Every Day I’m Hustlin’ – A Zillion Livestreams

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Part of the reason my stuff keeps selling is I’m constantly selling. It’s a pain in the butt, it’s not very fun, it makes my social media accounts not very fun too (I’m sorry friends!) but it’s a part of the game in order to get the next leg up. I’m focused on business first, and over the last several days, I’ve hit a zillion livestreams to promote Flying Sparks. Here’s some of them and I’m going to be continuing this blitz over the next week:


This one was really fun, focused on writing/art and craft:

Ian Miles Cheong:


Weaponized Nerd Rage:

Edwin Boyette:

Mike S. Miller:


I think I even did a couple of more but I’ve been run so ragged the last few days I don’t remember. If i missed your channel, sorry! This is probably more video content of me than you ever wanted but here you go. Every one of these helps connect with new readers, and that’s so important. Gotta put in work.

Thanks everyone who had me on, is going to have me on and especially those who watched and backed Flying Sparks! 



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