You Can’t Stop The Signal

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They tried to shut me out when my first book came out, removing me as a speaker from my beloved BayCon and turning all of my friends against me. That book went on to be nominated for the Dragon Award.

They tried to mock me and tell me I was “applying for a job at Marvel Comics the wrong way” blasting a nobody author with fake news when I called Marvel out for blacklisting conservatives. That got me a job at The Federalist and expanded my reach like crazy.

They tried to shut me down when I whistleblew on the publishing industry, and how they discriminate against male authors. My next book went on to sell even better and won an award. 

They banned me from Worldcon because I speak out, because I write articles for Milo/The Federalist. That made my book last week become a #1 Amazon bestseller. 

They then mocked me, sent a whole mob from a big New York Publisher to try to diminish and lie about me and claim I didn’t actually accomplish anything. That made me a successful crowdfunder.

They are running scared. We are actually changing the culture with every project we push, every friend we make, every person who reads. They smell defeat, and they’re lashing out harder than ever before.That’s what this is all about.

Do not fear them. They can’t actually hurt you. Some of their lies will sting, some of the friendships you lose will be a bummer, but the people who abandon you are not your friends anyway, the lies will glide off you because you have the truth on your side.

God is with us. We are fighting against evil. The evil took the form of corporations controlling the entertainment industry. They did so unopposed for decades, but we are able to get our own platforms out and get heard now. Speak loudly. Speak without fear. Speak the truth. Good will come. We are victorious already because He was victorious for us.

Thank you everyone for funding Flying Sparks in 3 days. This is incredible and it’s all your support. This is a big signal to the establishment publishing, that’s why they’re spending the last 3 days trashing me very publicly.

But now it’s in different products, different genres, different audiences. They can’t say “it’s not real” because the dollars are there and VERY public. Everyone wants good, fun artistic projects like science fiction and comics used to have. And we have a lot more coming. Help us get to the stretch goals so we can commision art from disabled veteran Will Calligan and community organizer Timothy Lim. Both have been target of attacks like me and I can’t wait to commission their work!

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