

Her refusing to back down unless certain authors were uninvited and Dragon*Con taking a stand against the attempted political mobbing marks the first time a convention has openly gone against the SJW hate mob. This is a big shift in culture as people are fast learning that the SJWs don’t actually create “inclusive spaces” they actively attempt to exclude normal people which eventually shuts down a convention, or kills the audience off and harms a group financially.

ConCarolinas Back On Track

But there was a second instance this weekend. ConCarolinas at their closing ceremonies announced they made a mistake with John Ringo, and henceforth will no longer be using political ideology as a litmus test for who gets invited. This is great news as well, and it means that ConCarolinas is going to stick to their original mission of promoting geek fandom and literature, and is standing up to the bullies who successfully mobbed Mr. Ringo out of the convention earlier this year. As conservatives, we must accept this apology, applaud and support them for standing up. This is a great first step and it will lead to a wonderful ConCarolinas in the future.

Two instances like this make for a cultural wave. We can expect more to follow suit as we’ve seen the direction SJWs have taken conventions, publishers, comic book stores, and others over the last decade. They’d met with zero resistance, all the while whittling fandom away into fractions of what it once was. Finally, enough is enough. The SJWs pushed too hard and too far when they twisted “diversity and inclusivity” to mean “let’s ban anyone who thinks differently than us!” Other conventions had best pay attention, or they’re going to find themselves endlessly getting pushed further and further into no attendees. A political convention not only is not fun for normal people, but it’s not fun for the people who are attending who are even on their side. No one wants to sit through hours of whining about identity politics. We’re here to read books and to have fun.

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10 thoughts on “Conventions Fight Back Against The Shrieking SJWs

  1. ConCarolinas admitted that they made a mistake and would not do so again, but only on the last day of the convention. While this might be a move in the right direction (it could be just another act of cowardice), let’s wait and see if they make amends to Mr. Ringo next year by inviting him back as a guest of honor. Then we will know they’re apology is truly sincere.

    This and Dragoncon’s stance is definitely good news. Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end of this insanity.

    Thanks for the info Jon.

    • David Weber is the 2019 literary guest of honor at ConCarolinas. If you check out his Facebook, you’ll see that getting the statement and promises was key to his agreement to be there.

      Based on Ringo’s latest statements, I don’t think he’ll be going to ConCarolinas anytime soon.

  2. More Gamergate on the way! Not all conventions choose to fight back. Some choose to wallow in the Freakshow. But then Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast committed to that path some time ago. Sarkeesian and “diversity in games” is a perfect fit for their dying industry. May GenCon meet the same fate as WorldCon has chosen for itself, and soon.

  3. “…will no longer be using political ideology as a litmus test for who gets invited.”

    To be fair to ConCarolinas, the mutual decision for Ringo not to attend was not their first choice, and it wasn’t his politics THEY objected to. But when armed security is being bandied about as an option for one of your guests because some people’s mommas didn’t raise ’em right, well.

  4. There’s an easy solution to the security problem at ConCarolinas:

    Make it very clear that concealed carry is not only allowed, but encouraged, at the event.

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  6. What could strengthen this thread: Have freedom-minded writers and fans draft a model convention rules free-speech addendum, on the model of the anti sexual harassment rule that is now common at most cons.

    The addendum would state that intolerance of free speech would not be tolerated at the con, and that attempts to shout down or “deplatform” any speaker on the basis of their free expression of ideas,or to organize same either personally or online, will result in 1) the expulsion of the guilty parties from the con; 2) their admission fees will not be refunded; 3) they will be criminally trespassed from the con (this means that the police will be notified and the party or parties involved can be arrested for criminal trespass if they attempt to re-enter; and 4 they will not be allowed to register for any future events by that con committee.

    Then, writers and fans who are invited guests and support freedom of speech should demand that the addendum be included in the convention rules prior to agreeing to attend. Likewise, fans should ask if the model addendum has been adopted, and if not, tell the con organizers they will not attend.

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