Introducing Indiechron – The Guide To ComicsGate Crowdfunds

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Over the weekend, I launched a new page in conjunction with Edwin Boyette and popular YouTuber That Umbrella Guy. The page is meant to track the sales of Comicsgate and indie projects in order to provide an aggregate amount of sales, plus help people find new projects to back. Our intention is to capture all of ComicsGate within the page and have some nice updates over time so we can see how our sub-industry is going that started with the mega-success, Jawbreakers: Lost Souls.

It’s called Indiechron and the name comes from Comicchron, the traditional comics sales tracker.


The page is in its infancy, as we are just coming up with the concept and trying to get this going. I’ll pin it to the top of my main page earlier so there will be an easy link in the navigation bar for people who want to check on it. We’ll update every few days at the least and are trying to add projects as people tell us about them.

If anyone out there is good at WordPress I can use some technical help because as of right now there’s a small issue with the width of it and I can’t seem to push the width wider. Other than that, we’re open to feedback on how to present the content. This is a work in progress.

If you want to support ComicsGate, make sure to pick up Flying Sparks on IndieGoGo! Flying Sparks features writing by me, a cover by Jon Malin, cover colors by Brett. R Smith, now unlocked an interior chapter cover by Will Caligan, and we’re fast approaching a stretch goal to have a beautiful print of Meta-Girl done by Timothy Lim. A lot of the community is involved. Check it out here.

Now over $10,000 in backing!!!

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4 thoughts on “Introducing Indiechron – The Guide To ComicsGate Crowdfunds

  1. You’re going to have to use custom CSS in your WordPress theme to get the table to display properly. If you’re not already, you’ll want to use a child theme so updates to your theme don’t erase the custom changes you made. And, since I see there’s inline style in the page limiting the element width (without knowing exactly what plugins you’re using, if any), it you’re going to have to change that… somehow… and I can’t say how because I don’t know where the inline style is coming from. I assume it’s from a plugin, but I suppose it might be coming from the theme.

    It’s possible to make the table work in WordPress but honestly you’re better off just using a static HTML page generated from the raw data (for now). Besides the fact that it’s a lot easier to get a good result without all the WordPress cruft in the way, it’s a good idea to decouple the Indiechron page from your blog on the server side. That way issues with one do not affect the other.

    Also, I’m sending you an e-mail at the address you listed in your bio page about another issue I see here.

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