NK Jemisin Libels me, calling me a Nazi

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This is extremely shocking and defamatory. First off, I’ve never spoken with Jemisin in my life. I found out I was insta-blocked by her awhile back just because she uses auto blockers against other science fiction authors’ followers.

I’ve submitted this case to Twitter Support, as I was suspended for saying “transgender is a mental illness by definition” in a discussion on gender related politics. Surely, NK Jemisin libeling as “Nazi” is much worse than that. She must delete this tweet or face the same standards I faced.

In the meantime, please check out my latest book, The Stars Entwined, which deals with an individual who has misgivings about the mob behavior of her race when it comes to blaming humans for their problems. She stands up for what’s right even in the hardest of circumstances in a galactic war. Read it here and fight the bigots like NK Jemisin who try to stifle differences of opinion in the publishing industry.


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2 thoughts on “NK Jemisin Libels me, calling me a Nazi

  1. Twitter is an ally of the left, I wouldn’t expect anything to come of your complaint to them. Jemisin has been spouting off like this for years. Expect more fecal matter to be thrown your way by her as your public profile rises.

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