The Train Wreck Of Identity Politics: Worldcon Edition

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Worldcon has been a cesspool of identity politics for a long time now. The current team handling the 2018 convention has at every turn expressed that playing the identity politics game is more important to them than science fiction (which is what the World Science Fiction Convention is supposed to be about), more important than acting like adults, and more important to them than their own convention, it turns out.

Their signaling started late last year when I emailed chairman Kevin Roche that conservative authors were coming under attack due to events at other conventions where a conservative youtuber was threatened by industry professionals who conspired against him in a private facebook group. This, combined with my own recent experiences driven by SFWA President Cat Rambo’s hate campaign waged on me, which brought about several people in the science fiction industry stalking me, doxxing my children, and culminating in a creepy anonymous package sent to my house, made it so that a convention like worldcon wouldn’t be a place where conservative authors could be safe. We were (and still are) at real risk of physical harm.

Roche didn’t respond to me. Why? Because I had the wrong identity. He appeared not to care about conservatives. To people like him, my serious email is a laughing matter. In the SJW mind, they’re convinced that allowing horrific things to happen to people like me or others is an act of “punching Nazis” and therefore is justified. It’s all based on identity and nothing else.

Roche doubled down in January when the hate mob came after me again by putting an unprecedented ban on me. No other person has been pre-banned from the convention other than convicted pedophile Walter Breen, and I’ll add that Breen only was banned for ONE DAY. They treated me like I’m a criminal, even though I’m an upstanding citizen, father, and Christian. Why? Identity. I’m an outspoken conservative and therefore according to their website they’re removing “racist bullying” from their convention. I didn’t bully anyone, but they certainly bullied me.

Standards don’t matter in identity politics. Truth doesn’t matter to them either. Only identity. Everything is justifiable if it’s done to the right identity. Everything must be protected if the person has the right identity. It creates the most toxic of environments in these circles where everyone is constantly trying to signal their identities, their stories identities, etc. in an effort to get ahead. Just look at the Hugo Nominees for this year. It’s a joke and it was done intentionally to “promote marginalized peoples.”

But when you go down this path, the identarians are never satisfied. It was ironic that Worldcon itself came under attack by a person who claims to be agendered, Bogi Takacs. Worldcon’s crime? They accidentally referred to eim as a him. And no, that’s not a misspelling on my part.

The worldcon community lost its collective minds. People were quick out the gate to condemn worldcon, disassociate. Why? Identity. As someone who’s even more extreme of a niche, Bogi trumps Worldcon. And the cycle begins anew. It was hilarious on twitter the last couple of days watching authors fight, tear each other apart, all over trying to signal their virtue even more.

People defending Worldcon say it’s Bogi’s fault for “not addressing the problem privately and just going public”. How ironic is that? Kevin Roche never responded to me, never told me what I was even accused of doing wrong even to this day. They just went public saying I “intended on violating the code of conduct”, never specifying what that was in some nebulous identarian argument that I must just be horrible. And because of identity, the outrage community agreed. All that mattered was identity, even in holding that standard. It’s because with identity politics, there are no standards.

Wolrdcon found themselves in such a trainwreck over this and other identarian mistakes this week. Their “marginalized voice” hugo award nominees didn’t get enough panels. They preferred popular name authors in panel selection. This is bad. Why? Identity. How dare they put white male John Scalzi on a panel when a marginalized voice needs to be heard – even if John Scalzi is a draw to the convention. Businsess decision are not even something they can make because of identity politics.

It’s gone so far, but have they learned their lesson? Will they apologize to me because of the absurd childish way they treated me over being the “wrong” identity (I thought identity wasn’t something you could choose?)? I doubt it. SJWs never learn their lessons. They always double down. And at the end of the day, they always destroy the organizations they usurp.

It’s really sad, but Worldcon’s gone down this path for a long time. This is the end result. They’ve killed traditional fandom. All I can do is forge a new one, because I’ll never be accepted with this identity.

I have a crowdfund going that deals with identity – not in the political way – but with SECRET IDENTITIES. Meta-Girl is dating Johnny Benvinuti, but hasn’t told him about her superheroics. He also hasn’t told her he’s a criminal. The drama deepens as their worlds collide because of a strange alien artifact Johnny found while trying to fence a stolen painting. Read it all in Flying Sparks, on IndieGoGo now.

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