The White Male Initiative For Worldcon 76

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Recently, John Picacio raised enough money to send 50 deserving Mexicanx professionals and fans to Worldcon 76 happening in San Jose, California from August 16-20, 2018. Let’s replicate that success by opening the door for interested members of the white male community.  Welcome to the White Male Initiative for Worldcon 76!

You can participate in two ways.

As a Donor

Your donation will fund sponsored memberships for White Male science-fiction and fantasy professionals and fans. Right now a kind donor has donated enough for two memberships.  Help us keep that momentum rolling!  We’d like to help 50 individuals.

One adult attending membership costs $160.00, but you can donate as much as you’d like.

E-mail us at for information on how to donate to this great cause.

As a Sponsored Membership Recipient

To apply for sponsored memberships, send an email to telling me about yourself and why you want to attend Worldcon 76.

  • You must identify as white male.
  • You can be a professional writer, artist, or any kind of performer in the science-fiction and fantasy realm. Why do you want to attend Worldcon 76? Show me your enthusiasm!
  • You can be a fan. If so, why do you want to attend Worldcon 76? Let’s see that passion!

I, Jon Del Arroz, the leading Hispanic voice in science fiction, will review submissions and select recipients.  Please keep your statements under 500 words. I may ask follow-up questions, however.  If you’re a professional, links to examples of your work would be helpful.

We realize that marginalized majority groups have felt reticent about joining us, and understandably so. But we need more representation from the white male community in science fiction fandom! Bring it!

Worldcon 76: San Jose, California, August 16 – 20, 2018.

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