My Post Mocking Feminism Goes Viral – Twitter Locks My Account

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Twitter’s been on a warpath against conservatives lately, as I detailed in my piece for The Federalist about a month ago. They’re claiming they’re making all sorts of changes to “better the experience”, but the truth is, they’re attacking conservative thought.

Last time, I was given no choice when I made the statement that transgenderism is a mental illness by definition. They made me take it down in order to get my account back — and I need my account for book marketing. What could I do?

This time was a little more interesting. Here’s what occurred while I was asleep last night, a fan sent over the screen shot to me:

What happened yesterday?  I made a post mocking feminism, which is clearly NOT a violation of their TOS, so they couldn’t ding me on the post proper. The post was retweeted by Mike Cernovich, and when it had that many eyeballs on it, it proceeded to go viral. When I went to bed it was reaching 100 retweets and 500 likes, and still going very strong.

Twitter didn’t like my message, but they didn’t have any way to stop me from the actual content, so they locked my account out. The “bot like behavior” reasoning is a frightening one for free speech, as they don’t actually have to explain themselves to you at all. The only thing I did last night was get too popular.

I’m back in now, but the account was locked overnight, making my viralness stop in its tracks. This was their goal. They don’t want to see our kind of thought out there.

This is going to keep escalating as we get close to the 2018 midterms. Big Tech wants to influence the election, and they want to stop the influencers of thought and policy they deem to be threats. Be careful out there, and make EVERYTHING public that they do to you. We have to keep calling them on it when this kind of behavior happens if we want to continue our winning in the culture war.

I make my own culture as well, which makes me doubly dangerous to these people who are trying to censor conservatives. My most popular work is an award winning fantasy novel about a girl who inherits and airship and goes to war. Check it out here, as book 2 and 3 are coming out soon and you won’t want to miss reading those on their launch!  

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One thought on “My Post Mocking Feminism Goes Viral – Twitter Locks My Account

  1. I apologize for what must seem like a facile thing to ask…. But what makes it worth it to be on Twitter at all?

    Is it really that fruitful a field of potential readers?? I try and gauge it against the people I know IRL; nobody uses Twitter. Most normies in my life were sick of that platform long before even Gamergate. By 2015 it was just a couple insular characters, and TBQH it really brought out unlikable characteristics in them. Once the political purges began, not a one of the conservatives i knew stayed. Who is still using it now??
    And moreover, why?
    Why does everyone in the PulpRev and Superversive scene put up with all of these games and manipulations? It looks for all the world like a closed circuit of people talking to each other. Even Facebook seems to have a broader reach. And shoot, isn’t it the big news over the last few months that the young persons think Facebook is passe?
    I just can’t make any sense of it.

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