Space Force: Old And Busted Legacy SF vs. New Hotness Indie SF

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Sci-fi is about sense of wonder. It’s about exploration. It’s about seeking the unknown to better humanity.

If you’re confused, it’s because you’ve been reading Hugo Award winning fiction for the last 20 years and their cohorts who have taken over the industry. This is a group of people ridden by mental disorders who have been on social media so much that they’ve created vast echo chambers of constant political outrage. And their books have turned into vast echo chambers of political outrage as a consequence.

It’s interesting seeing the reactions to the Space Force announced the other day. What can be more sci-fi than that? What can be cooler than the US leading the way with a dedicated team to both be in and defend the great frontier? It’s everything we wanted from Starship Troopers, it’s the beginnings of Star Trek, this is science fiction become reality. It’s a beautiful and exciting thing.

Naturally, the new hotness indie sci-fi authors embraced the idea. The memes flowed like I’ve never seen them before.

I immediately came up with a Space Force novel idea, and have outlined the potential book. Greatest comic writer alive, Chuck Dixon, wrote a Space Force comic which he’s doing with one of the top artists in the industry, Timothy Lim and superstar colorist Brett R. Smith (I got to see a portion of the script and it’s gonna be YUGE! believe me.).

How did the legacy establishmentl sci-fi authors celebrate?

By whining about politics. Nothing can just be a moment of celebration. Nothing evokes a sense of wonder in them because they have none. All they do is the relentless DNC talking points angry outrage 100% of the time. What an exhausting life. No wonder they can’t write as fast or as interesting as folk like me:

And it’s probably a good indicator as to why indie sci-fi is eating up so much of the market. Who wants to turn to science fiction to feel like crap and be outraged by fake news all the time?

That’s the difference in a nutshell. Onward and upward to the stars. The American people seem to want it. Maybe these authors should pay attention to things that matter to sci-fi instead of relentlessly beating a political drum.

If you are interested in my space force novel concept, it’s a ways off. But I have a space military with humanity in the stars, dealing with an alien race that’s getting aggressive and attacking. See how they solve space force-style problems in The Stars Entwined! 

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4 thoughts on “Space Force: Old And Busted Legacy SF vs. New Hotness Indie SF

  1. One’s facebook page, they mentioned this and how this could be used to help defend from asteroids. The amount of pure, unadulterated CANCER in the comments section forced me to drink a chemotherapy cocktail just to maintain my sanity.

    • Seems important to have a defense from asteroids. These people would rather die and have humanity go extinct than admit something good is happening.

  2. NK Jemisin crying about white people going to space? As if Hidden Figures were accurate or something. People like her are just dumb.

    SFF authors upset about a force to take the US to space is just pathetic though. They would have 0 problem with it if it were Hillary or Obama proposing it of course.

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